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Scientist 131 by jimbor
Scientist 131
the story continues

Strock 16 A



Roberta was helplessly lost in red hot haze of impossible pain.  She felt like she was burning up from the inside.  All she could do was scream. The brave beleaguered bare assed Black officer had lost all sense of time. There was no past and no future only an endlessly agonizing, hellishly immediate present.


Then suddenly and unexpectedly the beleaguered black champion was conscious of the viscous fiery fluid finally being wiped off her right nipple and breast and a cold antiseptic spray was applied to her tortured and tender breast flesh.  She looked up and as her eyes focused she saw Patricia standing over her, a cloth in one hand and an aerosol can in the other. The cloth was coarse and the spray stung and her captor’s touch was far from gentle, but right at that moment it felt like heaven.  Grateful for the relief  and  wondering if she dare hope that it was  over at last Roberta  was able to  quiet her screams  as her captor repeated the procedure  on  her  left nipple and breast

“Rest time is over, Slut – Berta the sadistic scientist declared in a condescendingly faux friendly tone.” I trust you enjoyed your “quiet time “the twisted scientist mockingly   added, as she stepped back out the General’s sight. Roberta made no reply .She could only gasp and moan in pain. But Roberta desperately hoped that sadistic little bitch would carry on with her “cleaning project “ She knew the Dr. was  standing at her waist and right now  wanted more than anything , for her tormentor to clean her cunt  For Christ’s sake get on with it  you shitty little slime bag  Roberta thought as she strove to keep from screaming again.

“It’s a good thing for you I am so well prepared “the petite perverse criminal scientist unexpectedly called out as she  held something a loft  .Still beset by pain caused by the murderously hot extract remaining in her mouth and cunt and up her ass  ,it took Roberta a moment to  focus and figure out what she was looking at

Oh Lord she thought as she recognized the fist sized flesh colored soft rubber sphere with short tube at one end

Happily noting the her prisoner’s look of dismay as it overlaid her over all facial expression of wall to wall agony Patricia carried  on 

The beleaguered Black woman could  not help but sigh  with relief as she felt  her assailant’s hand between her legs as the  perverse  criminal entrepreneur  wiped those plump and pleasing  pussy lips  clean , noting with a good deal of satisfaction  how swollen and sore they now appeared and reflected how much pain she had inflicted on that high and might Black sow . Smiling smugly she slid the flexible  tube  which projected from the end of that  rubber ball  between  those tender nether lips and  proceed to give her luckless captive a through douche , squeezing the ball and flushing out her prisoners inflamed cunt  She ,then followed  up with an antiseptic internal swab 

Though unspeakably glad to finally have insanely hot concoction out of her cunt. Roberta was none the less outraged and humiliated at this invasive violation. It was just so embarrassing and degrading. And to think that I actually wanted her to do this to me Roberta observed, as this latest contradiction of her hellish reality gnawed away at her resolve

It did not get any better for the endlessly degraded ebony warrior as her tormentor reached down and cleaned away the thick sticky glob of impossibly hot  fluid that had clotted between her fleshy ass cheeks and was insinuating itself up her back  passage

“There now, isn’t that better? “ Patricia asked is faux bright friendly tone, like a First grade Teacher addressing a special needs class.

Oh Yes. Thank you all to Hell.  Roberta sarcastically and silently replied.

Getting my asshole wiped and cleaned out like I am some kind of useless fucking invalid Roberta bitterly observed, then reflected on how the clamps on her arms and legs and at her forehead held her helpless in a supremely vulnerable spread eagle position.  But for as has long as I am secured to this damn table there is not much I can do She grimly but fearlessly acknowledged the accuracy of the observation

 Then a thought crossed her mind and the brave bare –ass Black woman smiled inwardly.

Patricia, mean while carried on .She turned and moved toward the head end off the table, apparently intent on cleaning that fiery fluid off her prisoner’s lips and out of her mouth. Then, deciding to prolong her captive’s discomfort the Dr., stopped. There was an exaggerated confusion on her face. “Now I seem to be forgetting something “she said and leaned forward, getting right in her the beleaguered Black woman’s face. “ Now what can it be?”She wanted to savor the last little bit of this phase of her captive’s torment and she was really hoping she could make that high and mighty Black cow  beg and plead to have  the    last of this wonderfully effective  concoction out of her fat mouth

So Dr. Patricia Pretorius was really unprepared for what happened next.


Roberta spat a mouthful of 10,000 scoville units enhanced saliva square in to the smug leering face of her tormentor.


 Caught totally by surprise Patricia shrieked in pain. Though her eyes were protected by her trademark “nerd” eyeglasses, the rest of her chubby face felt like it was on fire. Now, in actual fact the thick gooey sputum that now coated Patricia’s face was much less potent than the full strength concentrate she had so cruelly and gleefully applied to the most intimate and sensitive parts of the brave bare Black woman’s vulnerable and voluptuous body. But it must be noted that the sadistic scientist was much better at inflicting pain, than receiving it. Reflexively she put her hands to her face , in an  attempted to wipe it off , but succeeded only in getting the “ hot as hell” saliva onto her palms and more thoroughly smeared across her face.


