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Ordeal Mirror Image 16 Repost By Daniel Remo
The story continues  re posted image

Patricia extended her hand down toward her kneeling prisoner. Roberta saw to her revulsion that her tormentor’s middle three fingers were shinny with her juices   . EEUAUGHH! She thought that vile sick bitch actually got herself off while I was sucking her toes. That kind of thing really does turn her on. Unbelievable!   The ebony officer marveled. Dr Patricia Pretorius is truly one  sick little fuck she concluded and observed that  she had been right ,back when the Dr. had taken charge of her and she had  speculated  that  this might be  a case of being yanked  out of the frying pan and thrown into the fire  It’s true  she ruefully acknowledged But no matter what ever this mother fucking little monster comes up with ( she grimaced at the inadvertent double entendre )I swear by God and my country  I will find a way to deal with it

That heroic and noble resolve was immediately put to the test as Patricia spoke, ordering her to “Suck my fingers clean”

Though thoroughly revolted by this latest command Roberta was not entirely surprised. I should have seen this coming she thought as she wearily leaned forward to comply, consoling herself with the thought that at least licking this fucking bitches fingers is not as bad as having to suck her toes, even if they were covered in her cum.  As she ran her tongue over and under and around each extended digit the brave but beaten down Black woman was struck with the terrible observation that she was licking her oppressor’s hand. Just like a dog she thought bitterly   . Realizing that such musing would very likely send her down into a spiral of despair and bring her to a  state of surrender and acceptance of her captive /slave status ,the beleaguered  General did her best to thrust such  thoughts out of her mind by focusing her whole attention on the task at hand  But  this  is just so disgusting and degrading  she thought  Again she experienced the terrible but all too familiar feeling of having another part of her very soul being torn away Oh Lord How much more will this monster do to me? The heartsick Black woman wondered .As much as she wants Roberta ruefully but realistically concluded.

Patricia studied her prize closely and reveled with delight and satisfaction at the distress and torment plainly visible on the captive General’s  lovely face .Slowly and surely  I’ve  ground that fat-assed Black slut down .It  looks like she has  got  almost  nothing left . Time to break her completely once and for all   and knock her so far down she never be able to find her way back up she thought   with delight.

The Dr withdrew her hand and regarded her newly cleaned fingers and then looked down at her captive. “Good work Slut –Berta “she said a sweetly condescending tone.” You surely do have a talented tongue and sweet mouth. Those are two details that are missing from your personal files and physical profiles I wonder what other surprises remain for me to discover about you. I just can’t wait to learn them all.”

Let me out of this fucking straight jacket for ten seconds  or  just let me  get up on my feet and you will learn all about my talent for kicking your narrow bony ass into the middle of next week Robert thought  looking up resentfully at her captor. And Damn me for not being able to find a way to do just that she silently added enraged at her helpless state

 Noting her captive’s sullen angry facial expression  the criminal scientist smiled as she  happily   accessed the anger , frustration, and self recrimination  her prisoner was feeling and thought  I know just the thing that will turn the screws  a little tighter and break this fat assed bitches spirit once and for all.  Putting terrible action to wicked thought the sexually sadistic scientist spread her legs and leeringly invited  or rather directed the luckless Black beauty to “ Lick me clean” as she  revealed her thin   inner  thighs and shaven cunt , now glistening and sticky  with her juices

Roberta was aghast   at this latest command, a look of shock and dismay stamped on her lovely and distinguished facial features  .To a dispassionate viewer this latest demand , however awful , would seem to be the next logical step in the brave Black General ‘s  descent into degradation. But this particular act had a specific and terrible resonance for the brutalized Black champion 

For , by being forced to orally  clean  this most inmate part of another woman’s anatomy ,  the valiant but brutalized Black officer  would  be put  reminded of the time  she had  been  kidnapped and violated and abused by  Cyberia - a cybernetically  enhanced , lesbian , ex KGB  terrorist as part of that evil woman’s  a plot to destroy the FEM Force ( that adventure will be told in an upcoming story) .It had been a terribly traumatic time for Roberta and had marked her deeply

 Patricia knew all this from selectively studying her captive’s confidential files and medical records.  The sadistic scientist  knew  the act that she was ordering  her captive to  carry out   ( just one of the “services” the sadistic Russian had  forced the brave Black officer to perform ) , would  very likely bring the all the memories  of that traumatic time crashing back into her mind  . And as strong as she was (and privately Patricia had to admit that General Roberta Octavia Strock was very strong indeed) the perverted woman scientist surmised that this would likely be more   than the over endowed black sow could bear, no matter how tough her mind or how strong her spirit. It would be “the last straw “and surely break the big titted Black bimbo completely and permanently, once and for all, she concluded

The realization   that she  will have  succeeded where  Harper had failed  plus  fact that a spiritually smashed and subdued “Slut-berta “ would  be a  much  more  malleable candidate for the brain washing machine   left the vain and small minded would be criminal  master mind  feeling very good about herself .And so , it was a very smug and self satisfied Patricia Pretorius would  repeated the order to “ Lick me clean”.

Roberta on the other hand was almost in a state of shock, distressed and dismayed by what she was being called upon to do.

   “That’s just too much…  I can’t … I won’t...” The beaten down Black woman responded in a voice marked with more than a little desperation and shook her head

“Now Bertie”, the Dr. relied in a warm encouraging tone “that’s just what you said when I called upon you to worship my feet. But after a moment‘s consideration you agreed and carried out your task wonderfully well. And I think you secretly enjoyed it .So this time I just know that once again you will find it within yourself to overcome your inhibitions and do as you are told. And as before I believe you will enjoy yourself. “Patricia smiled down at her kneeling captive and gestured to her open thighs and exposed pussy, shiny will her cum and silently repeated the “invitation” to “lick me clean”.

 This approach caught Roberta by surprise .Instead of threats or intimidation this vile, crazed motherfucking bitch was speaking to her like a mentor or a life coach trying to help a friend or a client overcome a difficult personal obstacle

To her further dismay the straight jacketed champion found that a part of her was receptive to these soft comforting words. They were such a welcome change from the abuse and brutality that was now defining her existence. And to her final horror Roberta found that they were persuasive .The beleaguered ebony Amazon found that she was actually being convinced!

 Realizing that she was “slipping into surrender “the brave Black woman rallied and tried desperately to put those feelings out of her mind and keep in control.

C’mon Bertie. None of that she sternly admonished herself Remember a soft caress on your cheek or a hard smack in your face is all the same coming from the mother fuckers. No matter what they do it is always and only intended to degrade and abuse you and use you for their own pleasure .You are just a fuck toy and a punching bag to them. So don’t fall for this bitch’s B. S.  the tough minded Black woman bitterly but realistically reminded herself

 Once again mentally in control Roberta considered her situation. It was dire to say the least

Cleaning this vile fucking bitch’s cum smeared thighs and cunt with her tongue was an incredibly disgusting and degrading act. It turned the beleaguered Black woman’s stomach just to think about it. And she was not sure she could get through it without breaking down completely .In fact she could already  feel a panic attack building up within her , brought on by the awakening memories of her  recent ( but classified )ordeal as a captive of that depraved rapist  Russian  terrorist

Keep it together, Soldier Roberta strongly ordered herself. And remember your duty. Thus responding to her own commands the valiant veteran was able to stay in control, (though just barely)

She continued her analysis

It was truly bleak

Though what was being asked of her was unspeakably terrible and might well destroy her, really what choice did she have? If she refused or even hesitated for very much longer Roberta knew for a fact that sadistic scientist would drop her friendly façade and happily begin to mutilate and torture her. And though she did not fear what she was facing Roberta also had to admit to the hard fact that in her current compromised state she would  probably not be able to hold out for very long .It made more sense to acquiesce right now and save her nipples and ear lobes and nether lips .This was a hard decision but it had to be made   .And the courageous African American soldier did not back away from it. Besides Roberta thought If she thinks I am beaten and broken and have given up then she might finally get careless and give me the one little opening I need to turn this all around. And I will kick the crap out of this sick little fucker in the process   she grimly vowed

Thus motivated she responded to the Dr.( who was indeed growing impatient )  in a suitably weary monotone “ Very Well  M’am . I will do as you say” and leaned forward putting her face between her tormentor’s legs and steeling herself for this incredibly demeaning act.

“No need to be so formal my dear “Responded the Dr in that same friendly tone “We are about to share a bonding experience and will soon be intimate friends. So call me Mistress Patricia. “Then in a slightly more threatening but still friendly tone she added “Now get started “ 

I’d rather cut my tongue out Roberta mentally replied with her face now firmly planted between the twisted ,vindictive woman’s open legs

 Fighting back tears she began her terrible task

I can’t believe I am actually doing this. Roberta thought as she ran her tongue over the pale pimply upper inner thigh, lapping up the thick smears of female ejaculate

“That’s my girl “declared Patricia brightly, though in truth she was a little bit disappointed in the General’s apparent surrender, for she had been rather looking forward to inflicting  a little “ forceful persuasion “ on her captive . The perverted criminal scientist was finding that the idea of torturing Roberta Strock really appealed to her. Later she thought as she put those desires aside for now   and continued to address her captive.” I just knew you would see things my way and make the right decision. I am very proud of you “

I’m not your girl and I never will be  you sick mother fucking bitch  Roberta silently snarled in reply as she carried on , desperately  hoping that these feelings of outrage and anger would sustain her ,

But it was not working that way .The feeling of claustrophobia brought on by her head being so tightly wedged between her tormentor’s thighs together with the persuasive scent of female arousal  and her revulsion at her “up close” facial proximity to her oppressor’s cunt  rapidly overwhelmed her rage  And the feel of her tongue on her abuser’s skin and the taste of another woman’s cum in her mouth triggered a cascade of memories and for a moment  the traumatized  Black woman was back in that dark dirty warehouse ,  a helpless victim being relentlessly abused and violated by that sadistic Sapphic Slavic  terrorist 

NO! NO! NO! NO! Roberta silently shrieked as she strove desperately to force these terrible memories out of her mind. That is all over now .That Russian bitch can’t hurt you now .And neither can this sawed off slut the brave and valiant Black Champion told herself I can’t lose control .I have to hang on. I refuse to give this fucking freak the satisfaction of seeing me break down. And I refuse to betray my country   . And I will not fail my girls

And so buoyed up by these thoughts of her duty and personal honor, once again by sheer force of will the indomitable officer won out. But she knew her victory would not last for she realized that her situation would soon spark another surge of awful memories and this time she might not be able to fight off the pain and panic they induced.

I need a new tactic she thought and after a split seconds consideration and in spite of the terrific stress she was under, the General’s nimble mind came up with a solution, ingenious in its novelty. Inspired by the memory of a tea ceremony she witnessed at a recent reception at the Japanese embassy, she borrowed a leaf from the geisha’s playbook, breaking her terrible task into its constituent parts and concentrated all her energy and attention on each individual act as she was performing it .Thus she was able to (just barely) mentally keep the horrible reality of what she was doing at arm’s length.

But I’ll bet that no geisha girl ever had to do anything like this she grimly observed and then sternly reprimanded herself thinking keep your mind on the job, Soldier.

   But even with that novel approach a part of Roberta consciousness was well aware of the hard fact that what she was doing was still enormously disgusting and shameful. 

And so, on the verge of tears and the edge of a breakdown the Black Amazon grimly carried on

 Lord give me strength she prayed for she did not think she had very much of her own left

. Dr Patricia Pretorius, on the other hand was having a wonderful time.

  She was having her cunt licked clean by General Juggs (aka Slut-Berta Strock )  the leader  of that ridiculous collection of silicone based super sluts  responsible for her father’s destruction and down fall .  She felt a tremendous sense of triumph to have so completely humbled and humiliated  this  proud and powerful woman who  fronted the team she hated so much  True, there had been a slight glitch in her brilliant plan , but the results and ramifications of that  unforeseeable event had been dealt  with ,thanks to her genius and fore thought . A sense of exhilaration enveloped her Father would be so proud of me and all that I have achieved   she thought, ignoring critical contributions of Mr. Harper.  Now everything was back on track and proceeding to inevitable and total victory.

Plus she experienced a profound sense of smug satisfaction in succeeding where her father had failed, namely in destroying the hated FEM Force.

And on purely physical level   that ebony bimbo’s tongue on her inner thighs felt really, really good.

Mean while for Roberta, things were becoming really, really bad. And that was an understatement.

The “tea ceremony” approach was not working. The sheer gross demeaning enormity of the terrible act had was being compelled to perform was overwhelming that desperate tactic.  Once again the brave Black woman was left with only her own indomitable will to sustain her as she carried on as the tears of shame began to flow.




The sensation and sound of her oral action filled her consciousness

. She tried again to mentally distance her from the act but was distracted be the all too familiar sense of deep despair as it felt as if another piece of her soul was being torn away while every stroke of her tongue.

My soul must be larger than I suspected to have endured so much Robert ruefully observed, hoping to find some refuge in “gallows humor”

Broken and beaten and running on empty the valiant Black champion fought desperately to keep on going, again telling herself yet again that This is not about you and reminding herself of her duty to her country and her obligation to her “girls”. But this time she feared that would not be enough.

But for Patricia it was the exact opposite




Each stoke of her helpless captive’s tongue on her inner thigh sent a shiver of ecstasy up her spine and sparked a gasp of pure unfiltered pleasure from the sick and twisted cyberneticist.  She had never felt this good before.

Roberta heard this and insightfully observed

This sounds genuine. The sick little fuck is actually getting off on this. She isn’t just playing me.

I’m really getting to her. This might finally give me the opening I have been looking for

The possibility of the long looked for opportunity to gain the upper hand together with the realization / reasoning that right at this moment that in as much as her actions were driving the Dr. to distraction ,she was in charge of the situation, pulled her back from the brink of defeat and despair and gave her the strength to carry on .Though just barely, for the nature of what she was being compelled to do was still has demeaning and degrading as ever

 Roberta soldiered on, applying her tongue to the increasingly aroused woman’s   sensitive flesh.  Upon reaching the top of Patricia’s leg, the newly energized and grimly determined Black woman pulled back and turned her head slightly and repeated the procedure on the opposite inner thigh. She again  noted that each lap of her tongue was punctuated by a increasingly loud and uncontrolled  gasp of delight from the Dr. Those gasps gave way to moans as Roberta made her to the apex of the increasingly “hot and bothered “  criminal scientist’s thigh , finally facing the demented Dr.’s thin lipped shaven pussy. Fighting back the gag reflex and thinking I can’t believe I am actually doing this as she ran her tongue once, twice, three times around and along it’s wrinkled  perimeter  and stopped

There in no way I am going  inside .That is just too much  Roberta silently declared and then added At least not right away bravely facing up to the fact that un happy fact that right at this moment she was in position to refuse any thing  to do this demented bitch demanded of her. And once again she reminded herself that You have to whatever it takes to buy yourself the chance to hit back and put an end to this insanity And after a moment she added. And to put this twisted fucking maniac in her place.