And she probably would have done all that and more , had not Harper intervened

 Desperate to keep his prize safe and healthy the scarred associate was at his enraged employers side in an instant .Putting his strong left arm around her shoulders and taking her arm in his big right hand he then quietly but firmly drew her away from Roberta, but not before he gave the naked captive a quick wink of the eye. Truth to tell he was rather proud of his soon to be personal fuck toy- (in the same way that  a master is  satisfied  when his slave  completes a difficult task or an pet  owner is pleased when his dog performs a clever  trick  )

Then he turned his attention to the Dr. “Come with me Ma’m I had better get the goop of your face before there is any permanent damage or scaring.”  Already distracted by her captive’s surprise counter attack Patricia was shaken by her associate’s implication that she might be permanently disfigured and so  she uncritically accepted that very unlikely possibly and allowed herself  to be lead away out of the General very narrow find of vision. Though she could not see what was happened Roberta listened closely  and heard  sounds indicating that her captor (“ aka that perverted fucking Bitch” ) being placed in chair and being told to” Sit  down and lean your head back “ and then the unmistakable sound of running water  and the efficient  application of cleansing cotton pads and soothing sprays

Hmm Roberta wryly observed   It‘s good thing for Patricia that her lap dog of an “associate “has his Industrial First Aid Ticket.  She smiled and then further noted   I did not notice a sink or emergency eye wash station anywhere, I must be slipping. The indomitable Black woman allowed herself another brief smile as she heard Patricia whimpering and moaning in response to her employee’s ministration Just a little whinny little brat who fell down and skinned her knee at the playground observed Roberta  noting her captors lack of fortitude .She can dish it out but she can’t take it. The perceptive General noted.

 And so it was that right at that moment, Roberta was feeling pretty good. She had literally spit in her captor’s eye, the supreme gesture of defiance and (for the moment at least) she had gotten away with it .And while it was true that this act had lifted her spirits, there was also the additional fact that it was more symbolic than practical But there was also, the inescapable fact that she had shown her “host “that General Roberta Strock was not a helpless passive victim of this insane plot.

And right now that was what was truly important.

Of course the tough minded Black officer realized that her gesture would likely earn her some serious reprisals That crazed little Bitch will surely beat the living hell out of me as soon as Harper gets her cleaned up  she thought.

But that was a price the brave Black woman was willing to pay, for she reasoned that All the time that Patricia spends failing my fine Black ass delays the implementation of that fucking Plan B and my hypnotic conversion into a secret traitor and sex slave .So bring it on! She thought, steeling herself for the merciless beating she believed was sure to come

Then she Harper speak

“There now Ma’m It’s all off now .And it doesn’t look like there is any scarring or permanent damage “

Too bad “thought Roberta I was hoping to give that shitty little bitch something to remember me by- every time she looked in the mirror

“Now you just rest here   Ma’m “Harper continued

That ass hole is quite the little nurse maid “Roberta contemptuously observed 

Then came the bombshell as the scarred henchman continued “I will go and get our guest ready for her conversion “

Oh Christ  thought Roberta as she realized there would be no further delay and that she would very soon  being facing the final  trial, one that she  could not win . As she tried to contend with this unwelcome development   the beleaguered Black champion  found herself fervently wishing it was  Patricia , rather than Harper who was approaching her , for  even though that would likely mean a terrible beating for her  it would also mean that her “ final hypnotic conversion” would be delayed .  The brave bare assed Black General could not help but once again be struck by the irony of her situation .In spite of the  fact  her mouth was still coated  with  that white hot pepper extract  the  ebony Amazon  laughed bitterly at the insanity of it all ,  though the sound  that she made emerged as a gasping croak .

Soon enough Harper came into view .Glancing back and seeing that his employer was watching him closely the scarred mercenary was all business. He retrieved a bottle of water from his left lower patch pocket and opened it. Then he held the plastic bottle to Roberta’s lips, allowing the Black officer to take a mouthful of water to rinse out her mouth which.  As soon as she was done the ebony Amazon fully   intended to spit the water back into her captor’s face, hoping to goad the creep into a time wasting assault and also gain a measure of payback.

But anticipating just such a move the crafty criminal associate   quickly pinched Roberta’s nostrils shut and stroked her  throat as he tilted her head back causing Roberta to reflexively swallow  the whole mouthful

The valiant Black officer gasped and grimaced and the glared at her captor, angry that he had put one over on her (again)

“Mother fucker “she swore at him.

“ You might be able to pull a stunt like that on my Boss , but not me “ Harper stated  in a self satisfied tone ,ignoring the insult “ I know your every move “

“Fuck you “Roberta relied “Let me up off this damn table and I will show some of my real moves. Like my foot connecting with your ass. “

“More like your lips connecting with my cock “the scarred associate insulting responded

“NEVER” declared the Black General, her defiant tone trying to conceal a bone deep weariness and an soul crushing dread of what lay in store for her after the hypnotic conversion.

 This time Harper did not respond. He  merely smiled smugly and causally reached back and took hold the brave Black woman’s right nipple , still tender and swollen  thanks to that hellish pepper extract and pulled up , cruelly stretching  the  hyper sensitive   breast bud  


“You filthy piece of…”

“GAUGH !!”

Roberta’s shrieked and swore at this latest assault but her response was cut short as the clever thug took advantage of  the brave  officer’s  outrage and quickly swabbed out and antiseptically sprayed  the   inside of her mouth

“There.  All nice and clean. Isn’t that better? Harper asked in an infuriatingly patronizing tone.

“Fuck you asshole “Roberta snarled back

“Ahh now Sugar Tits   is that any way to talk?” Harper relied in a mock hurt tone “And after all I’ve done for you .If I had not distracted my boss and got her away from you, she surely would have fucked you up something fierce. She surely would have strung you up and whipped that fat ass those sweet tits till they bled .You should be thanking me ”

“Thank you all to hell Shithead” Roberta replied her speech still slurred from the effects of the extract and it’s removal.