 Any way you should always leave your audience wanting more. The brave black officer added in another attempt at finding a respite in gallows humor.

Roberta raised her head and looked up at her captor

“All done M,am .. I mean Mistress Patricia “she said, speaking weary tentative monotone.

It took the Dr. a moment to respond, as she was so aroused and distracted by her captive’s performance. And she was further elated when she heard Roberta address hear as” Mistress Patricia “

As her eyes focused and her head cleared Patricia looked down. She liked what she saw. The high and mighty General Roberta Octavia Strock kneeling before her in a classic submissive pose.  She was the picture of surrender. Her shoulders slumped her back was bent, her head was slightly bowed and her up turned tear stained face bore a weary defeated look.  And the Black woman’s face was smeared with her own cum. There was no sign of the angry defiant woman she had been dealing with, up till now.

Could it be that I have finally broken the big titted black bimbo? Patricia wondered as she addressed her prize.

“Oh my that felt ever so good “Patricia sighed and then addressed her captive in the bright patronizing tone of a primary school teacher speaking to a slow first grader  “ You did a very good job indeed    General . I am very proud of you “

“Thank you Mistress Patricia “the Black woman responded in that same dull weary self tone. “But I am not a General any more. I am not anything at all “And now there was a ring of self pity in her speech .That was something new and significant

 The Dr.’s heart soared at these developments.

That high and mighty black bimbo had just called her “Mistress” without being threatened or prompted! And the fat assed military sow   had further stated she was “not a General anymore”

 And now the   over endowed slut was feeling sorry for herself.

Already aroused to the point of distraction by Roberta oral attentions between her legs, this unsolicited declaration of surrender and general woeful attitude brought on a surge of ecstasy that overwhelmed and consumed the perverted woman 

Could it be true?

Had she finally prevailed?

Was this Black bitch, at last broken?

Yes it was true! It truly was!

I have won!!

The combined arousal  and  elation overwhelmed Patricia’s  normally  cautious and cold analytical mind and  so she   convinced herself  that  the stuck up snot nosed army slut had finally “wised up “ and accepted  the  inevitable and recognized her new reality  and surrendered to it ( and to her) And ,the Dr, further mentally  observed in doing so  the Black bitch has tacitly acknowledged my complete superiority and accepted my sovereignty over her    

 Swept along in that surge of triumph Patricia whole heartedly and uncritically accepted this glorious conclusion and would not entertain any notions to the contrary

Thus convinced of her total victory the self proclaimed science criminal master mind indulged herself in a riot of self congratulations, mentally reviewing the various aspects of her triumph

I have broken the woman who leads the team who had brought down my Father – and soon I will, through her humble and humiliate all those ridiculous silicone based strumpets in the FEM Force .She could clearly see, in her mind’s eyes the entire team kneeling before her in a similar attitude and posture of submission and surrender.

 And by breaking this fat-assed bitch  myself I have succeeded where my associate Mr. Harper has failed, so I never really needed him any way she further mentally observed , conveniently ignoring  the mercenary ‘s ongoing and critical contributions to the current  success of the project

It is fact that a mentally compliant weak willed subject will be easily and quickly converted   by my brilliantly modified “Behavior Adjustment Device. She looked down at Roberta, who continued to kneel before  her  and saw a dull eyed , weary  tear stained  face looking back up her and smiled wickedly , deciding that was a perfect description  that of  her “ Slut –Berta”

Therefore the increasingly self delusional scientist decided there is plenty of time for an interlude with my new toy. But I had better get her cleaned up a bit first she thought.

Unwrapping a packaged moist towelette taken from a tray on the computer desk Patricia began cleaning    her compliant captive‘s face, wiping away the sweat, tears and smears of cum from her forehead ,cheeks lips and chin.

Wiping my face like a helpless baby the brutalized Black woman thought bitterly as her captor carried on .The happy minded criminal scientist spoke to her bare breasted  sad eyed “ property “  in a gently encouraging voice 

“ Ahhh  , no need to be so glum , my lamb .  This is a happy time. You have embraced your destiny and are ready to begin your new life .I am very proud of you “

“Thank you, Mistress Patricia “the beaten down Black woman replied that same weary tone, her shoulders slumped and her back bent and her head slightly bowed

Noting her new toy’s continued defeated tone and submissive stance and taking this as ultimate unequivocal proof of  General Roberta Strock’s spiritual destruction  the perverted woman ‘s heart  once more  soared .She again addressed her prize

“You know, my pet, I think we should celebrate our new relationship. I believe we have earned it “

“Yes Mistress Patricia “Roberta replied .And then smiled timidly up at the petite perverted woman who was her new owner.

“Excellent my pet “the Dr. responded, pleased (and aroused) at what she saw and heard “But first I must make sure we are not disturbed “

 With trembling fingers she texted a message to Harper, ordering him to stand fast and hold his position and make no move until she contacted him again in two hours .The work on the programs and creation of the protocols was at very delicate stage and she could not be disturbed, she explained .  Then she turned off the mobile device and after likewise deactivating her back up unit and spare cell phone she locked them all the filing cabinet. Then she shut down the computer and slid the keyboard into a drawer built under the screen and likewise secured it shut.

“We don’t want that apish Mr. Harper interrupting our special  time together “she said

“No Mistress Patricia, we certainly don’t “echoed Roberta, this time in a more animated agreeable tone and smiled up at the woman who saw herself as her new owner. This unleashed butterflies in Patricia’s stomach, as the self described “entrepreneurial scientist criminal master mind” hastened to her soon to be sex slave and secret inside operative’s side. After hastily removing the ankle shackles and tossing them aside   the DR. helped Roberta to her feet and unbuckled the crotch strap of her straight jacket. “ I have some very special in mind for this fat Black pussy”  Patricia said as she ran her fingers over her  new plaything’s s nether lips  The captive ebony Amazon noted her shaking hands  and quavering voice

“Thank you, Mistress Patricia “she said.

Patricia attached a short leash (that had been sitting on top of the filing cabinet) to the ring on her new toy’s   leather collar. Then, as if a last minute detail had occurred to her (which was the case) the distracted Dr told her pet to “Wait right here “and dashed off to the doorway. Standing before the key pad she reset the entrance access code. Now there was no way Harper (or anyone else) could get in or even contact her, she thought.

  Back at the computer desk Roberta flexed and stretched her legs to   relieve the stiffness, as she watched and listened awaiting her “Mistress’s “return. She did not have to wait long Patricia practically ran back to the desk. Taking up the leash she hurriedly led Roberta to the back of the room. “ “Come along my sweet” she urged “ There isn’t that much time and there is so much I want to do to you “ You have heard of “cos -play haven’t you ?” she asked , almost of an afterthought.

 The ebony “soon to be sex toy “did not answer as she fallowed along, the unbuckled crotch strap trailing behind  her .

Arriving at an upright storage locker, out of sight from the front of the room Patricia unlatched the door as Roberta quietly moved in close behind her, apparently wanting to get a look at what was inside.

“It will just take me a minute to find what I need, then my fun can begin “The Dr called out in an excited tone as she leaned in to steel cabinet’s interior.

“Take your time you sick shitty motherfucking slut “ Roberta shouted as she delivered a solid hip check to the Dr’s backside , sending her head first into the locker .

“AAuuugghh! “ Patricia shrieked in surprise as the Black champion then kicked the door shut with such force that the latch clattered to place securing the door and locking her would be “owner” inside

“What the fuck! What do think you are doing?  Let me out you treacherous bitch “

Ignoring the outraged tirade Roberta moved swiftly to the back of the locker. She   saw that it stood about a foot out from the wall and was not bolted to the floor

“Finally I catch a break “the Black Amazon said to herself as she moved in behind the locker and pushed hard. The heavy storage cabinet slowly leaned forward, teetered for a moment and then landed with a crash accompanied by a scream of fear from its occupant and a yell of triumph from the instigator.

Breathing hard from her exertions, Roberta noted with satisfaction that whole weight on the locker was resting on the latched door, just as she had intended. There was no way that self described genius could free herself. She was trapped inside until someone came along to let her out  

“What the fuck do think you are doing you   ignorant black slut? Patricia shrieked “Are you trying to kill me?”

There’s an idea   thought Roberta, allowing herself a slight smile. But I have more important things to take care of  right now

Patricia began to pound  on the walls of her impromptu cell as she continued to scream and swear , demanding to be released and promising to bring down the torments of hell down on Roberta’s head

“You stupid Black Bitch, what do you think you are playing at? Let me out of here this instant.” “

“No I don’t think so” Roberta replied in a quiet, matter of fact voice

The enraged criminal scientist paused a moment as if genuinely surprised by this response and then continued.

“You filthy conniving Black slut. I will make you pay for this.” She called out “When I get out of here I will skin you alive. I swear I will twist those  ugly nipples  off your fat sloppy tits  and whip  your flabby  smelly ass till it bleeds  and ram  a giant red hot dildo up your dirty  snatch and stuff a cattle prod up your stinking ass hole

I notice she has not mentioned my feet Roberta observed I guess since she has not threatened them she is still in love with them. The valiant Black woman allowed herself another smile

She looked down at the fallen locker and gave it a kick with the side of her bare foot, as she replied

“Sorry Patricia but I have to go now and call in my girls to wrap your little joke of an operation.  But doesn’t worry I’ll send someone to collect you- eventually.”  

“ You ignorant Back bitch  “ Patricia shrieked in response  “ You’ll never get out of this room And Harper will along soon enough to tie  you up  again  and turn you over to me  after  he beats and rapes  and fucks and buggers  the hell out of you”

“I’ll take my chances, but thank you for your concern” Roberta replied deliberately echoing the Dr.’s own words from the times the arrogant scientist had so condescendingly dismissed her similar invitation to surrender.

The frantic scientist paused a moment and tried a new tactic

She spoke in a desperately calm voice

 “Listen Roberta, I’ll tell you what. I realize it is all over .Let me out of here and I will show you away out. We can both escape and go our separate ways. Harper can take the fall and you will get the glory. What do you say? “

Well it seems there truly is no honor among thieves the General observed and then responded

“Thank for the offer Patricia but I believe I will pass. I can make my own way out “

And with that General Roberta Octavia Strock, Gov’t Liaison and Military Commander of the FEM Force , America ‘s premiere  super heroine team  walked away intending to  paying no more attention to her one time captor,  who had resumed screaming  threats and abuse at   her   The valiant  Black champion  had more important things on her mind. She made her way straight to the doorway, intent on immedialty getting out of this room. Even though the discovery of her robotic doppelganger meant that there was a small army out there looking for her, the bold Black and newly free woman of action had no intention of simply standing around waiting to be rescued. She had been kept in restraint for too long and was keen to be active (and was itching for some action). 

The brave  bare breasted Black woman   walked past the computer work station .She knew the  all communication devices and the computer key board were all locked up and trussed up as she was  in this damn straight jacket there was no way she could access them and so did not waste any time    trying  

 Stepping off the platform she paused a moment by the industrial strength examination table, glad of the fact the she would not be it’s occupant and proud of the fact that it had been her own efforts that had spared her. She silently regarded the equipment arranged around it. Then with a smile she pushed over that odd, retro looking rectangular wheel mounted electronic device .It landed hard on its front, with a noisy clatter and the sound of breaking glass.

“What the fuck are doing you stupid fat assed fucking Black sow “the captive criminal scientist shrieked, alarmed by the sound of her precious equipment being damaged.

“I’m just carrying out a little equipment modification of my own. Nothing for your to worry about” Roberta called out.  Pleased at the answering scream of anger and frustration, the brave and now buoyant Black General made her way to the “Brain Washing Machine” and studied it for a moment.  Then leaning back she deftly went up on her left leg and delivered a solid kick with the heel of her right foot to the machine’s computer unit and was almost immediately rewarded with a hiss and crackle and wisp of smoke, all of which clearly indicated an electrical short and considerable damage to the components and the probable incapacitation of entire machine. Roberta felt a tremendous sense of triumph at being able to disable and possibly destroy the devices that were intended to turn her into a helpless hypnotized pawn and plaything of that crazed mother fucking bitch Dr Patricia Pretorius. And she took a great deal of quit satisfaction at the impotent rage her actions had generated from the would-be criminal master mind.

“You filthy fucking black whore,I swear when I get my hands on you  I will make you sorry you were ever born” the enraged Dr. shrieked .

“I will be waiting for you “Roberta called out and smiled again as her former captor screamed again and pounded her fists on the unyielding steel walls of her impromptu prison.  Roberta then turned her back on the Dr. and carried on. She knew that Harper  would be at the door trying to get  in as soon as those two hours were up (and probably even a little  earlier than that) ,  keen to indulge  his perverse appetites and unholy lust for her voluptuous body . Roberta intended to deny him that pleasure.

The perceptive officer realized that Harper was clever enough to over ride or unlock the new entry code. And while she was very much looking forward to a rematch with the perverted mother fucker Roberta knew that her primary duty lay elsewhere.

Even though the initial plot had been exposed and derailed all of the Dr.’s secret systems and clandestine allies  were still in place .These threats and traitors had to be identified and rooted out  ASAP She had to alert the authorities  and put a final end to this madness .

 With this idea upper most in her mind the ebony Amazon carefully thought things through as she considered her next move

Recalling the Dr.’s order to Harper to oversee the evacuation of the complex Roberta was confident that once she got out of this room she would pretty much have the place to herself, though she would have stay alert and avoid crossing paths with Harper. And   the sharp minded but naked nippled Black officer was confident that she could quickly and easily find her way back through that labyrinth of hallways to the elevator

.  Further considering her options, Roberta decided that once she was through the door she would put some distance between herself and this room.  Then she would duck into a convenient alcove and see about getting herself out of the shitty straight jacket in order to give herself some advantage in case she did run into Harper. She knew that is was a risky move for she would be especially vulnerable while she stood there, wriggling her way out of the restraining garment. But she also decided that having her arms free was worth the risk

Besides because her”  hostess “had so thoughtfully released the crotch strap     the resourceful but bare bottomed  Black officer    was fairly certain she could  divest her herself  of the restraining  garment , fairly quickly  thanks   the skills  she had learned at that  Tactical Response in Hostage Situations ( aka  What  to do When you are Kidnapped ) seminar she had recently attended . The wise Black woman made the regular practice of the escape techniques she had learned in that course an integral part of her daily exercise routine.  Roberta allowed herself a moment of self congratulation, and the mentally added I certainly am glad I have these skills, but I do wish the opportunity to make use of them have been indefinitely postponed.  