Harper took a moment to marvel at his captive’s resilience .Even after all she had been through this big titted Black beauty could still find the strength to defy him (though it was only a fruitless gesture.)l But that pleased him for there was nothing more the  perverse thug liked more than to humiliate and abuse a strong proud  helpless woman  and make her plead  and  hear her beg . The stronger she was the more violation she would endure and the greater would be her suffering and torment. But the irony of that situation did not cross Harper’s mind .Instead he ran his lascivious gaze over her nude voluptuous body, now glistening with sweat.  Aroused and inflamed in body and mind the brutish thug was preparing to again inflict another round of degradation on his helpless prize

“You’re welcome  Honey Cunt “he mockingly and insultingly  replied and then added in that mock friendly conversational tone that Roberta hated so much “You know  Nectar Nipples, it seems like  ages since   those big jugs and that  juicy snatch have had the pleasure  of my attention  .Why don’t I  remedy that sad state of affairs right now ?”

“Nooooooooooo” Roberta‘s defiant reply sounded more like a moan of despair. The beleaguered bare breasted Black woman knew all too well what was in store for her. And even though it meant that her final conversion would be further delayed Roberta   understood that ,even if she was willing to pay it , having the monster ‘s hands mauling her inflamed hyper sensitive  breasts while his thick finger s violated her  tender swollen pussy  was a very  high  price  .

How much more will I have to endure?”  She wondered.  How much can I endure? She asked herself As much as you have to.” She grimly responded  

Happily noting the look of despair on her lovely features, Harper stepped back to the table’s midpoint and reached down, intent on mauling and molesting the proud Black woman’s magnificent breasts

But he never made contact

“No time for that now Mr. Harper “An all too familiar voice stopped his greedy grasp in mid reach. “After all was it not you yourself who stated that time was of the essence?” The cold authoritative voice continued “So let’s just stay on track shall we?

The scarred thug looked up to see his employer standing there before him, looking assertive and dominate

Yes M’am “ the entrepreneurial associate  meekly replied and stepped back  .Again Roberta noted his acquiescence  to female authority  She calls the tune and he dances. It never changes “  the perceptive Officer noted , before shifting    her attention to her  newly returned nemesis . Turning her head as much as the clamp would allow, Roberta could just see her standing there, appearing rather vain and self important. The beleaguered Black champion, further noted, with more than a little satisfaction that the shitty little freak’s face was still red and puffy “

I got you good the nude Black woman thought, buoyed up by the sight. That is one more point for Team Roberta

Mean while her captors carried on

“I’m ready to proceed  M’am “ Harper spoke as he stepped back into view , holding something aloft  .Roberta looked on intently , hoping to  identify the object and thereby discern some clue as to what was immediately  in store for her   

It was a bizarre looking contraption.  It looked to be the metal frame work for a full sized face mask   , the front portion was made up of a broad forehead band and lower down there were two parallel bands apparently representing the upper and lower jaw . They were  fabricated in a broad shallow U shape  and actually  were more like bar or tubes since they looked to be round .The ever observant officer further  noted that there were a series of what appeared to be long hooks running from the forehead and upper jaw bands. The brave Black bare assed officer knew from bitter experience that this device meant more grief for her.

“What the Hell is that thing” Roberta asked belligerently (though she already had a pretty fair idea of its purpose). 

“Just a little something that will help you to carry out your part in the process “the Dr. answered, in a cold self satisfied tone.

“It was custom designed and made, just for you’ Harper interjected

This interruption earned the associate an annoyed glance from her employer Roberta noted as she boldly responded “Well, that just means it is another  piece of junk that will fall apart in the first fifteen minutes , but in any case there is no way  I am going to let you put that thing on  put  me.”

“I find it amusing that you are so dull witted that you think you have any say in the matter” the Dr.  coolly responded

“Yeah   you make us laugh “added Harper, sounding like   an awkward outsider desperate to be included in the “Cool Kids “conversation at a party

“Lets us just keep our mind on the job, Mr.  Harper “Patricia stated sharply, verbally jerking her associate’s chain and bringing him to heel. “ Now Proceed”

Chastened and crestfallen, the scarred thug silently  stepped to table’s unseen control panel and released the over head  clamp and lowered the head rest  which, acting  together had held Roberta’s head completely immobile  . Then with the device in hand he moved in behind the nude restrained Black woman, intending to secure it to her head

But Roberta had other ideas

“Get away from me, you fucking freak. There is no way you are going to put that metal abomination on my head.” declared Roberta, as she  violently shook her head and twisted her neck determined to  resist  this  fucking creep every step of the way.

And this time it seemed to be working .Harper did seem to be having a difficult time getting the metal apparatus over her head. The scarred thug seemed uncharacteristically hesitant, awkward and unsure of himself. Getting the gears from that bitch of a boss has really put this creep off his game Roberta thought.  This really gave a boost to her spirit. Any delay in the final conversion process was a cause for celebration. And she did really did enjoy relish frustrating her tormentor.  I am really slowing him down she noted. That felt really good.

Then it all went south.

Right at that moment the naked General felt the unhappily familiar and entirely unwelcome sensation of finger tips on her feet, stroking her soles and fondling her toes. That crazed bitch, Pretorius was going after her feet again.

Caught off guard by this hated invasion of her personal space and violation of her dignity Roberta   instinctively looked back and saw to her dismay that this time it was even worse. That sick bitch, while still caressing the wrinkled pinkish brown skin of her arches was also leaning forward with her mouth open, plainly intent on sucking her toes.

That was just too much. To be used in this way was more than the proud Black woman could stand. She could not let this pass.

Reflexively she raised her head to confront her tormentor,( inadvertently ceasing her resistance to Harper at the same time)

“Get your filthy perverted hands off my feet and keep off your sick dirty mouth away from my toes, you disgusting depraved bitch”  

But this righteous rage had no effect on the Dr. who merely smiled and cooed and carried on, and Harper taking advantage of the brave Black woman’s momentary distraction to slide the elaborate metal frame work  over  her head and tighten the fore head strap effectively locking it in place  .He then stepped over  to the unseen control panel  and simultaneously  lowered the over head clamp and raised   the padded head rest  once again rendering Roberta Head and neck as helplessly immobile as the rest of her body 

Fuck raged Roberta. These two shit heads have put one over on me- again. Damn me for dropping the ball –again DAMN! DAMN!  DAMN!   . She raged on unfairly blaming herself. But these thoughts were forced out of her mind as, almost immediately she had something even worse to contend with.

Harper carried on, with a much more confident and self assured stride. Locking that mask over General Juggs had really lifted his spirits for he knew the mental torment and self recrimination it would bring her.  And of course to humiliate and degrade this strong and beautiful woman remained his greatest pleasure. He reached over to the  “jaw “ portion of the mask which because of its  U shaped construction  Roberta had earlier noted the twin bars had dropped directly into her mouth. They are padded she mentally noted I guess they did not want to risk any injury to my teeth she marveled at this   schizophrenic bit of apparent “consideration” for her comfort    

  Meanwhile Harper proceeded like a man with a purpose.  He took hold of the those bars  and spread them apart ,forcing the helpless Black champion’s generous mouth wide open   The padded metal mandibles were each controlled by a finely machined set of built in  ratchet gears which meant  that , once the jaws were extended  they would not retract . That meant that the beleaguered ebony Amazon found it impossible to close her mouth. She fumed at the spectacle she was forced to present to her tormentor. Lying spread eagle flat on her back, clamped down, naked and defenseless with her mouth wide open and her tongue out   , like a hooked and helpless fish on the dock  As she further considered her situation  Roberta ruefully observed that since the nightmare began ,she had been gagged with duct tape and clear plastic tape  (  both varieties  hurt like hell  when they were  pulled off),  a metal ring ( which left her mouth wide open to violation),a bright red rubber ball , a large shinny silver  hard plastic sphere ( that one had nearly dislocated her jaw  and made her feel like her mouth was being raped ) and her own grimy sweat soaked panties ( that was truly disgusting and degrading). And now this sadistic creep had found another method to silence and humiliate her. Again it seemed like another part of her soul was being torn away.

But Harper was not finished yet .He turned his attention to those small hooks attached via a short sturdy elastic cord to the fore head bar and upper jaw mandible of the beleaguered Black officers restraining facial framework Each of the   upper hooks were actually of a dual construction, extending from her eyebrows to her upper eyelids and were contoured to exactly fallow the curve of her eye socket .Again Roberta marveled at the level of detail and customization that went into the various devices  these fucking clowns used to restrain and violate and humiliate her

Mean while Harper carried on. Deftly and with a delicacy of touch surprising for someone with such thick scarred fingers he took hold of the right upper hook and gently slid the twin prongs behind Roberta’s eyelid and then slowly let go. The tension of the attached elastic cord forced the eyelid up and kept it open Harper repeated the procedure with her left upper eyelid and then turned his attention downward and applied the same treatment to the naked Generals lower eyelids, this time deploying the pair of twin hooks anchored to the padded upper mandible of the jaw array portion of that hellishly eccentric frame.  Both eyes were locked helplessly open and therefore unable to block out the upcoming enforced hypnotic treatment Roberta ruefully observed.  Then a terrible thought occurred to her. With her eyes continually wedged open she would be unable to blink. Without that autonomic function her eyeballs would soon dry out. She would be facing serious injury maybe even total blindness!

Then thought struck her. If I cannot see then this bitch Pretorius will not be able use me as a Trojan horse traitor! Her plan will fail! My country will remain secure.  My girls will be safe! Roberta’s heart soared. Such was the dedication to duty and selfless courage of General Roberta Octavia Strock that she was not concerned that price of that safety and security would be her own eyesight

Then Harper spoke “And don’t worry about any damage to those big brown cow eyes of yours Sweet Tits. You are in no danger. Each of the hooks has a built in micro nozzle the secrets a sterile solution that will keep those orbs nicely moist and continuously lubricated  “The scarred thug paused a moment and added “Just like you cunt “unable to resist adding one more gratuitous insult

Crestfallen at this news, Roberta took no comfort in learning that her eyesight was safe. Instead she bitterly observed that there seemed to be nothing she could do either actively or passively to frustrate this insane plan .They seemed to have thought of everything

Finally the scarred criminal associate attached the final hook (anchored to the middle of the forehead bar) to her nostrils which pulled back her nose, uncomfortably far. It’s only purpose was to cause her pain (both mental and physical) ,Roberta realized . And it was succeeding. The hook in her nose hurt like hell, though the tough minded Black soldier was easily able to deal with that. But she did realize how she must look with her face contorted by these damn hooks. The proud Black woman was again made  well aware at the demeaning spectacle that was being made of her, lying there helplessly on her back, helpless and venerable with her   legs spread wide her pussy lips slightly parted her voluptuous breasts on permanent display   and her face grotesquely contorted .And she was very angry about that. She hated being so powerless and helpless and unable to defend herself. But even though she “academically “understood how pointless and self destructive this train of thought was and that it was probably part of her captors plan to grind her down and leave her more susceptible to “final conversion” this time that knowledge no longer made it any easier to endure this latest installment of the   endless degradation and humiliation and violation that seemed to make up her entire existence.