 Once free she intended make her way to the elevator and ride it to the   surface and then make tracks out of this mad house. Along the way she would keep sharp eye out for a weapon and some clothes and any kind of communication device. And she wanted more than anything to find Harper and collect some pay back ( aka beat the living hell out of him).But she was resolved not to spend any time with any of this  .   Her top priority was getting out of this mad house. And then once outside   she would look to link up with or alert the authorities (and her girls) who were surely now out there in force, looking for her.

Soon she stood before the heavy steel door’s key pad control panel. .Ever alert Roberta noted the that her “hostesss “had fallen silent. She has probably screamed her hoarse and bloodied  her knuckles pounding on those steel wall and is now  lying there in the dark feeling sorry for herself  the perceptive ebony champion thought and allowed her a smile at her ( accurate ) speculations. Then setting all that aside she got back down to business.

Knowing that each key had a separate tone and also knowing which key gave off which tone the sharp mined officer was confident she would be able to use her tongue to press the keys in the proper sequence to reproduce the tune that represented the new code. She got it right on the first try

All right! That’s another point for Team Roberta the triumphant black General allowed herself a moment of self congratulation

Roberta stepped up   and waited has the huge steel blast doors parted in the middle and slide open.  She boldly stepped out and began moving down the corridor. Her heart soared. She had out maneuvered that crazed bitch Dr. Patricia Pretorius and survived the attentions of that sick pervert, Harper. She was free and unbroken.  She had beaten both of them. And she was actually going to get out of here.

 But I will soon  return  back in my uniform , leading the operation that will seize and secure this hell hole and put a final end to this entire insane scheme . She told herself

A sense of triumph filled her soul.

Then from directly behind her a familiar voice brought it all crashing down

“Well hello again General Jugs . Fancy meeting you here  

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Scientist Final 19 By Daneremo01-d6my1c6
The story concludes ....tory by :iconjimbor:

A job well done Roberta thought as she gazed out thought fully out the bedroom window of her apt. at the Orlando  cityscape ,now shrouded by the night sky  The people and the country are much safer now thanks to the work  my staff and my associates and especially my girls  have done in past forty-eight hours  she mentally added , reflecting the many and various complex  tasks  that had been successfully   completed to  purge every aspect of that  traitor    “Patricia  Pretentious “ infiltration scheme from the military and the Government and arrest  all those  connected with  that  insane  enterprise . She chuckled at her burlesque of her former captors name, then resumed her reflections on the just completed  operation     It had been  huge and complex job and time was of the essence, as the myriad co-conspirators were all desperately trying to cover   their tracks, destroy any evidence of their involvement, go into hiding or even flee the country   But everyone had risen to challenge and completed their assignments with speed and efficiency and America was now safe and free from   that shitty little bitch’s grasp. Typically the ebony officer down played her own role  in the operation  , preferring to give the praise and credit to her staff and subordinates though in truth she had played a pivotal role  in the enterprise organizing and coordinating and directing the entire affair  and moving it forward .

Clad in uncharacteristically colorful and revealing lingerie the busty Black officer took another sip of coffee from her personal oversized mug and regarded it as a small smile played out across her lovely face / full lips.   . It was emblazoned with the legend  ARMY BRAT  : BORN TO KICK ASS- ( Roberta’s own personal motto ) and more importantly was a gift from her father  , himself an accomplished  military man  and someone  who had  always been a source of  inspiration  and support   And such the cup was something of a  talisman for her .

Plus it was large enough to hold a suitably over sized dose of the strong dark caffeine enhanced chocolate infused brand of coffee Roberta favored

Daddy always said to remember the practical considerations the nearly naked soldier observed as she allowed herself another swig of the potent beverage and gathered her thoughts for the final report she meant to complete before she turned in for the night

  Roberta   recalled the arrival of the relief team and how she   had formally received them, standing to attention and exchanging salutes – thereby quietly re assuring her girls that she was all right and had survived her ordeal   much to the relief of She Cat and Syn . More importantly she was also subtly establishing that she was   still in command and ready ,willing and able to do her duty

With a great deal of personal satisfaction she turned over    her former captors  over to  the relief team  ,directing   that the criminal traitors   be placed in the  in isolation  in the FFHQ detention cells  ,specifying that they have no contact with the outside world .  “ Keep them both on ice for now “she had ordered  ,not wanting to give of these miscreants an opportunity to contact  any of their still at large co conspirators    Roberta  then   likewise arranged for  the   staff taken  into custody by  Tara and the team of Val’s operatives     at that secret air strip where   they had tried to make their collective escape.  But with this lot  Roberta   had specified  that they were  to be interrogated and interviewed as soon as possible “ Let’s find out what they know “ she said reasoning that the front line staff would have much more practical information  and knowledge  which  would  much more useful in rooting out and shutting down this insane plot , than their employer and her supervisor . Also that as simple employees they would have no loyalty  to Patricia Pretorius and her insane plan  and would be eager to co operate  i

Then there was a call from the President on Val’s secure line. Down playing her time as a prisoner, Roberta briefed the Commander in Chief on the situation giving him a clear and concise overview of the current state of affairs quietly demonstrating with her presentation the need for immediate action. Impressed with the Black officers fortitude and level headedness and her insight into the situation the President asked the General to take charge of the “clean –up “operation.  Roberta immediately agreed “YES SIR “she responded, vowing to root out every trace of this terrible plot.

 Next she contacted Dusty and directed the   heroine to immediately begin an immediate diagnostic over haul of the FFHQ computer and surveillance systems to identify and isolate and purge all the spy ware and mal ware  and “bugs”  clandestinely implanted there by Harper and his team. Val immediately asked to be a part of that operation and put her all her resources and staff at Roberta’s disposal .The ebony officer immediately accepted the former FEM Forcer’s offer.  Dusty and Val mmediately merged their staffs  and set to work .

Roberta retuned at once the FFHQ and took personal charge of the operation Code Named “Spring Cleaning “

That operation was made significantly easier by information   the combined team gleaned from the treasure trove of documents and hard drives and computer discs and flash drives confiscated from when the fleeing staff when they all   been arrested at that secluded airstrip

 As Roberta had correctly surmised the arrested staff, like rats on a sinking ship was desperately eager to make deals and avoid persecution and jail time for themselves and so was very cooperative, volunteering all sort of practical information and specific suggestions that aided Val and Dusty’s operation immensely 

Naturally the heroine’s took all this input with a grain of salt  and proceeded carefully and did not let any of  the arrested staff anywhere near a key board or a  computer terminal . But almost all the info was found to be accurate and valid and enabled the rapid restoration of the FFHQ computer network and surveillance system. Then once the In house systems were secure the FFHQ technical staff together with Val’s team continued on.  They moved out into wider on line realm and ,  still working  as a single cooperative unit   were able to purge and purify those   military and gov’t departments that that been corrupted and subverted  by the criminal scientist and her venal allies .

In the process   the identity of all of Patricia Pretorius’s associates and co conspirators were uncovered. Warrants were issued and arrests were made. Some were apprehended at airports and border crossing as they tried to flee to a safe haven .One corporate jet, still in American airspace was forced to land at a USAF base and it’s passenger, a wealthy and well known Silicone Valley entrepreneur was taken into custody.  A few had successfully made an escape but they had been tracked every step of the way and extradition arrangements were already being made You can run but you cannot hide Roberta observed with grim satisfaction   Others, thinking that they were far removed from the actual criminal activity of the  plot now one would find out about their involvement  and even if anyone did  that their power and influence would shield them from arrest simply when on about their business and so were very surprised and dismayed when they were taken into custody in their homes and offices.

Tragically one woman, a section head in the CIA committed suicide.

All the rest were rounded up and deposited in the FFHQ detention cells . Back in uniform and overseeing  the proceedings Roberta noted with interest and some ironic satisfaction that in spite of Patricia’s assertions  only one the traitors were from the military ( A  JAG major )  and  two were members  of the gov’t service  ( both mid level functionaries in the Office of Home land security )

. She was just blowing smoke up my ass   as usual Roberta  observed  She knew that  idea of her foul scheme  being aided and abetted by  soldiers and civil servants would really  demoralize me  The underwear clad officer paused a moment  and truthfully   observed  And she was not wrong

   The rest  of the criminal crew  all came out of the private sector, from companies and consultation firms   that had been active in public /private partner ships, taking on jobs in the military and the civil service that the government had formerly taken care of itself but now saw fit to contract out. The men who ran these companies saw this opening up of government and the military to the private sector as a chance to enrich themselves.     Not a single one of them was motivated by Patriotism or Public service .The bottom line was their only concern. For these greedy shit heads a profit is never without honor Roberta sarcastically noted, recognizing the fact that for men (and women) such as these   the decision to participate in Patricia’s Pretorius’s scheme would be an easy and natural choice. The fact that it was treasonous and illegal and would surely harm their country would be irrelevant or at most a risk to be managed and easily offset by the potential rewards. And like wise now that whole  rotten  plot had” Gone South “  they were all literally tripping over one another in a rush to turn states evidence  and sell out every one else and save their own skins

There is definitely no honor among these thieves Roberta observed. But then after a moment reflection the thoughtful officer noted how this whole sordid affair might yield a positive result. Given that the private sector has so thoroughly betrayed the countries trust the Government was now seriously looking at taking back most of the function it had turned over them.  The  busty Black  General herself had  raised the idea , while in a de briefing session  with the President  and the Joint Chiefs  Everyone was in favor of the idea It might cost a bit more  they realized  and  perhaps be a tad less efficient . But that was a small price to pay for the sure knowledge the safety and security of the country was in honest and loyal hands. No one ever joined the Armed Forces or the Government service to get rich Roberta observed

 Roberta did not take a direct part in any of the interrogations, though she did closely over see the process.  Thanks to her first hand experience and the astute observations she had made while a prisoner the wise and tough minded officer was able to make suggestions and give directions that really stream lined the process.

In any case more often not the interrogations were more like interviews in which the prisoners  were very forth coming and helpful  and the FFHQ  staff acted mainly as stenographers and  secretaries recording and collating their confessions  , doubling checking  this raw data  against  the info gleaned and winnowed from the  flash drives and computer  discs and  hard copy documents to ensure  its veracity  and  extracting  the most pertinent nuggets of information that would let the scour  their H Q  and the  military and Gov’t  clean of every trace Of Patricia Pretorius’s insane scheme

 The nearly  nude  officer allowed herself a a brief smile of satisfaction as she  recalled  her personal  interviews with that creep Harper and that shitty little bitch Patricia Pretorius. She ordered them both kept in isolation and not to be interviewed or interrogated until all the rest of their staff had been processed. Roberta was hoping she could learn everything she needed to know from the captured staff without having to deal with these two and so had delayed seeing them . She knew that they would both demand full immunity as the price of their co operation and had swore to not to allow them that option.

These rats must pay for their crimes the ebony Amazon had vowed. Not for what they had done to her This is  not about me she thought   And not just  because  their plot  would have put her girls in danger and subverted the whole country .But also for the  nameless woman these monsters  had  abducted and tortured and murdered in process of calibrating   and adjusting both  that terrible scanning device and  Harper’s  hellish shock stik   What I suffered is only small portion of what those poor women endured  I will not let them be forgotten and their murderers go un punished   Roberta  mentally declared

  Happily thanks to craven cooperation of the captured staff and the skill and dedication and hard work of  her own FFHQ staff  and her girls of the FEM Force  she did not need the help or assistance of either Charles  Harper  or  Patricia Pretorius

With “operation Spring Cleaning” well under way   and  plot being completely dismantled the ebony Amazon decided it was time to visit her former captors .

And so amid the misgivings of her staff and the protests of her Girls, Roberta made her way to the detention block.  The fearless voluptuous Black officer had previously arranged for both Harper and Patricia Pretorius to be separately placed free and unrestrained and unattended in separate interview rooms

She elected to begin with Harper. Before going in she had studied the reports and noted that all through the process he had never once demanded a lawyer or offered to turn “states evidence” After declaring that he would only talk to person in charge the criminal associate reminded silent  

Well let’s hear what he has to say    Roberta thought  as she  made her way to the  interview rooms   And if the arrogant fool thinks he can just  talk he  way out of this he has another think coming   she silently concluded  as she approached her destination .Once there she   unbuckled  her gun belt and  passed  her sidearm  to  the guards  with instructions that she be undisturbed

  She strode in unannounced. Taken totally by the surprise the scarred thug, seated on folding metal chair at a standard office supply store table, and   now clad in a baggy set of orange prison coveralls could only gasp and stare.   It was like he was seeing her for the first time He was over whelmed. Those tits , those legs ,those lips , that face  ,that ass  , that hot sweet body all bound up in that tight buttoned up  little uniform , straining against the stiff starched fabric  , forever on the verge of bursting  out  ,naked  and free  .  Trembling slightly the scarred thug shook his head  in an effort to regain focus

  Clad in a crisp new uniform Roberta was truly an impressive sight.  She stood tall ,with back straight ,shoulders back  and head  held high ,  radiating  power and authority  Her military decorations campaign ribbons and medals all prominently displayed on her ample chest  proclaimed her accomplishments in combat  indentifying the ebony Amazon   as a brave soldier and an effective commander . The  generously  endowed officer  was well aware of how attractive she looked in her uniform  and noted with  bemused satisfaction the captive criminal associates reaction  You’ve still got it  Roberta   the busty Black General  told herself .Then her mood hardened as she    grimly recalled  that modified straight jacket  ,  tricked out into a demeaning parody  of her true uniform that this shitty creep  had forced on her  as part on his ongoing efforts to de grade demean and ultimately  break  her  . He wanted to turn me into his personal sex slave and fuck toy   Roberta  acknowledged  silently admitting that he had come uncomfortably close to  doing just that  But now by presenting herself here   , alone and unarmed  ,proud  and strong   dressed in her real uniform with those   classic black pumps with their standard 4 inch spike heels and short, tight military mini skirt   and tight green buttoned up blouse and neatly knotted tie beneath a snug army jacket she was establishing she was the one in charge now   and effectively demonstrating that she had re claimed her dignity  as  well as her  authority .  Their positions had been reversed and he was the one who was in trouble now .

Eventually regaining his composure Harper spoke rather awkwardly “Well General you are looking good “. No thanks to you she thought, though she did not respond. 

” Ummm No hard feelings? “he asked with a typically  male foolishly hopeful smile , though his tone was rather desperate

“ Oh No .None at all “  the  ebony officer  replied adopting the same  faux friendly tone he had so often used back when   she was his prisoner and plaything  “ And  I know you will understand it is nothing personal  when you are charged with  Conspiracy and High Treason . “

Ummmm Yeah  I was hoping to talk to about that “ Harper responded . Noting a glimmer of interest  from  his jailor the scarred thug continued in rather hurried and  wheedling  tones “Listen General I can do you some good here. For certain reasonable considerations    I can tell all about the “off the books “operations that I was running for my employer. You can expose them and have her locked away forever  and you will be an even bigger hero .And all I ask in return is full immunity and freedom   and new passport and ten million dollars .What do you say?  He asked, regarding the voluptuous Amazon with same expectant expression    men always have when they think they are going have their way

“Hmmm  I see “responded Roberta  secretly amazed be the sheer arrogant  audacity of proposal  Does this clueless shit head actually think I am going to let him walk ?” “ And by those secret off the books operations you mean that   the Trojan Horse virus in the  USAF Southern Command Mainframe  and the  compromised  communications  network   at  Dept of the  Interior in Washington D C  and the sleeper agent in the NSA  office in New York ?  They have all been shut down and the agent is in custody”

 Harper’s face fell at this revelation  The General already knew everything he had to tell her   He was aware of a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach  It was  if the bottom had fallen out of his world –which effectively it had

 Roberta continued

“So I will pass on your offer .But Thank you for your consideration in offering to tell us. In return I will arrange that get a cell in the quiet part of what ever prison you are sent to before your final sentence is carried out” 

Harper’s look of total dismay put a song in Roberta’s heart and a smile on her lovely full lips.  Thanks to hard work   of her Girls  these “secret plots “had been discovered and neutralized   .And so not needing him   she had been able to  totally shut this mother fucker   down , rejecting his offer  and leaving  him metaphorically   chopped  off at the  knees  . But she was not finished

“ Anyway  you should not be too worried about the Treason Charges . I have seen to it that you will be  charged with multiple counts  of  kidnapping and murder  connected with those disappeared women  you tortured  to death as an incidental part of your shitty employers   sick operation  And each of those charges carry the death penalty “

“It is all over for you “

“But No hard feelings “Roberta concluded deliberately and sardonically echoing Harper’s opening statement

There was a moment silence as Harper realized just how deadly serious  and completely hopeless his situation was  . This was the end of the road


The scarred thug leapt to his feet. Driven to despair he made a last desperate move Going into combat mode  he went on the attack  Flinging the table aside he lunged at Roberta intending to take her a hostage and use her as a human shield to make his escape – Or maybe he would just throttle the smug big titted Black Bitch right then and there .Noting that  General Jugs  was unarmed the desperate mercenary thought it would be easy to subdue her

He should have known better

Roberta stood her ground and met his charge head on.  Coolly ducking beneath his angry  clutching grasp she gut punched him hard right in the solar plexus   . That stopped him dead in his tracks She stepped back lightly, almost gracefully as the  desperate mercenary began to double over , clutching his stomach  and gasping for breath  Then the ebony Amazon  struck again planting a rock solid fist right on the point of his chin . Harper head snapped back as Roberta carried on. Moving slightly to his right side delivered a final blow. A hard left to the side of his head right at the point where his jaw hinged to his skull just behind the ear , effectively targeting and tagging a node of ganglions  , effectively   shorting out his nervous system leaving him temporarily paralyzed  With a strangled cry  the scarred thug crumpled to the floor  and lay there  like a broken  twitching spasmodically

 Roberta stands over him in a triumphant hand on hips pose

“Well Mr. Harper I’ve won again . I gave you a rematch and you lost   You did not even lay a hand on me.  It looks like you are not much of a fighter after all   . I’d offer you a third chance but in order for it  to  be a fair fight I would have to naked tied up gagged  and violated and laid out at your feet “  And I have already had quite enough of that  she thought and then added “ But if  past events are any indication  I would still take you down   “The triumphant took a moment to let her  message sink in . Then she continued

“It is all over for you Harper . The best you have to look forward to is the rest of your life in concrete cell And for the rest of our days you will have to face the fact that I stood up to worst you could do and still I prevailed.  You knocked me down a hundred times and I always got back up. I knocked you down twice and you stayed down each time.   In short I won.  And you lost “She paused a moment and added the verbal coup d grace

“End of story .End of you”

She turned and strode out  

Harper moaned in despair

The door slammed shut

  That felt good Roberta thought. After consulting briefly with the security staff and arranging for some medical care for Harper the General carried on. Striding down the corridor she stopped  at  another door  behind which she  knew , as per her previous  orders her nemesis  Dr Patricia Pretorius waited This will feel even better  she mentally added

 From studying the reports  Roberta knew that  un like her laconic henchman  the petite brunette  had been bitching and complaining nonstop from the moment the penis gag had been pulled from her mouth  .She  had demanded  clothes medical attention  food  a  lawyer and access to a phone. She reeled off a list of high powered legal firms and influential individuals and ordered that they be contacted and informed of her incarceration .She had threatened everyone with law suits and declared that she walk free within the hour and a had vowed that she would have that” Fat assed Black bitch in a jail cell handcuffed naked and gagged before the sun set”

 It was tribute to the professionalism of the detention block staff that the penis gag was not immediately stuffed back in her fat complaining mouth Roberta wryly observed

Patricia looked up as the door opened as her former prisoner strolled casually into the room.  Roberta regarded the failed criminal scientist with small satisfied smile   Patricia, similar to her associate Harper was clad in a rumpled set pair of bright orange cover alls and was seated in a cheap plastic chair at a plain folding table. The captive criminal scientist spoke in a angry petulant tone

“Well Roberta …. Uhh General ( a hard  look  from Roberta reminded the petite brunette  that the  no nonsense officer would brook no  hint of familiarity  and so she quickly  amended her informality   but otherwise charged ahead )”It’s about time . What is going on here? Where is my lawyer?  What about my phone call? You can’t keep me incommunicado like this. I know my rights. ? Don’t you…”

 “I am fine .Thank you for asking “ Roberta’s  firm response delivered in  firm even  tones   shut down  the failed criminal entrepreneur tirade and put the busty Black soldier  in charge of the conversation

“ I do apologize for the delay in getting to you but I have been rather busy overseeing the dismantling of your sad little joke of an infiltration operation “

“Never mind that “Patricia snapped peevishly , “Where is my lawyer? “She again demanded and then added” You are going to find yourself in a lot of trouble for the way you treated me “in what she hoped was  a threatening tone

‘Oh really” replied Roberta in a faux concerned voice “Well I suppose I will just have to take my chances in an American Court of Law. “ “Just like you “ she added pointedly

 The Dr.’s face fell at this remark as Roberta continued “As it happens  my staff did contact all those legal firms you specifically requested .Every one of the respectfully declined to represent you .it looks like you are going to have to make do with a public defender . “ Patricia remained silent as the voluptuous soldier continued “And it wasn’t just the lawyer’s .All those rich and powerful politicians and corporate leaders and media types you specified did not return our calls.  It seems you do have any friends .It looks like you are on your own here “  The cover  all clad criminal remained silent at  these  dismaying  revelations and the uncomfortable  conclusion to which  they  lead  her  She was indeed  on her own and all alone. It was not a good feeling

It was time to go to her fall back plan

“I want a deal “  Her desperation was apparent as Patricia finally spoke  “ You need me  I am the only one who knows it all . Give  me  immunity and  I will give you  the entire plan with all the details  of all  my  operations  including infiltrations of the military and penetrations of the Gov’t   And I will reveal  the identities  of all my silent partners and secret associates  Plus I will give a complete list of Mr Harper’s private and personal operations   “She looked up expectantly thinking   This  dim witted big titted  soldier girl is a patriot  .   She is sure to overlook my transgressions if it she believes my information will keep her precious country safe and secure.  And she  will not be able to resist the opportunity to get something more on Harper. Patricia sat back in her chair confident of a positive response. People like her are easy to   and manipulate  Their patriotism makes them weak   she silently concluded , lapsing into her arrogant contemptuous mind set  already congratulating herself for winning the final round and having the last laugh on “this dumb deluded  Black fat ass “

The General paused a moment and then responded in a cool slightly condescending tone

“Well Patricia Thank you for your offer even if it does come with some strings attached. But I believe I will respectfully decline “As the scientist’s look of smug expectation melted into an expression of shocked incomprehension Roberta continued  

“You see I already know it all. 

Perceptive as ever Roberta knew what her prisoner had been thinking. And she was well aware of the effect her reply would have on her prisoner. It did her heart and soul and her spirit  a world of good to see the woman  who had so relentlessly tormented and abused her to be   so completely  devastated   And to be the woman who  by her response  had brought  down the shitty little freak  made this final victory all the sweeter

 Her sprit and soul, so degraded and torn by her treatment at the hands of this foul little traitor  began to soar and sing as she continued

“You see Patricia ,thanks to the skill and diligence and commitment  of my team  we were able to process that mountain of useful data that was confiscated when my girls arrested your entire staff at that not so secret air field of yours  where they trying to make their escape . I must say your former employees were  all very helpful. To a man (or a woman) they were eager to turn “states evidence ‘and tell all they knew and testify against you and everyone else in your organization.

The General paused a moment and the added “ I must say Patricia  there was not a lot of loyalty amongst you people .  In fact not a single one was willing to stand up for either of you I must say that you and your shitty little lap dog Harper certainly did not endear your selves your staff.”

 “Looks to me that you do not have any friends anywhere” Roberta c concluded

“You know Patricia you often reminded me back when I was your prisoner that   no one knew my real location and true situation and that I was all alone  That might have been technically true , though I never accepted it and I never gave up . Plus I knew in my heart that eventually your insane plot would be discovered and my girls would come looking for me “

“So I never was really alone “

“Now the situation is reversed you are in my custody and though everyone knows where you are no one is the least bit interested in helping you”

  “You are truly alone ‘

“Just you and the realization and the knowledge of your failure and defeat””

 We are done here “

And with that General Roberta Octavia Strock turned and left , accompanied by a wail of despair from the diminutive defeated scientist

Roberta took a another sip of her favorite blend and savored the memory of that moment So deep and profound was her satisfaction that she did not hear the locked door to her apt open or the deactivation of her security system or the soft padding of muffled footsteps down the hallway or see the muted shimmering that accompanied the appearance of the voluptuous stealth suited intruder standing at her bed room door

 At least not until it was too late.

What happens next is a story for another time  The ens

( For Now)

Commission for :iconjimbor: thanks for the commission.

Ordeal Mirror Image 24 Final By Daniel Re
The story continues...oberta turned and looked about the room.  All was as before though now she was looking at it all through the eyes of a Free Black Woman and the Officer in Charge.   All that meant a lot to her and made her feel really good about herself and her situation.  She allowed herself a moment to savor the moment then it was back to business  

Stay on task, soldier. She told herself   This whole site needed to secured and shut down for further investigation and the shitty little bitches  spy ware  needs to be purged from the FFHQ  security and surveillance systems   and all her confederates and allies in the Government and the Military  need to be identified  and arrested  

It was a big job and the dedicated General was determined to play a major role in that operation.  She was frankly offended and outraged by level of penetration into the Military and the Government by the crazed Doctor’s organization and was resolved to root out all that sick little psycho’s influence and presence once and for all .

Her gaze settled on Ms. Victory

The Patriotic Powerhouse was still  rhythmically and resolutely back handing and bitch slapping her prisoner  though  Roberta noted every 45 seconds she glanced around making sure all was clear and secure. That’s my girl   the busty Black officer thought approvingly. She will not let herself be surprised again

  Robert further noted that Harper seemed on the verge of unconsciousness offering no protest or resistance. He can dish it out but can’t take it she observed with a small smile and was about to suggest that the heroine ease off a little and leave something for the interrogators  

Just at that moment Joan stopped the chastisement. Keeping a firm grip on her prisoner she raised her head and turned slightly as if listening to someone. Roberta recognized the stance and knew that Blonde Bombshell was receiving a message via the ultra high tech micro ear bud

“Message received and understood. Yes, our General is safe and secure and the situation is under her control. Very Well, Message understood  .We will see you  directly   FF One out “

Joan then turned to face her C O and stood to attention , though she did not let go of Harper who hung , limp and loose limbed ,like a rag doll in her grasp and delivered her message in  a clear formal tone  “ I have just received a message from  Val   . Syn and She Cat and the team of  Federal Marshalls  have just turned on to the access road and should be arriving shortly .ETA is  fifteen  minutes “

“Outstanding “replied Roberta who like wise stood straight and tall ,acknowledging  the heroine’s stance and her  desire to appear all business  and “on the job”  

Then relaxing a bit the voluptuous civilian clad officer asked “So what do you say we go topside and meet them?”

“Great Idea General “, Joan replied brightly eager to be out of” this high tech torture chamber “Then she paused a moment    and then added a trifle sheepishly “ Ummmm . But we will have to take the stairs.  The elevator is out of service “

 “No problem there, soldier.  I have immobile for a long while “Roberta  easily responded  alluding to  all the time she had spent tied up and gagged and straight jacketed  “I  could do with a little exercise  “

“We will be taking these two with us, of course “ Ms Victory  stated  ,indicating the beaten down  henchman and his trussed up employer 

“Oh Yes “the General brightly replied “It is our duty after all to keep the safe and secure “she added,directing that last ironic comment at the penis gagged Patricia Pretorius, who moaned and whimpered in reply 

And in any case there is no way I am going to let either of you shit heads out of my sight Roberta thought she glanced down at Harper then  nodded to Ms.V who understood her commander ‘s intent . She released her grip on the scarred thug who hit the cold concrete floor like a sack of dirty laundry. Bruised and beleaguered the battered criminal associate looked up at his onetime sexual plaything and intended Fuck Toy with confused and fearful eyes.

The General decided to have a little fun

“Arrghh ! “  Roberta let out a roar and made a fake lunge at her one time tormentor, who fainted dead away at this perceived attack and slumped, face down on the floor

Soft at the center the ebony Amazon observed I’m not surprised she mentally added as she set to work .Moving with purpose she procured a set of handcuffs from a well stocked box on the metal shelf. Then kneeling over the unconscious thug who had so cruelly and thoroughly abuse and degraded her, Roberta cuffed his hands behind his back. There a song in her heart as the cuffs snapped shut and Roberta was conscious of a thrill of ecstasy that suffused her entire being. It was as if by locking down the this monster she had redeemed and restored her   shredded soul

The brave Black champion allowed herself a small smile. Then it was back to business. 