It was all just too much 

Oh Lord .What more will these monsters do to me? She wondered and then thought   I just can’t take it anymore, about to be overcome with misery   

But the rumble of metal casters on a tile floor distracted the General from her despair. That brief moment of distraction was the entire strong willed champion needed to get past her own immediate unhappy situation   She looked over and saw that Patricia had rolled that odd “retro looking” boxy electronic device into place alongside the examination table right line with her torso

“I’ll take it from here, Mr Harper. Why don’t you see to the conversion machine and make sure everything is in working order and ready to go?” She spoke in a tone that made it clear that this statement was an order and not a suggestion.

Yes Ma’m “Harper compliantly replied and moved off

It looks like the little bitch wants me all to herself. Roberta mused as she studied the piece of equipment , trying to discern its purpose and there by learn what  was in store for her .What she saw left The brave Black woman very uneasy ( to say the least)

A label ,oddly located on the lower portion of the front of the unit identified it as a “STIMULAX 2000 “

  This must the “Stimulator “device they were talking about earlier she thought I don’t like the sound of that.

The brave Black champion noted with satisfaction that the right side of the box was severely dented “It looks like I really did a number on this piece of junk she observed, hoping that she had caused a corresponding level of damage to the infernal machine’s inner workings and that maybe these two clowns had missed something during their repairs and the machine would not perform properly That thought buoyed up her spirits as she continued her examination.

But what she learned left her very uneasy

  Though the text on the two gauges and the single switch beneath each one, located at the top of the box front was too small for her to read, Roberta surmised they indicated technical details like  amperage and output intensity and pulses per minute  .

 But just below that array were three large control knobs ,each with  various setting that she could read .One simply indicated  LOW MED and HIGH  but the other two were much less benign One had settings for  WET HORNY and ORGASM while the third  indicated FRUSTRATED  EXCITED  and HOT .

And right below them just below the STIMULAX 2000 label were a pair of rat trap switches .One apparently controlled a set of three outlet socket jacks while its companion was only in charge of one.   

Oh Christ she thought. Does this all mean what I think it means? Is this thing actually some kind of “Sex Torture Device or Rape Machine”?

To her dismay Dr. Patricia Pretorius‘s next move confirmed her unhappy speculation

Smiling wickedly the perverse petite scientist brandished a pair of red patch cords. At one end of each, was a male jack with a large saw toothed vice clip at the other.

“Time to get you wired up “Slut Berta” so you can play your passive part in the my glorious and infallible Plan” she boastfully stated

Noting her captor’s now familiar   pompous aptitude and insulting words  Roberta concluded that “the  shitty little freak’ had fully recovered from her expectorate  attack and was truly back in the game Worse luck for me “ the endlessly abused officer ruefully noted .

Patricia meanwhile proceeded ,first plugging the cords into the machine, then taking hold of each of her captives  voluptuous perfectly formed breasts digging her nails into the  tender flesh ,   gleefully applying the clips to those thick prominent nipples, first to the right, then to the left, taking care to make sure that the sharp teeth of each metal clip bit deep into the dark delectable breast buds, still sore and tender from the recent “capsicum extract application “session (aka “Carolina Reaper “treatment)  

Roberta stifled a gasp of pain and swore angrily, though inarticulately at her tormentor  

“ Am   Oo  Ic Eep Ur Anz  Uf  I Bz “ 

The brutalized black woman’s demand was effectively muffled by the padded metal bars of this latest (and rather novel) gag (“Damn you Bitch Keep your hands off my boobs “was what she was actually saying )

Immensely enjoying her captives display of futile rage Patricia ignored the incomprehensible protests and smirked in self satisfaction as she insultingly commented

“ OH My Slut Berta your  ridiculous  nipples are so fat and misshapen ,  that I had to specify  these extra large  units    referring to the vice  clips , now  so painfully applied to her prisoner’s  “dubs”

Fuck you Bitch The Brave Black woman mentally replied You just wish your pale tits and scrawny nipples were as big and black and  beautiful and looked as sweet and fine as mine she silently added in desperate defiance.

As if in response to this spirited retort   the sadistic scientist  pulled up sharply on both cords causing the those viscous steel teeth to dig  even deeper into  her  sensitive and now over stretched nipples

“AIEEEEEEE” Roberta shrieked in pain, unable to ignore or over ride the shock wave of excruciating agony

Greatly pleased at the pain she was causing Patricia carried on. Taking advantage of the opportunity her cruel action had  created she moved swiftly snatching up another “clipped cord “and snapped it on to the tip of her prisoner‘s (and soon to be plaything she  gleefully reminded herself again) tongue

“EEEEE” “Gahh!   Ahhh ” .The endlessly abused Black woman  could only scream and moan helplessly  in response God will it never end ?  She wondered distractedly.

Patricia paused a moment to admire her handy work, then brightly stated “And now for the next step “

And I bet I know what that next step is Roberta thought grimly realizing that being correct would bring her no joy.

And the beaten down Black champion was right.

Smiling broadly Patricia held something aloft. Roberta focused on the object trying again to identify it and discern its function. (Plus the beleaguered Black woman wanted to distract herself from the pain and humiliation resulting from her tormentor’s latest “applications”.)