“All right Soldier Lets make tracks”

Ysssir General “replied Ms V   who then hoisted the nude and tightly tied Dr into her shoulder like a sack of potatoes and took hold of Harper by his heels, dragging him face down across the floor. She fell into step beside her C O and together they stepped out into the hall way

 As they headed down the corridor toward the stairs Roberta, always keen to have all the facts asked in a conversational tone  “So Joan  I know about the discovery of my duplicate ,thanks to the news broadcast  but how did you  discover my location ? “

“Well General You can thank Syn for that  She was concerned that you were pushing yourself too hard in preparation for that conference and , after to you left ,she put together a “Care Package “  with a  custom made gourmet  MRE for your dinner  and  an  assortment your favorite  snacks and beverages for you to enjoy on the plane “

The General smiled. That sort of gesture was so like the heroine. Though Her meta human power was truly awesome ,  having  the ability create living “ synotrophic “ images structures and beings  with the power  of her mind  .  But she never sought to impose her will on others or create a world to suit herself Instead she remained the person she truly was - a sweet tempered good hearted innocent whose traumatic early life left her a very empathetic attitude

Joan continued

“But when she stopped by your apt building to drop off the package, the security staff informed her that you were not there. She immediately realized something was very wrong since the FF HQ personal security monitoring system indicated you had arrived and were now in your apt. She contacted me on our secure personal communication system

(  The Code Black network  Roberta thought  referring to the secret of the books communications channel ,known only to her girls and herself  she had personally and private devised  for use in extreme emergencies  - like this one ).

Joan carried on

 I immediately realized that the entire FFHQ computer array including the security and surveillance systems were compromised and knew we would have to go off the grid to find you and figure out what was going on. I immediately contacted Val on our secure line and explained the situation .She immediately put her whole operation and all her resources at our disposal

Roberta smiled at that name

Val  - Valencia Kirk aka Colt aka the Weapons Mistress  A former FEM Forcer  , short in stature but long in courage and intelligence .She had assumed leadership of the team  a critical moment  and her fearlessness and calm quiet strength had guided  the heroines thorough a very difficult time  . Later she left the team and worked as a free lancer where her espionage and detective and combat skills were very much in demand .Eventually she opted for semi retirement, joining the Board of Directors of National Security Systems a firm she created remaining a person in the position and with the desire to do the right things for her country and having the power and the ability and the resources to accomplish them  

Joan continued her narration.

I likewise contacted the rest of the team and we put our heads together and set to work to find you. We hacked into the Dept of Highways video surveillance archives and by examining the footage from intersection and roadside video cameras we were able to trace your cars movements from the moment you left the FFHQ parking lot till your arrival here.  I must say your captor really took the long way to get here 

“Don’t I know it” responded Roberta who had realized that Harper’s circuitous route was to intended to shake off and confuse any would be rescue attempt  . It was a tribute to the skill and dedication of her girls to that they were able to trace his cold and complex trail to locate  her prison  

The narration continued

“Then Dusty called some favors at NASA and arranged the a reserve spy satellite loaded with bleeding edge  surveillance technology activated and parked in geosyncratic orbit  above this place and we were able to get a look inside and confirm your presence here

The mention of that name brought another smile to the busty Black officer’s lips   . Dusty aka StarDust  aka Dr Mara was a genuine space alien who came to Earth as a reluctant  member  of an invasion force  . She switched sides and joined in the fight to defend Earth   . After the invasion had been repulsed she elected to remain on Earth and was invited to join the FEM Force   . Her home world -RUR was an all female planet with a rigidly hierarchical society and so she had some difficulty adjusting to America’s   freewheeling and wide open attitudes and customs and men were a complete mystery to her. But she persevered and made a place for herself this strange new world.  Though she had paranormal powers she was a scientist by training and temperament and as such had found employment as a consultant and researcher  for NASA and similar Gov’t agencies .However when danger threatened she became a warrior   repeatedly laying down her life to defend her new home

 The ultimate immigrant has become the best sort of  American   Roberta reflected as Ms V continued

We were putting together a rescue operation when you or rather your robot duplicate showed up at the Military airport.  That caught us by surprise  .We decided to let it proceed, not wanting to alert your captors thinking that might put you in even greater, possibly even fatal danger

They  had done so much to to me, murder was about all that was left Roberta observed  ,impressed  by the team’s measured response to the “Curve Ball “ represented by the robot’s appearance

“We arranged for She Cat to attend to the conference as a last minute guest so she could keep an eye on the imposter. Things went smoothly at first .Then suddenly in the midst of an impromptu Q and A session with several attendees including military men and academics the robot began acting erratically. Apparently catching sight of Cat set the thing off. When the thing drew its side arm and threatened the attendees Cat moved in and took out  the impostor- Quick and Dirty “

Did you hear that Patricia?  ‘Roberta called out to the naked bound and gagged (and filled and fucked) failed criminal scientist   “Your tinker toy could not even cope the kind of  low level stress and distraction I deal with every day . Your ultimate achievement turned out to be just as a big a failure and a joke as you are “

The defeated Doctor’s moan of despair was music to the brave Black general’s ears. She savored the moment, and then it was back to business  

“Excuse my interruption, Joan .Please continue

Well General There is not much more. As I said, Cat moved in and took the thing down rather spectacularly. Unfortunately this all happened in public, and in front of the cameras so there was no way to keep it quiet. We knew we had to act immediately. I was dispatched to make a lightening rescue. You know the rest “

“Outstanding” replied Roberta. “Everyone rose to challenge and worked together to   defeat this   foul plot and save our country from a terrible danger and an almost existential threat. I am very proud of every one of you. “

We were only doing our duty General.” Joan responded same what embarrassed at her C O’s praise. “Besides Roberta “she added a quiet vehemence”.  We had to know what happened to you and save you if we could and avenge you if we could not. “

“Thank You “replied Roberta deeply touched by the concern and respect and affection implicit Joan’s response

There was a moment’s silence. Then as they entered the stair well and began their ascent Joan asked the question that had been very much on her mind ever since Roberta’s absence was first discovered  

“So Roberta was it very bad? ‘

“Oh Yes” Replied the General in a matter of fact tone ” Rough as Cobb as my Daddy would say. Those two put me through hell .I was abused and mistreated in ways I never could have imagined   “she added indicated the two prisoners. “ And they once even broke me “

Joan’s face fell at these words 

Roberta continued in a more re assuring tone.”  But I did not stay broken. I pulled myself back together and even though they knocked me down every time, I fought these two every step of the way  “. Again indicating the Dr and her associate“And I have you and the rest of the team to thank for having the strength to do that “

Seeing the puzzled look on her friend’s face Roberta explained “   Like each of you I knew my duty. Not only to my uniform and our country but also to each one of you.  As your C O the lives of you and your team mates are my responsibility. So it was never about me.  If this plot had succeeded and that Android Abomination had taken my place all of you would have been in deadly danger .I could not allow that to happen.  So even it was hopeless surrender was not an option. Duty and honor would not allow it.

Joan nodded deeply impressed   by the depth of Roberta dedication and strength of character as evidenced by this declaration of commitment to her and her team mates I may be able to tie steel girders in knots without breaking a sweat, but I hope when the time comes and I am tested I will  have even a fraction of this woman’s strength  she thought

Soon they reached the top Roberta noted   that Harper’s bruised and bloodied face, had bounced off every one of the concrete steps she and Joan had climbed. The results were a marked improvement she thought

Entering the large empty interior space of the Hanger  ,Roberta and Joan  saw that the backup  team had not yet arrived  though they  could hear their approach  This  gave them time to lay Patricia Pretorius and Charles Harper  out on the cold concrete floor  and stand to attention awaiting the entry of the relief team  Roberta smiled  reflecting her on all she had been through and her  triumph

They did their worst but I t was not good enough

 I have won

Ordeal Mirror Image 23 By Daniel Remo Art-d8wa
The story continues .....

Roberta allowed herself only a moment to enjoy this new state of affairs No time for self congratulation, now soldier she told herself. Looking over at Patricia she thought.   You still have some unfinished business. She paused a moment and then added But this a job I will enjoy

   The resolute Officer directed Ms. Victory to “Maintain your surveillance “

 .She turned her attention to the Dr., still in the center of the room. The self proclaimed criminal master mind  was trying to project  a attitude of  angry  indignation  But  , beneath that  façade the ever perceptive  General detected  a distinct attitude of unease  and uncertainty Her   new prisoner  was now  awkwardly trying to  trying cover    herself with her hands and had even sank to her knees  as if to unconsciously trying to escape  her sudden reversal of fortune    She is afraid the ebony officer thought , allowing herself another brief smile has she considered how to “give the shitty little bitch  a reason to be afraid  ” .

“Well Roberta, since you are not going to wear it can I at least have my lab coat “the newly nude Dr. asked in a pointedly exasperated voice   as the General approached

“No you may not, that coat is evidence   and as such cannot be touched “the Black officer replied   in a matter of fact voice, then added in a coldly authoritative tone “And it is General Strock to you “

Taken aback by the denial of her demand and intimidated by Roberta’s assertion of her authority the failed criminal mastermind responded indignantly “Now see here Robt…. I mean General Strock You cannot treat me this way. If I am your prisoner, then it is your duty to keep me safe and secure. I demand that you act accordingly. And Give Me Some Clothes “She added petulantly

“Oh I will give you the treatment you deserve” the ebony Amazon replied, more than a little irked  that this scrawny little bitch had the temerity to  speak to her of duty . “You will be in a prison uniform soon enough but for now you will have to remain naked “Roberta  continued and then added with just a touch of satisfaction  “ For Security reasons”

Crestfallen at the General’s response Patricia lapsed into an uneasy silence as her captor carried on

Stepping over to the shelf  the General took up the coil of red cord and the box cutter and dropped them on the table next to  the shelf then turned her full attention to the luckless Dr. who was regarding her with more than a little apprehension

Moving swiftly and with purpose the General stepped up to the nude scientist  and moved in close behind her ..  Patricia let out  cry of  distress  as the General  hauled her up to her feet   putting her right arm into a  vicious hammerlock Next  the ebony Amazon  marched her  former tormentor  over to the table  where she  then  forcibly bent her face down  over the cold metal surface    , ordering her to “Stay Still “

Wha..What do you think you are doing? Patricia asked, cold fear  and  unaccustomed pain  overwhelming her outrage and indignation.

“ Why I am merely “securing you “ as my duty requires “ Roberta replied brightly  as she cut off  several lengths of the red plastic rope and then proceeded to  enthusiastically  reenact the rope work Harper had subjected her to, after he had  first carried her down into this hellhole . Though nowhere near as skilled  a rigger as that scarred thug Roberta   was none the less highly motivated  Her experiences as the  subject of the perverted henchman’s perverse expertise  guided her hands  and spurred her on   .Patricia’s protests  and pleas – “ What do you think you are doing ?- Stop this right now   - Owww It hurts – You can’t do this to me  - Please no more- “-  made the procedure all the more satisfying  The little bitch complain and begs  far more than I ever did   Roberta observed with a smile as she gave  the chest rope an extra tug , securing the captive’s Dr.’s bound  arms to her torso and eliciting another squeal of protest   . The job done, Roberta pulled her prisoner up right and hauled her back away from the table. The Black officer then circled the naked Dr., taking a look at her handiwork. Roberta liked what she saw .Though her rope work was not as tidy or as perfectly symmetrical as Harper‘s it was just as effective   .  The Dr. was indeed “secured”. And since she was naked , Roberta  observed  , the arrogant and perverse  Dr  Patricia Pretorius  was even more defenseless  and vulnerable than she had been  after that  fucking creep  Harper had  first carried her down into this mad house  and tied her up  .

Roberta allowed herself another moment to study the results of her handy work. She grimly  observed that is was this   perverse little psycho who was the one  who hatched and set in motion  this whole  insane plot  that had endangered her girls and threatened her country   and who was also  the one who was ultimately responsible for all  grief and pain she had suffered 

  Then with a small smile of satisfaction she acknowledged it was she , General Roberta Octavia Strock who had smacked down that twisted  little bitch  and ordered her  to strip and  then tied her up  tight ,reducing her  to this helpless and humiliated state   This realization gave  the valiant Black woman a deep sense of  personal satisfaction  . The anger and shame that had previously clouded her mind and distressed her spirit had melted away and she was now her old self, sharp and strong and focused and ready for action

The Dr on the other hand was in a highly distressed state.  Only minutes ago this Black bimbo had been her helpless prisoner and intended plaything   She had been happily fashioning this top heavy tin soldier into the unwilling tool of her vengeance and compliant object t of her sexual satisfaction Now she had forced her to strip and surrender her clothes to this same over endowed pencil pusher who just trussed her up like a thanksgiving turkey and was now looking her over like she was on the show room floor. It was all just too much. She could not cope. She felt herself slipping into panic and despair

In a desperate effort to re gain some control and find a way out of this distressing situation Patricia addressed her captor.  G…General Strock . I must protest! This is outrageous!  You can’t treat me this way! I am a citizen! What about my rights?” 

“Well you do have the right to remain silent “Roberta replied brightly and with a wicked smile held the terrible penis gag she had just procured from the nearby desk top   The Black officer again moved in close. She placed her right hand the back of Patricia’s head, and   with her left hand, guided that   awful device which had so humiliated her into the open and helpless mouth of that sick and twisted woman   who had caused her so much grief

No! Don’t you dare? Damn you, you evil Black bitch! No!  Please! Don’t! I will do anything you say mmmphh  “ the defeated Dr.’s  ineffectual curses and  undignified pleas were cut short as her captor slid the gag past those thin  quavering  lips and into her  gaping mouth  effectively silencing her .  As Roberta buckled the straps, securing the gag she leaned down and whispered into her captive’s ear “When I was your prisoner you put truly me through Hell but I never gave up no matter how much sick and twisted perversion you and your shit head lap dog heaped on me . He  kept me tied up and gagged and violated me at every opportunity .And you stripped me naked and  mocked and insulted me constantly  and degraded me repeatedly     .And through it all  at every opportunity you called me  weak. But, now, with the tables turned you surrendered in the first five seconds   and are giving me no trouble at all. So I guess we both know who the real weakling is “

The ebony Amazon paused a moment and then added “My girls defeated your father just as I defeated you So I guess we also  both know who the real winner s are“

Patricia moaned in despair at her former captive’s declaration as tears filled her eyes. The truth of those words and the shame and humiliation they brought on  was more than she could bear. She broke down    Roberta stepped back and took a long look at her prisoner .Naked , tightly bound and  penis gagged , weeping  and whimpering softly with   shoulders slumped and head bowed  to  Dr Patricia Pretorius was the picture of defeat .   The perfect end to this nightmare the General thought

But of course there is always a complication.