The object in question looked to be some sort of re enforced white vinyl belt. There was a similar secondary strap running out at a right angle from the midpoint the ever observant officer noted and with two circular plastic fittings, similar in location and construction to the mounts strategically located in the inner surface of the hellish crotch strap on that hated strait jacket, set into the middle portion of the attachment she further observed.

OH Christ the voluptuous and venerable Black officer thought, as a feeling of dread formed in the pit of her stomach I bet I know what they are all about.

Meanwhile the demented Dr. had positioned herself between the examination table (and Roberta’s) spread apart legs) and now stood before her captive’s plumb and parted pussy lips. Grinning lasciviously she leaned forward and slid the belt beneath the small of Roberta’s back, ,the pulled up both ends around  the busty Black Hard body’s  trim waist  and buckled it at her right hip  

Then Patricia took hold of the Black woman’s cunt, digging the finger nails of her right hand into the fleshy labia and then yanking upward, with all her strength.


Roberta shrieked in reaction to the impossible   pain and reflexively arched her backs and flexed her leg muscles, to lift her hips in a desperate attempt to prevent her pussy lips from being torn off her body.

Meanwhile , Patricia ,smiling maliciously  slid her left arm under the captive’s up raised butt cheeks  and pulled out  the shorter crotch strap ,noting happily that it was now in line with the abused Black woman’s tight ( but  still tender) ass hole  and smooth ( but still swollen) cunt . The sadistic scientist was pleased that her plan was proceeding so efficiently and smoothly .Plus all the pain and suffering that plan inflicted of her hated prisoner made her very happy, indeed. Letting the strap trail off the table Patricia released her murderously painful grip. As Roberta gasped and sighed in relief and took deep breaths to ride out the residual pain , her sadistic  “host “ again reached down into that unseen but well stocked shelf and took up two more  items.

“Feast your eyes on these   little, or should I say not so little wonders, Slut – berta “Patricia declared, holding them aloft

Roberta already knew what she would be looking at .And again the confirmation brought her no satisfaction at being right.

They were dildos.

One was appeared to be another life size copy of Harper’s giant monster mutant cock, right down to the blue veins and over size head. “Just like the disgusting stump on that shitty penis gag “Roberta  unhappily observed , recalling the awful experience of having that latex abomination forced  in her  mouth , silencing her completely and  humiliating her  thoroughly .Noting the dismay in her prisoners eyes the perverse Dr  added “ It is rather impressive isn’t it “ she said bringing the “unit “ closer to Roberta’s face to give her captive a closer look . She noted that it was covered with thousands of tiny dimple like bumps giving it a distinctly diseased appearance, and made the device   appear even bigger and more threatening

Oh Christ No! Not that Roberta thought, engulfed  by a momentary panic  brought on by the close proximity of this terrible violation tool  and the memories of all that she had endured that it sparked  Being carjacked and stripped and scanned and repeatedly  tied up and chained down  and made to wear that DAMN SLAVE COLLAR and  being endlessly insulted and repeatedly violated   and constantly degraded  and demeaned and never being able to  effectively defend or protect herself  And now she was about to raped again . She was over whelmed .It was more than she could bear

  I can’t have that monster cock inside me .It will rip me open and tear me apart. It will destroy me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The brutalized officer could not hold back a wail of despair

The brave but endlessly beaten down Black woman’s look of helpless terrified revulsion and inarticulate fearful protest brought joy to Patricia’s cold cruel heart.

 That big titted Black sow is really suffering now she thought joyfully and laughed out loud in triumph

Eager to prolong and enhance her prisoner’s torment   she then addressed Roberta in that all too familiar faux friendly conversational tone “Oh I see you are excited .I imagine you can’t wait  to enjoy this great white wonder My , but you are a cock hungry slut.”

Patricia then shook the dildo in the beleaguered Black woman’s face and happily elaborated as to it’s origin     

 “You know Slut –berta Mr. Harper begged me to let his “equipment” be the model for this unit. He even offered to cover the cost. Naturally I agree” Patricia paused and sighed theatrically “I am such a generous and kind hearted employer, don’t you think?” she rhetorically inquired of her “guest”

“RRRRRRRR”. Roberta snarled in reply. Patricia’s laughter  had given ebony Amazon the space and the spur  she needed to regain control  .She  mentally responded Yes you are a regular Mother fucking  Teresa and then silently observed that having  this latex atrocity  shoved up her cunt would not be quite as bad as being violated by  the real thing But not by much she bitterly concluded . Not wanted to dwell on such demoralizing comparisons the valiant ebony champion shifted her attention the device in her tormentor’s other hand  

This of course was the “anal unit” intended for   insertion up her back passage. Compared to that   hyper detailed copy of Harper’s cock that was intended for her defenseless vagina   , this one was rather anticlimactic, Roberta thought.  It had a simple cylindrical design with a  smoothly grooved surface and a  rounded “nose cone “shaped head   and was somewhat   smaller than the primary unit, but still fairly formidable. And though the device had a fairly generic ‘off the shelf “look about it the tough minded officer was not comforted or re assured. She knew, with dread certainty that both of these hellish “rape toys “had been conceived and designed and constructed with one purpose. Namely to cause her to experience the maximum possible amt of degradation and humiliation

And that experience was imminent.

And there was nothing she could do about it

Or was there?

There had to be

The indomitable Black soldier refused to surrender. .She had to do some thing. Even it was only symbolic

Accepting the hard fact that she could do nothing to prevent the terrible thing that was about to happen to her, the tough minded and courageous Black woman resolved to face it head on and not flinch.

No whimpering ,no pleading , no tears  she vowed   I won’t react at all .This damn  machine  can rape me and bugger me  But I won’t let it break me. And I will not give these fucking degenerates creeps to see me beg or plead or cry

Roberta understood that on the face of it, this might be seen as a small and pointless victory. But it could also be significant, maybe even decisive. It would mean that in a way she was in control of the situation.  The valiant and violated office hoped that this victory would boost her morale and fire up her spirit and thereby leave her better able to face this final terrible trial, namely her hypnotic conversion

At least it would be a distraction

Unaware of her prisoner’s resolution Patricia had gleefully made final preparations and soon was ready   to proceed .Triumphantly she had positioned the” Harper Monster Cock Clone “directly before her victim‘s vagina .She had drizzled a special oil based lube over the entire surface of the “great white Monster Violator “though not out of any concern for her nude prisoner’s comfort. Its purpose was to facilitate her final conversion and how the lube would help achieve this terrible goal would soon become apparent.

Smiling wickedly the perverse Dr. regarded the naked General and was little surprised to   see that Roberta was meeting her leer with a cold steady stare.

Well, it looks as if this top heavy Black sow still has some fight left in her she thought. Well no matter, my brilliant modifications to the conversion device will easily overcome any resistance, however deep seated or formidable, the corrupt and criminal scientist thought unconsciously acknowledging the strength of will and fortitude of her bare breasted captive. But she did not realize this tribute. Instead the petite and  perverted outlaw entrepreneur  was a bit disappointed for  she had been  hopefully anticipating a quick and easy conversion  so there would be  for another session with  those lovely perfect feet , before she would have to make her escape leaving “ General Roberta Slut “ behind in a cell  to eventually be  rescued by those bumbling bimbos of the “Slut Force “ . Maybe I will have  Harper do a an extra special  bind and gag procedure on  my Slut –Berta and  make her into  a pretty package  for those  big titted  dimwits to find when they finally get here to rescue her   she thought and smiled at the dismay this discovery would cause. Patricia then happily  thought ahead  visualizing her Slut -Berta  back  in her tight uniform  sitting at   her desk at that ridiculous refuge for the physically over endowed  and mentally  deficient ( Aka FEM Force  H Q ).  And soon after that I will activate her and the brain dead Black bimbo will begin carrying out her part in my brilliant plan to avenge my father and bring down those over endowed freaks once and for all she happily thought .Plus she will take up her role as my private and personal sex slave she gleefully added    My own personal. “Foot soldier “she further thought and    smiled at her crude Double Entendre”

 Eventually setting these happy thoughts aside Patricia put herself reluctantly back on track. Brandishing the monster dildo and smiling broadly the perversely vindictive woman addressed her captive

“All right Slut – Berta. Here it comes. You really should be thanking me for this since we both know that you will really enjoy this given that you are such weak minded cock hungry slut.”

Oh Christ are we back to this  again?” thought Roberta This crap is really getting old  you need to get some new material  she mentally responded  and noted that  the  shitty  little bitch’s tired insults were as tough to take as her abusive actions

 Well, almost the brave beleaguered bare assed Black woman admitted to herself

Then suddenly and finally Patricia did the deed inserting the full length of the mutant monster violator past those helplessly parted pussy lips and up into that sore and tender love tunnel 


Roberta winced and gasped and finally sighed as the monster rape stik filled her cunt. It was a perfect fit, like a hand in a glove. Nice and tight but not overly so. Any larger and it might have split her in half or at least been excruciatingly painful. Any smaller and it would surely have been much easier to deal with or maybe even ignore.

And to her confusion and dismay Roberta found that not only was it not exceedingly painful but actually it felt also rather good. The device had been coated with some sort of lube which had really facilitated its entry   and invasion of her personal sovereignty, she noted. Plus the oil based fluid had a healing and soothing effect on the abused and suffering inner walls of the  most intimate and womanly part of her body. Reflecting on this fact Roberta thought

It can’t be for my comfort or benefit. This sadistic bitch must be up to something.

But before she could further consider the matter the naked ebony Amazon had to contend with a new distraction.

The “sadistic bitch “ spread Roberta magnificent ass cheeks with her right hand and deftly and delightedly inserted the smaller grooved and lubed dildo up the luckless officer’s back passage .

AAAAARRRGGGUUUHHH!! Oh Hell No! thought Roberta

Like its vaginal companion piece the anal invader was a perfect fit the ever observant nude Black woman noted. Though again not particularly painful she found this violation especially distasteful and demeaning.

She has me totally filled and fucked the tough minded Black woman angrily observed I wonder what the next step will be? She paused a moment and then resolutely added Whatever it is I can take it! I have to! She added with more than a little desperation in her mind     Bring It On! the brave Black woman silently concluded , hoping this dash of bravado might buoy her spirit

She did not have to wait long. But compared to what had been previously done to her it turned out to be a bit anticlimactic.

Patricia simply took hold of the loose end of the “crotch strap” and threaded it through the  covered buckle located just below her victims navel and then slowly pulled it tight Roberta gasped and moaned as those awful invasive “rape –stiks” were secured just a little more   firmly within her. A couple of  distinct clicks informed Roberta that those devices had  lined up perfectly with  the circular  plastic mounts located on the inner surface of the strap and were now held fast within them The beaten down Black woman could not help but marvel at how the entire vile apparatus so closely mirrored the contours of her body both inside and out  She was again appalled  by the massive security breach it  implied and angered at the profound violation of her privacy and personal sovereignty it represented .And she was also amazed  as she considered the cost  These idiots must have spends on a small fortune in the design and fabrication of the piece of insanity she thought They must have more money than brains .