 I know that voice. Roberta    thought as both she and Joan turned to see Charles Harper standing in the door way pointing Roberta’s high caliber hand gun straight at the newly freed General  

What the hell thought Joan   I thought that clown was totally disarmed and completely unconscious. How did recover so quickly  ?Now Roberta is in danger again.  Damn me for not being more through

Harper stepped into the room .The scarred thug was a trifle unsteady on his feet but his gun hand never wavered. Roberta remained full in his sights.

“All right, now everyone just stay calm “The criminal mercenary spoke a clear, though slightly desperate tone “And no heroics. Just stay where you are Ms. Big Tits  “he added ,  insultingly addressing  Joan though he did not take his eye or his aim off Roberta “ Make a move  and I swear I will pull the trigger  You might have super speed , but I am willing to bet that the bullets in this fancy piece of ordnance move faster than you “

The Patriotic Power house’s eyes narrowed and her muscles tensed as Harper continued “All right now this is how it is going to be. General Jugs is coming with me. We are going to leave here together.  ( There is no way I am going to allow that to happen   thought  Joan)” Once I am free and clear I promise I will release  my fat assed  hostage  unharmed  (  Yeah Right  Roberta mentally replied  )  The criminal associate continued “ And as a show of my good faith I will let you keep my former employer  “ RRRRR !  Mfer  ! “Patricia’s howl of outrage and stream of invective, muffled by her newly inserted penis gag greeted this betrayal

There is no way on GOD’s green Earth I am going to let this vile rapist  scum bucket walk out of here with my Commanding Officer .  Joan thought as she prepared to make an all out attack at her C O‘s would be assailant, even as Harper’s finger tightened around the trigger

‘MS Victory. As You Were I will deal with this “Roberta’s command, completely unexpected shattered the tense super charged silence and caught everyone by surprise

Everyone’s attention shifted to her

The Black General snatched up that hateful steel slave collar and its key from the metal shelf. Slipping the key into a handy pocket and keeping a firm grip on the collar the ebony Amazon  then turned to face her would be repeat abductor and strode toward him .And it did not like she going  to give herself up

Harper was caught totally by surprise by this move. He had expected  Major Melons” to surrender to him ,however reluctantly  and he was equally  confident that Ms” Super Tits  ” would not dare  intervene  , fearing  that such a move might result  in a fatal gunshot wound for her over endowed C O The scarred thug was even looking forward to some quiet time  with his newly recovered plaything  ( stripping and binding  her again and finally raping her ) as soon as he got clear of this place

But it was not working out that way.

. Now clad in the outfit of his employer, and with fire in her eyes and power in her stride the busty   Black beauty was closing in on him.   General Jugs truly is an awesome sight he thought    .  While her new confiscated ensemble provided   her lush and lovely frame with a minimum amount of coverage the increasingly distracted mercenary observed that it also   delivered the maximum amt of emphasis to every aspect of that voluptuous body, especially those fantastic tits and their sweet thick nipples. And then there, contrasting spectacularly with those muscular thighs were the   skin tight  white  panties, peeking out from beneath that too short black skirt  giving tantalizing glimpses of those plump and perfect  pussy lips The scarred thug stood stock still transfixed, and totally over whelmed by this breath taking  vision of  perfect   female beauty

“As Terrible as an Army with it’s Banners unfurled” A half remembered fragment of an uncompleted reading assignment from his long forgotten University days danced through his confused mind

The clack clack clack of boot heels on the hard floor brought the dazed  criminal back to here and now  .His would be hostage was closing in and she was going to surrender .She was coming to Kick His  Ass  It was time for the final option. He had to start shooting! NOW!

But he never got the chance

Ever observant Roberta deduced the shitty creep’s intent in his eyes and body language .The ebony Amazon feinted to the right and came in from the left, faking the mercenary thug right out of his shorts, catching him flat footed and leaving him  distracted and wide open .He never got off a shot


With a roar that was equal parts righteous anger and glorious triumph Roberta struck

 At the perfect moment General Strock brought the slave collar down hard on Harper’s left temple as she simultaneously delivered a straight legged maximum force kick between his legs  


Both Ms Victory and Dr. Patricia Pretorius winced at the sound of the murderously painful simultaneous double impact as Harper ignominiously crumpled to the floor clutching his crotch and whimpering in pain Then, in a single swift and fluid motion the General knelt down to swiftly recover her side arm and tuck it into the broad leather utility belt of her confiscated ensemble

General Roberta Octavia Strock, then stood tall and proud .Gazing down in distain she angrily addressed at her fallen tormentor   

“You Rat Bastard”

“You kidnapped me and fondled and felt me up and cuffed me, hand and foot and stuffed me in the trunk  of my own car and delivered me to your crazed psycho bitch of a boss to be a pawn in her insane scheme. You  helped strip me of my uniform and underwear leaving me naked with my boobs hanging out and  my  pussy front and center and my  ass on full  display . You thought I was helpless and defenseless.  You whipped and beat me. You tied me up again and again in every perverse way imaginable. You gagged me with every disgusting means at your disposal .You used my nude body as a playground to act out your sick fantasies and satisfy your perverted desires. You endlessly violated my cunt and my asshole and my mouth. You constantly demeaned and insulted me. YOU PUT A GOD DAMN SLAVE COLLAR AROUND MY NECK  And every time I stood up to you and fought back you knocked me down and continued on with your abuse  .And Yes  once you even broke me”

The brave busty Black woman paused a moment to catch her breath .Then  as Ms. V looked on in satisfaction and Dr. Pretorius  gazed in dismay   Roberta , now smiling ,continued on in a triumphant tone

“But I didn’t stay down and I didn’t stay broken. I got back up and I pulled myself back together.  And when the time came I faced you again unarmed and you, with my gun in your hand.  But I defeated you any way, as decisively and easily as if you were a wet eared rookie.  And now here you are laying at my feet crying like the weak little bitch you truly are “

The Black officer paused a moment to let her declaration sink in and see if the beaten down henchman would respond. But he continued to lay there moaning and gasping.  Still smiling the proud American officer continued on

“You had me in your power for hours and hours and you truly put me through Hell but you could not beat me.  But it took me only a minute to break you –literally and defeat you- utterly. And from the look of things you will not be getting up any time soon “

 “So I guess we both know who the better “man” is”  

The prone thug did not respond to this insult to his (already damaged) masculinity

Roberta paused again and added in conclusion “But if you ever want a rematch you know where to find me “


  The indomitable Black   soldier smiled   in satisfaction at Harper’s declaration of surrender .It did her soul and spirit a world of good to see her tormentor so completely defeated and the knowledge that she had had been the one who had single handedly defeated him made the victory all the sweeter She then contemptuously turned her back on him

The energized and empowered Officer directed l Ms Victory to  continue to  “maintain surveillance “ and also to “take charge of this trash” as she recovered something from off of the floor

She turned her attention back to Dr Patricia Pretorius .She was not done with her yet

  The defeated Dr was back on her feet and was edging nervously towards the door as if to attempt an escape. It was a futile move   as Ms V had been watching her every move and was ready to intervene.  

“Going somewhere Patricia? “   The General asked adopting the same faux friendly tone her captors had so often used on her. The penis gagged   prisoner stopped dead in her tracks and looked back fearfully as her former captive approached. Roberta was carrying something in her right hand, Patricia noted and let out of muffled groan of dismay and despair when she saw it the reverse chastity belt

“We can’t have you wandering off .You might hurt yourself.” Roberta  said in those same mock solicitous tone  the Doctor had so often used on her as she wrapped a strong   left arm around her naked captives  narrow shoulders and guided her ,none too gently  back to the center of the room   “ I have a little something here that will keep you occupied “ the ebony Amazon added this time with an angry edge in her face  as she shook the perverse device  in her captive’s face .

Eeeeeee ! Patricia squealed in protest as she realized what was to come. She shook and twisted her upper body in a vain attempt to free herself from the Black officer iron grip.

“Don’t try my patience Bitch” Roberta voice took on a hard edge.  Stopping at the center of the room    she roughly around turned Patricia to face her and then back handed her captive. Roberta’s action gave substance to her warning and the nude trussed up failed  criminal entrepreneur stood completely still fearfully eyeing her captor  

 Satisfied that her prisoner would give her no trouble Roberta took a moment check on Joan   and see how her girl was dealing with that shit head Harper. She smiled very much liking what she saw. The Patriotic Powerhouse had  the Dr’s associate by throat, with his feet well off the floor up against the shattered video screen ,its cracked glass, a mute testimony to the force with she was handling him

With her free hand the star-spangled super heroine was backhanding the scarred thug, punctuating each “bitch slap “with an angry declaration


“You rotten slimy bastard “


You dare to kidnap our C.O. and replace her with a robot?


“You try to kidnap her a second time, right in front of me?


I don’t think so


Harper writhed and twisted helplessly in the heroine’s grip trying fruitlessly to pry those steel strong fingers from around his neck as Joan carried on, visibly warming to her task

“How does it feel tough guy?”


Not so Brave now”


Seeing that her girl had the situation well in hand Roberta  carried on  moving with purpose and dispatch  Getting right the defenseless Dr’s face with a cold hard dominating stare  the General    ordered  her .to “Spread your legs -Now ! “  Then as Patricia awkwardly move to comply the busty Black Officer furthered motivated her prisoner  by reaching down and smacking those pale thighs -Hard.   Next she wrapped the Rape Belt around the bare assed Brunettes waist and cinched it tight. Then she reached down and took hold of the crotch strap   with two invasive attachments still in place. Threading the free end through the front buckle the General then slowly and steadily l pulled up on that strap

“NNNN PLLEETTH NNNNN” Patricia pleaded from behind the penis gag and cried and shook her head as the twin Rape Sticks penetrated her love holes.

“Don’t worry Patricia. Those dildos are well  lubed up with my own juices so they should slide up your cunt and asshole with too much discomfort”  Roberta mockingly reassured the DR , allowing herself a small smile in the process  “ Isn’t that that thoughtful of me  “she added ,deliberating echoing the sarcastic phrase her  captors had so often  earlier used  “You should be thanking me”  the General  added  in a  more harsh and sarcastic tone as she continued to pull up on the crotch strap


The beleaguered Dr. screamed in equal parts dismay and despair as the vinyl violators filled her cunt and asshole. Roberta noted with some surprise how easily the dildos slid into place .Given that they had been designed specifically for her and that she was much bigger than the Dr, then she reasoned the invading silicon “satisfiers” should have been a much tighter, even painful fit in the shitty little bitches nether orifices which would naturally be proportionally significantly smaller than her own.

Roberta remarked on that fact to her prisoner and then added then added  with more than a trace of triumph and satisfaction  in her voice “When I was in your power you constantly accused me of being promiscuous and nothing more than a military whore  with no morals  or dignity , but  when we consider what a comfortable fit these giant dildos are for you then  we must conclude that  both your gash and your poop -chute get regular workouts which leave them strong and stretched and able to  accommodate anything that is shoved inside them So I guess we both know which of us is  the real   sex addicted slut   “   

“Ohhhhhhh!” the defeated Dr. groaned miserably in response to the astute observation much to  the Black busty officer’s further satisfaction  as she  completed her self appointed task , locking the crotch strap in place using the same small lock that had secured the hateful device around her own  trim waist  She took the further step of deliberately snapping the key off , inside the lock ,rendering it much more difficult to remove when the time came .

“Opps My Bad “Roberta mockingly informed Patricia has she held up the broken key for her   prisoner to see. Now it will be all that much more difficult for the authorities to take  off  this clever little rape  machine “  But then “ she added in a conversational tone    “ I am sure that world class fuck monkey like  you  really relishes the extra time  having her cunt and ass hole filled up tight  No need to thank me “she added with a broad smile “it is all part of my duty to keep “secure”

 Dr Patricia Pretorius, naked, penis gagged and doubly penetrated, sank to her knees with another groan of despair 

But Roberta was  still not finished

The ebony Amazon again took up the slave collar. Patricia watched through dull dead eyes as her former prisoner approached .The bare-naked, bound  and gagged criminal scientist knew what was coming but made no move to resist as the brave Black warrior approached .Bending over Roberta locked collar around her one time tormentors pale neck .Stepping back to study her handi -work the American officer stroked her chin in a gesture of contemplation Some things was missing she thought.  Ahh .That was it. “Wait here I will be right back “Roberta called out as she turned and stepped toward the steel shelf.  Scanning the assortment of office supplies she picked up a roll of masking tape and black felt pen Uncapping the marker she wrote something on the tape then ,ever through she recapped the pen and returned it to the shelf .After tearing off the marked portion of the tape she likewise replaced remainder of the roll and returned to Patricia who remained kneeling-passive and defeated - on the floor

Happily she bent down holding the labeled adhesive strip for the wretched  woman to see. It took a moment but defeated Dr’s slowly comprehending eyes grew wide in dismay as Roberta affixed the new impromptu label onto the slave collar   entirely covering the raised P.O.C.H.  letters with the legend   P/ROS

It stands for” Property of Roberta Octavia Strock “ the triumphant General  declared confirming what the unhappy captive already knew. Just as the original lettering had labeled  the General as the slave  of her  scarred and sadistic associate ,so now did this new script identified herself  as the  personal  property of the her  former prisoner

“That’s right Bitch. Your sorry ass belongs to me” Roberta declared adopting use the harsh tone   of a hard ass combat veteran


Driven to distraction at this latest indignity Patricia lashed   in a frantic move desperate to stave off total defeat. She tried to head butt Roberta with the half formed idea of catching the General by surprise and hopefully incapacitating her.  A hard hit to her sloppy   cunt will surely give the Black bitch something to think about    Patricia thought, reasoning that all the abuse and violation the General had endured would have left her with a very sore and tender pussy    . The black bitch will go down screaming and  that silicone slut Ms Victory will be too busy seeing to her big titted Boss to pay any attention to me so I will be able to get to my feet and make a run for it

It was a half baked harebrained plan borne of panic and desperation that had no chance of success. Ever observant Roberta  had had read her prisoner’s body language and suspected she would make such a move  and when the time came easily deflected the defeated Doctors clumsy onslaught  But the ebony Amazon was more than a little annoyed that the shitty little slut would  dare to make such a move on her . Time to shut this bitch down once and for all she thought.

 The civilian clad officer   backhanded the Dr finding a certain satisfaction in the resulting squeal of fear and pain the that escaped past those thin penis gagged lips as she addressed her prisoner in coldly matter of fact voice

 Well Patricia its seem you need a lesson in the proper conduct of Federal  prisoners with special emphasis  in what happens to them  when they    attempt to  to escape their secure  and lawful custody  and try to  injure the Officer in charge in the process  .And I am just the  American soldier to you teach that lesson

Roberta placed the open palm of her left hand on the back of the kneeling scientist’s head as she drew back her right hand now balled into a hard fist   Patricia eyes grew wide in fear. The Generals intent was plain to Patricia. General Strock intended to pound on her face long hard and repeatedly .The thought of pain and injury she faced was more than she could bear   Looking up at ebony Amazon with tear filled pleading eyes she whimpered and moaned

Nnnnn. Pllllleeethh  Nnnnnn.

Roberta looked down at her prisoner .Down on her knees, shoulders slumped her tear stained face reflecting fear and surrender. Patricia was the picture of total defeat 

A slow smile of triumphant dawned over the   busty Black General face as she unballed her fist. Violence was clearly unnecessary Dr Patricia Pretorius was clearly beaten. And it was She, General Roberta Strock who had brought her down.

 “Look at you, the high and mighty Dr Patricia Pretorius the self described Criminal genius and scientific mastermind on your knees before me, the woman who sought to replace  me with a robot and failing that, tried to turn me into your Trojan Horse.   . But now the tables are turned and here you are crying like the weak little coward you truly are

The ebony Amazon paused a moment and added “Daddy would be so proud of his little girl “

Patricia broke down completely at these words

Roberta turned her back saying

“We are done here”
Scientist Final 28
The story continues ....

Strock  17

Joan was devastated.

 I am too late the heroine thought as she continued to look down helplessly at her nude and silent C O

Even though her eyes were no longer locked onto those twin pulsating light beams emanating from the damn machine Roberta made   no response.  Her naked body remained tense and rigid, like a statue and her face was still frozen in that terrible mask of wide eyed distress   

Heartsick at her perceived failure Joan’s agitated mind leapt to the “worst case” scenario

 Oh God forgive me. I did not get here fast enough. Roberta’s mind has been destroyed.   And it is all my fault Damn me for my failure

  A wave of recrimination and despair clutched at her heart and clouded her mind   and the usually bold and resolute   woman was frozen into uncharacteristic inactivity. She could only stand there in confusion and despair.

Mean while.

  Dr Pretorius was immensely enjoying her captor’s distress.  Sharing Joan’ conclusion that her machine had done its work and taking satisfaction in the perceived fact  that Roberta was effectively out of the picture  for good the crafty criminal scientist was already  plotting her next  move .

 This is not a problem she said to herself referring to Joan’s arrival

 Such was the Dr.’s  arrogance and supercilious belief in her own talents and abilities   that she saw Joan’s arrival and her own  imminent arrest as only a temporary setback and was  already considering which secret ally to contact  or which  clandestine contact s to black mail in order   to get herself released from custody

 With Slut – Berta out of the picture  her silicone sows of the Fuck Force   will be confused and in disarray  just  like Ms. Big-Tits over  there  she thought , looking over  at Ms Victory  who remained  unmoving , gazing down at her apparently comatose C O . The devious Dr. considered her options and came up new plans I will arrange for one of my friends to be immediately placed in command   of those over endowed air heads   and so my plans for their degradation and destruction will proceed. And I will arrange for General Jugs to convalesce in that special private hospital where I can personally take charge of her recovery and very special therapy. And Mr. Harper will be right out of the picture .This all could work out very well for me.

Patricia regarded Ms Victory with a faintly superior smile, telling herself again. Yes, this big titted bimbo’s arrival makes no difference. I will soon be back in control

 Joan on the other hand was having a hard time staying in control.   Dusty and the rest of her colleagues back at FFHQ was contacting her, looking for an update and the increasingly distraught    super heroine   could not bring herself to respond.   They call me a Super Woman, but in spite of all my strength and power I could not save my Commander she though, slipping into a mental abyss of guilt and recrimination What good am I?  She wondered dejectedly

Then out of the corner of her eye Joan saw something. Shifting her focus she saw Roberta’s right hand was frantically flexing and gesturing and pointing.

“Roberta! General! You are all right!  Oh Thank God “Joan proclaimed joyfully as she stepped back and clapped her hands in a gesture of pure unfiltered elation and profound relief

The conscious and in control ,though still  naked and helpless officer gave her rescuer the thumbs up sign  indicating that she was all right  ,  then urgently resumed  her right handed   gesturing and pointing 

Joan saw this and started to ask” What do you mean”, as she shifted her gaze in the direction indicated by the ebony Amazon’s frantic fingers. Her inquiry was cut short when she  saw , that  Roberta  was  in fact pointing to  that “ retro rape machine”  that was connected to ( and still powered) all  those  invasive dildos that  continued  to vaginally and anally   violate and stimulate her and those wicked hurtful clamps that continued to torture and tease her plumb dark  nipples and the tip of her long pink  tongue. Now that she no longer had to contend with endless torrent of insidious hypnotic impulses and the already implanted bits of programming that had very nearly over whelmed the last of her mental defenses and taken over various parts of her brain, and which were now   melting away like snow in July.  As a result her mind was soon free and clear and she completely in charge and in control again. But this also meant that she had to face the full force of the sexual stimulations still  flooding in    from that dammed rape machine with a completely open and receptive (and almost exhausted) mind .The brave bare black woman was being aroused to the point of climax, and though she understood that that this endless tide of erotic electric impulses had been cruelly crafted to bring her to verge of orgasm, and keep her there. Roberta found herself wishing more than anything that she could finally cum and achieve a climax and lose herself in that the wonderful blessed orgasmic release.

But only for second

None of that Bertie, You have been through too much and held on for too long to weaken now she admonished herself.  Besides the aroused Officer added there is now way I am going to lose control now and make a spectacle of myself in front of my girl Joan.

But I need her to turn off this damn machine NOW the beleaguered Black Amazon mentally (and desperately) concluded

In any case it  all soon became entirely academic as Joan swiftly stepped over to the perverse device and began flicking switches and turning back knobs and doing all she could to shut the terrible machine down. She considered just destroying it with a single punch, but rejected that option, thinking that sudden destruction of the device might cause an electrical short or send a final surge through the system could somehow further torment or even injure Roberta.

  I had better not take the chance Joan thought , though she also knew it would feel so good to destroy  this terrible  device that had caused her C O such grief  But this isn’t about me  the patriotic Powerhouse concluded  I have to do what is best for Roberta .

With the machine shut down ,  Joan saw with relief that Roberta’s captive nude body seemed to relax with  an almost audible sigh of relief .The heroine also noted that machine was labeled as the “STIMULX 3000, and various control knobs on the front  panel had setting for WET,HORNY and ORGASM as well as FRUSTRATED, EXCITED and HOT   The heroine wondered  what kind of sick mind could come up with and use  something like this and then was conscious of a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach when she realized the answer – namely the people who had masterminded this insane plot and kidnapped Roberta  and held her as a  prisoner for all this time . The Patriotic Powerhouse began to speculate on what else they were capable of and just   what they had done to her C. O., as she carried on moving around the table and releasing the clamps that had held Roberta helplessly in place, beginning with the clamps that held the nude General’s right arm and proceeding from there, getting angrier and more upset as she moved along, opening each restraint. Realizing that she was becoming distracted and knowing that she was “on duty and had to stay focused (and realizing that she had already almost “lost it”, the Patriotic Powerhouse recalled her C. O.‘s advice to” stay in control  and   turn your anger into passion and make  your passion into power “ . She concentrated and re focused   and found that, as always happened before when she fallowed her Commander ‘advice she was now much more focused and effective . Taking a moment to acknowledge the wisdom and “battle field smarts “of her Commanding Officer, Joan reflected on how lucky she and her colleagues in the FEM Force were to be serving under such a capable and caring officer  and how glad she was that Roberta was still with them


“I’ll have you free in a second  General “  the star spangled heroine  called , from the far end of the table where she was releasing the right   leg restraints  She was heartened  to receive  a second “ thumbs up” sign  but was more than a little dismayed to see how red and raw and chafed ,was  Roberta’s ankle  She must really put a fight and never stopped  struggling  Joan thought , hugely impressed by this indication of her General’s  indomitable spirit .

This indication was confirmed as Joan completed her circuit of the table, arriving at her naked Commanding Officers right arm. There the heroine  saw  that , not content to wait ,Roberta had  already reached over with  her free hand and was working on the  restraining mask’s  gear mechanism  located at the base of her jaw which  locked those damned invasive  contoured padded bars in place  forcing  her mouth open and silencing the nude Black woman  in a most painful  and demeaning manner  . As soon as her left hand was free the resolute officer reached up and over and went to work on the gear arrangement on the left side. Before Joan could move in to help Roberta’s strong nimble fingers found the release mechanism. Pressing of both sides at once the bare Black champions “blind” efforts were rewarded with an audible click as the padded bars snapped back together and Roberta was able to lift the invasive array up and out of her mouth.  Then she carefully opened and removed that “fucking clamp “from the tip of her tongue .The valiant soldier breathed a sigh of relief and thought Thank Christ. This madness is finally is over as she gratefully massaged her jaw and rubbed her chin   Roberta paused a moment and mentally added   All right Bertie  No Time for slacking You need to  take charge  right now  and wrap up this insanity  .

 And so it was that  as  Ms Victory , still  terribly concerned about what Roberta must have had to endure , and  beset by feelings of guilt at not being able to get here earlier  was about lean forward and ask  her bare breasted Commander if she was O K , Roberta  beat her to the punch .

“Status Report Soldier” she demanded, looking her super powered subordinate straight in the eye., quietly reminding the Patriotic Power House  that this was no time for sentiment and personal feelings , she was still “on the job “and needed to stay focused on the mission .

 Mightily impressed by her C O ‘s discipline and strength of character ( and realizing that she was right ) Joan reflexively stood to attention and brought  her newly freed but still nude Commander up to date .

“Yes sir General “

“I encountered no significant resistance as I made my way here”

“The complex seems to mostly empty”

“There was a guard at the door to this room, but I easily disarmed and incapacitated him”

“He is unconscious and should not pose a threat “

“The only other occupant of this room is a young woman who immediately surrendered to me”

“She is currently standing quietly in the center of the room, away from any equipment “  

“Back up Forces led by She Cat and    are on en route and should be here within 45 minutes “

“That is all”

Roberta replied almost immediately in a strong clear voice


Maintain surveillance and watch the perimeter”

“I will be with you directly”

“Yes Ma’am , General “  Ms. Victory replied in a clear  tone   and saluted .

Knowing that Roberta  would want ( or rather insist ) that she free herself  and  seeing that she was able to do so , Joan made no further move or offer to help release her  brave bare breasted  C O  Instead she took up her assigned position ,keeping  a close eye on  the room and her new prisoner , who stood quietly , now avoiding eye contact .

Energized by the arrival of Ms Victory (Her Girl) and the knowledge that her Ordeal was over at last the resolute, though still naked Black General carried on. She had already gingerly removed the masks   demeaning nose and   invasive eye hooks.

Joan glanced back  and saw that  her naked C O  was now reaching up to unscrew the vertical clamp that held her head motionless on the interrogation table  

With that task completed Roberta was able to finally able to lift her head and ease off that damned mask. Holding it out at arm’s length knowing that her former captor, that shitty little psycho scientist Patricia Pretorius would be watching closely she pointedly dropped it on the floor in a gesture of unmistakable contempt and understated triumph.

That felt good   the bold but bare assed Black officer thought, allowing her a moment of satisfaction in the act which signaled her re assuming sovereignty over her person and re gaining control over the situation even as she reached up and deliberately detached the cruel tight nipple clamps which so effectively tormented and teased her breast buds.

That felt better she mentally added

Finally free of the all encompassing distraction of the relentless mental assault and sexual onslaught of the conversion process Roberta now had to contend with cumulative effects of all the physical abuse she had endured. It was if she was being slammed into a wall of pain  

Though every joint felt like it was on fire, and every muscle was screaming the tough minded ebony Amazon mentally punched through pain.

“No Time for that now Bertie “she quietly told herself as she reflexively compartmentalized the discomfort and moved on

With a mighty effort and on the second attempt Roberta  pulled herself up  , swinging her legs up and over the side  and  found herself sitting  upright  facing that fucking STIMULAX 3000 machine . Suppressing the urge to kick the damned thing over Roberta banked the fires of her anger  Keep your mind on the job  Roberta  she silently reminded herself  , as she reached down to disconnect the wires the connected those  big  invasive pleasure stiks , still  firmly lodged in her sore and over stimulated  love holes to that disgustingly effective  sexual arousal  machine  

 Resolutely she carried on, regarding the “reverse chastity belt still locked around her waist, then looked over at the diminutive Dr., who was staring at her, visibly shaken by the General’s recovery. Patricia was now reluctantly conceding that her earlier assessment of the situation might have been overly optimistic. Roberta met her gaze and after glancing down again at the “rape belt”, gave her former captor a hard look.

Shaken by the force and implied threat of the bare breasted Black woman’s powerful “peel paint off the walls “glare, Patricia comprehended and complied with the unspoken command. After receiving silent permission from Ms. Victory she produced the key and carefully handed it over to the Patriotic Powerhouse who passed it along to her C O.

Patricia had briefly considered doing something to frustrate the procedure eg feigning ignorance at what was being demanded of her or recovering the key and then   contemptuously tossing it aside. But lacking the courage to deal with the  imagined consequences of such an act, the devious criminal consoled herself with the rationalization that she would be able to leverage her cooperation to her advantage later on.

 Mean while Roberta slid off the table and though her legs were weak and wobbly, and she was bone weary, through sheer determination she stood straight and tall, proving to herself and the world that she was stronger than the pain and exhaustion, impressing Joan and” rattling” Patricia in the process The tough minded Black woman carried on carefully unlocking the perverse belt then setting the lock and key in the convenient shelf set in the central column of the examination table

Now to get myself free of the disgusting contraption Roberta said to herself. Glancing up she noted that Ms. Victory had positioned herself directly in front of the Dr. blocking the perverted criminal scientist‘s view. Grateful for   the modicum of privacy and  restored dignity  that this action provided  Roberta silently  thanked “ her girl “  for the gesture  as she slowly , slowly , slowly, slowly  eased off the belt gradually   drawing out the anal invader and the vaginal violator from her tender  and over stimulated  cunt  and her  over stretched and sore ass hole

“ Ahh. Ahh. Ahh . “ But strong  and determined as she was Roberta could not suppress the gasps of pain (and increasing arousal )that   signaled   the all too slow “ withdrawal” of  those damn dildos .

And ironically that act of regaining her personal sovereignty   also pushed the indomitable Black woman over the edge into an unwelcome climax. This final dose of stimulation resulting from the withdrawal of that deviously designed Rape Stick delivered to her already hyper sensitized clit   was more than the newly liberated officer could resist


 Roberta  bite down on her lip almost drawing blood and was just barely able to suppress an orgasmic wail, though it took a supreme act of will  But there was nothing she could  do to stop the gush of cum that     oozed  down her inner thigh , accompanied by an almost audible  “pop “  as the “Rape Stik” was finally withdrawn 

 Damn   she thought. Even after I am free these fuckers manage to inflict one last humiliation on me

 The beleaguered General winced as her cruelly overstretched love holes were finally (and painfully) able to retract to their normal circumference

Christ! It never seems to end .Roberta thought   

But the tough minded officer, realizing that she had a job to do tried to put those negative thoughts out of her mind. Anyway she was just soooo relieved to have finally freed herself from the last of all those damned degrading tools and devices that had caused her so much torment and grief and very nearly defeated her. She decided to concentrate on that


 A rush of ecstasy filled her soul as she allowed herself brief heartfelt sigh of relief and a moment of pride and satisfaction at having endured all the torture and torment that her captors had put her through and triumphed over this Ordeal. She felt renewed and revitalized

That feels best of all

But that moment was all too short lived as Roberta became aware that her plump pussy lipps and muscular inner thighs were thickly covered in her own cum which was now oozing down her legs

What a mess she thought deciding that the first order of business was to get herself cleaned up.

There is no way I am going to meet my girls and oversee  the shutdown of this shit hole   ,looking and smelling like this  the proud Black woman mentally declared

Looking around and finding nothing suitable in the immediate area the sharp minded soldier recall those  “ wet wipes “  Patricia had used to clean the cum off her face after the shitty  little bitch had unwound that disgusting female ejaculate stained  panty hose mask from off her head  . Shuddering at the memory Roberta none the less decided to immediately check  out that  area in hopes of finding what she needed

“Maintain surveillance Soldier .I will be with you directly “ Roberta  spoke in a rather stiff and self conscious tone as she stepped past Ms. V and moved toward the  nearby work station desk on that  slightly raised platform

“ Yes General” Joan  replied taking care to keep eyes averted and spare her C O any extra embarrassment

 Recalling how relieved she felt when Roberta had first signaled to her  that she all right and also how impressed  she was when  her General  had pointedly freed herself from the awful mask  and got up off the interrogation table un aided the  perceptive star spangled super heroine  also detected a note of stress and agitation in her C O ‘s demeanor 

Not surprising when you considered what she must have gone through Joan thought ,and hoped  that Roberta , a woman she respected and admired was proud to count as a friend , in immediately assuming command   was taking on too much too soon

Roberta ,meanwhile made her way to  the desk and easily located a unopened carton of “wet wipes “ in a one of the deck drawers  and unexpectedly , next to  was a stack of  brand new  cotton panties , still in their wrappers

I don’t even want to think what she used these for Roberta thought, recalling how her captor seemed to eschew the wearing of any under garments. Taking up a handful of the too small squares of chemically treated fabric Roberta set to work, carefully wiping her cunt and inner thighs clean. The task was awkward and slow as the cleaning clothes had to be constantly replaced and it did not help that Roberta was stiff and sore in every muscle and joint. But the ebony officer persevered and eventually the job was done. Tossing the last crumpled wet wipe in to a nearby waste basket. Roberta reached down again into the drawer to the stack of panties .Choosing a pair (pristine white with black border) she quickly unwrapped and  slipped them on .Naturally they were much too small and the Black officer had to struggle a bit to pull them up .And once on they intimately  emphasized her luscious nether lips . But Roberta did mind .She was just glad and relieved to be, at last clean and no longer completely naked .Then she glanced up and to her surprise, met the smug smiling gaze of Dr Patricia Pretorius   A wave of irrational embarrassment and shame washed over the beleaguered General as she realized her former captor had been watching the time  and had enjoyed the spectacle  she had inadvertently made of herself Once again Roberta felt an all too familiar sense of profound sense of violation as a peeping tom has been spying on her in the bathroom

Oh Christ she thought, they have done it to me again! Will this never end ?When will I  be free of this  monster ? Roberta asked herself as her mind teetered on the brink of despair. There a roaring sound in her ears .Right at that moment she just wanted to die .

NOOOOO!  She silently shouted, finding the strength in the presence of her comrade Ms Victory and the imminent arrival of more of her girls to pull herself back from the abyss

‘”I cannot let them down .Not now .Not ever “she whispered to herself “Time to get back in the game “

  Again she looked over at Dr Patricia Pretorius’s and stared into her smiling smirking face. This was the sick sadistic shitty little runt who was ultimately responsible for all that madness and grief and humiliation and pain she had been made to endure. But no more! General Roberta Octavia Strock was in charge now.  A wave of cold blind fury rose up within her as she thought about all that had been done to her   . She wanted to kill that little bitch with her bare hands ! She wanted to smash that fat smug face to a bloody pulp. She wanted…   Then the ebony officer‘s steel strong will reflexively asserted itself and she was able to keep her temper

  But Roberta realized that if she was going to  take charge  of the situation  (and prove to everyone including  herself  that she still an effective  commander )   she needed to deal with all this   anger at what had been done to her as well as the irrational  guilt and shame at allowing it  to happen .She pondered for a moment then looked at the Dr. who looked like she was already planning her next operation

 General Roberta Strock knew what she needed to do  

“Time to get down to show everyone who is the boss” “ she said quietly .Stepping away from the table The Black officer  fixed her gaze on Patricia and strode forward the former captor.

“Are you all right General?” Ms V asked as her nude newly energized Commanding Officer stepped resolutely off the platform

“Not quite yet, but I will be soon. Maintain your surveillance while I take care of business   “Roberta replied in a grimly determined tone as she closed in on Dr Patricia Pretorius, striking fear into her heart

The diminutive scientist tried and failed to maintain an insouciant facade at her former playthings approach .It was all she could do to keep from cowering as the Naked Amazon moved in close, seeming to tower over her

The General addressed her new prisoner in authoritative    no nonsense tone

“All right Dr” Carefully take off that fancy head set and those glasses and slowly pass them to me “.  First and foremost the tough minded  Officer did not want her  newly minted  prisoner to use that ever present  communication device to send a message to her allies and associates  in the  outside world . She knew all too well that this insane conspiracy ran deep and did not want any of the traitors and criminals involved to have chance to escape or work out a counter attack   The failed criminal entrepreneur compiled, handing them over to her one time victim who took them and placed them on a nearby metal shelf, next to a coil of that all too familiar red cord and a silver box cutter. The ever observant officer noted them. Must be some of Harper’s restock she mentally speculated. I’ll bet that asshole has similar caches all through this hell hole / complex The panty clad  brave Black warrior took a measure of satisfaction in the knowledge that he would never get a chance to use them.  On me or anyone else the General observed.  And next to the rope Roberta saw that damn slave collar, in an open unlocked position with the key laying next to it . So that where he put it  Roberta thought   She further noted that there  was also an assortment of conventional office supplies including  printer paper post note felt pens and masking tape on the shelf  and summarized that these were the restock materials that Patricia used  when she worked here on this insane scheme  .  But that terrible work is over- For Ever Roberta forcefully concluded as she carried on

She turned her attention back to her prisoner

   Now for phase two and some personal payback   she thought, with no small degree of anticipation

“All right Patricia. Strip. Hand over your clothes. Now! “Roberta demanded

What? No! I won’t “replied the Dr. in a shocked tone, clearly caught by surprise by this order



Roberta back handed the Dr. Unused to pain and again caught by surprise the   petite prisoner shrieked in shock as much as pain. As she staggered back Roberta stepped forward.   Grabbing a handful of the failed criminal mastermind’s short black hair the nude Black warrior got right in Patricia’s face and addressed her through gritted teeth   in a tone of cold controlled fury.

“Now listen to me, you shitty little bitch. I am calling the shots now.  You will fallow MY orders .My Girls and a team of Federal Marshalls will be here directly to dismantle your sick little joke of an operation and cart you and your lap dog Harper off to jail and I will be God Damned If I am going to meet them like this, dressed in a pair of skin tight panties, with my boobs hanging out. You took my uniform so I am going to give you a dose of your own medicine. So get undressed and give me your clothes. NOW! I won’t tell you again “Roberta raised her free hand as if to strike the defeated Doctor once more

Patricia got the message and nodded fearfully. Roberta released her and the would be criminal entrepreneur slipped off her lab coat and timidly handed it to Roberta who carefully set the garment aside, draping over the back of a nearby chair, located next to a table  and   nearby  the shelf where the Blue tooth array and safety glasses lay   

“Carry on “Roberta ordered in a clear firm tone.

Patricia hesitated as if she could not bring herself to continue 

Roberta regard her  prisoner  through narrowed eyes and then suddenly jerked her head and upper body forward as if she was about to lunge at her captive It was a fake move but it had the desired effect With a fearful cry  Patricia leapt  back  .  Now once again totally cowed, the failed criminal conspirator hurriedly stripped off her crisp white blouse and meekly handed over to her captor. The ebony Amazon allowed herself a brief smile of triumph as she checked and emptied the pockets carefully placing everything she discovered on that shelf next to the lab coat, draped over the back of that nearby chair   The meticulous minded and soon to be completely clothed Officer wanted all of the Dr.’s personal effects and tools and devices to be kept separate and undisturbed, for forensic study and examination. That task completed she glanced back at Patricia who was awkwardly unbuckling her belt and sliding off that short black skirt. Roberta watched carefully making sure that the devious little freak did not attempt to palm any of the electronic devices hanging from the broad black leather belt. The ebony Amazon saw that her captive was clearly still too intimidated to try anything like that.  But she wanted to be sure Anyway  where would she hide them? She would have slide a cell phone into her cunt and shove a mobile device up her ass ,  Roberta smiled at the prospect  and then concluded that as, sick and twisted as this little psycho was , she probably did not have the  fortitude  to do that    As she watched her new prisoner reluctantly disrobe  Roberta acknowledged  the fact that she  had the “life style choice “to forgo wearing any under wear  and so would soon be completely naked  I’ll bet she regrets that now  Roberts thought then mentally added  Not that I would let her keep her bra and panties even if she did wear them


 The Generals musings were cut short as the defeated Dr. handed over her last item of clothing .Roberta then carefully removed the various electronic devices hanging from the belt and placed them on the  shelf along with everything she had found in her search of the Dr.’s blouse. That task completed, Roberta spoke again to her nearly naked prisoner

“Now the boots’

But they will never fit you “Patricia protested

“You let me worry about that runt   “Roberta replied sharply “Right now you should be concentrating on fallowing my instructions and behaving like a good little prisoner. After all that is now your new reality so you had better start getting used to it “the bare breasted Black officer added, with a distinct tone of triumph in her voice

Reluctantly the defeated villainess complied and  awkwardly pulled off , first the right and then the left  boot  and passed them both to Roberta    As she had done with all the previous articles of her prisoners clothing  the conscientious but still nude General subjected  the footwear  to  a thorough inspection  ,  l even checking the heels to make sure  they were not hollowed out   . This move might have seemed a bit extreme but Roberta had learned firsthand just how devious and obsessive this little psycho could be and was taking no chances.

 Satisfied that her new outfit was” clean” Roberta regarded her newly naked prisoner with a faint sardonic smile. Briefly noting the Dr.’s pale skin, lean frame, thin legs   unremarkable breasts and bald cunt, Roberta’s faintly contemptuous facial expression made it clear she did not think Patricia Pretorius (or at least her body)   was anything special

Anger began to trump Patricia’s fear. It was bad enough to be forced to surrender her clothes and stand naked before her former prisoner, a woman she had been able to happily and endlessly insult and abuse but now to be so quickly dominated and effectively disrespected by that same woman was just too much

Wanting to demonstrate that she was not intimidated  Patricia asked “Well are you satisfied? “ in voice that was supposed to be sarcastic, but came off sounding  merely petulant

“Not yet “replied the ebony Amazon in a mocking tone, then pointedly added “But I will be soon “Taken aback by this implied threat Patria fell silent  and sank to her knees

Time to get dressed Roberta thought as she stepped a short distance away, deliberately turning her back her former captor in a move which   clearly demonstrated   that General Roberta Strock knew she had nothing to fear from her former abuser

I‘ve almost forgotten what it like to be wearing clothes “   the General thought and smiled as she pulled on her new outfit, while Patricia looked on in impotent indignation.

 Roberta found the new ensemble was far from ideal .The white blouse fit her like a second skin. It was almost impossible to button up and it detailed and revealed every aspect and detail of her voluptuous (and still sore and swollen) breasts and prominent nipples. The sleeves rode mid way up to her forearms.  The black skirt ,even   with its wide belt barley covered her  the curve of her ass  I will definitely feeling a draft  Roberta observed , with more than a trace of humor as she tucked the hem of the  blouse  into the leather  belt .  This will really empathize my boobs the tough minded Black soldier  further noted but she was unconcerned for she also knew that the starched white blouse and jet black  skirt  would help create a truly   no nonsense ( almost military)  appearance  ( has it had for her captor )and that fact  was much more important to Roberta  and her state of mind .

 Bending forward  to  pull  on the boots ( and deliberately thrusting her ass in that  Patricia’s direction in a deliberate  gesture  of contempt in the process ) Roberta found   that by some miracle of anatomy the footwear actually and comfortably fit her Seems like I am on a roll she thought

Clothed at last and feeling very energized and empowered she stood up straight and tall in a  “hands on hips “triumphant  pose  which drew Joan  and Patricia’s full attention Both  heroine and prisoner  gazed at the Black Amazon ,  each one very much impressed with what  she saw  the other ,rather angry  and indignant  

General Roberta Strock was truly a striking sight.







No journal entries yet.


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