With the crotch strap and it’s violating attachments locked in place to the main belt with a tiny padlock  Patricia then plugged the male ends last two patch cords trailing from the STIMULAX 2000 into the appropriate outlets set in the plastic mounts that held the invasive dildos in place  and with that the final step in preparations were complete

Smiling triumphantly Patricia reached for the Rat tap switches as she addressed her captive

.” It’s all over for you now Strock. My final inevitable triumph begins now. Once I pull these switches the process begins and will not stop until your will is destroyed and you become my secret  slave.”

Roberta heart went cold at these words. She understood full well that this was the endgame. Everything she had been subjected to so far paled into insignificance compared to what she was now facing The Black American soldier realized she could not win though she knew she dare not fail

Give me strength she prayed

Or let me Die.























Roberta   Final By Daniel Remo Art-d81t9za by jimbor
Roberta Final By Daniel Remo Art-d81t9za
Hallowe'en image
My fave FEM Forcer ,former General , now Secretary of State Roberta Strock , decked out in a very special Hallowe'en outfit
Namely the fan favorite variant of MS . Victory's iconic  uniform
Some what distracted as she comtemplates her image in the mirror (and notes just how revealing it is) the brave and beautiful Black woman does not notice the entery of an unexpected visitor .
Scientist 129 by jimbor
Scientist 129
The story continues..

 Strock 15


But this time she did not need that strength, for help arrived .And from a most unexpected quarter

“Excuse me Ma’m, But I really need your help with this “

Harper who had been standing in the back ground, nervously looking on and fearful that his employer, who was truly beside her herself with rage, was about to seriously injure or mutilate or otherwise damage his prize, plucked up his courage and intervened.

Stepping forward he thrust a hastily rendered schematic drawing in Patricia’s line of sight and continued on.

“ I believe I can repair the damage to the equipment and get it all operational again .But I really do need your help and direction to repair and re route some of the circuits ‘”The mercenary associate was desperately hoping   by appealing to her vanity he could distract his enraged employer and dissuade  her    from disfiguring  the naked General .

“What the…” What are you going on about “? The Dr. replied, angry at being interrupted. She still held the tazer high but made no move to apply the device to her helpless nude captive

Seeing that he had her attention Harper pressed ahead.

‘Well M’am your modifications to the equipment are so complex and intricate that repairs will be very difficult for me to perform .I believe I can get the both systems up and running again, but only with your help and super vision. “

“Hmm .Well of course my modifications and specifications are brilliantly complex and precise .So I can see why you would be having difficulties “the petite criminal scientist replied, pleased at her employee’s acknowledgement of her genius. She lowered her hand and placed the tazer in her lab coat pocket.

“Yes M’am “responded Harper, relieved to see the sadistic lady scientist was not longer intent on torturing his prize. “But with your guidance and oversight I am positive I can get the Converter and the Stimulator operational, and keep “Plan B” on track.

“Well then what are you waiting for?”  Patricia Pretorius responded” Let’s get started”  

Roberta listened intently and with a growing sense of relief to her two captor’s conversation.

Harper’s intervention has spared me from a torture session with that crazed bitch Roberta observed .But that’s only because he wants me healthy and whole when he gets his filthy raping hands on me. Too bad he does not know that his boss means to double cross him and keep me for herself. She shuddered at the prospect. First hand experience had taught her that Dr. Patricia Pretorius was an even worse and more perverse “keeper “  that that fucking creep , Harper Maybe I should tell him  she mused ,and wondered if he would believe her

Well in any case and for whatever reason Harper’s intervention had spared me some grief the tough minded black woman observed. So I will just lay back and enjoy the respite and keep my eyes and ears open see if I can learn something I can use to my advantage 

But unhappily Roberta had  once again “spoke too soon”

“But don’t think I have for gotten about you” The Dr. said as she re directed her attention back to her nude clamped down captive

Oh Christ ! I knew it was too good to be true thought Roberta, though she displayed no fear or despair as she made a bold reply.

“Oh , don’t worry about me “ she said dismissively  “ You  just  go ahead and try to fix those little Science Fair Projects I disabled .I’ll just wait for you here  “ The valiant Black champion then ignore her captor as she tried to wriggle her voluptuous restrained body into a more comfortable position . Again the brave Black woman was trying to goad and distract her captor and delay the implementation of “Plan B”.

But this time it did not work.

The Dr.  apparently ignored the verbal jab( though her eyes did narrow momentarily)as she carried on .  After reaching down into an unseen shelf on the supporting column of the interrogation table, she held aloft a long neck glass bottle,    filled with what appeared to be a thick red liquid. The ever observant ebony Amazon noted that the bottle was topped with a red metal spout .What’s this all about she wondered uneasily.

“This will keep you occupied while I see to it that my equipment is put right “Patricia said she    tilted the bottle and began to pour a generous quantity of the red liquid over the naked Generals prominent nipples. Roberta gasped and winced involuntarily, thinking that the liquid was some sort of acid or caustic compound. But though the fluid felt unpleasantly oily and seemed to penetrate her skin it had no immediate effect.

 “What’s this all about, Patricia?”The ebony Amazon asked in an exaggerated inquiring tone.” Some kind of kind of make –over? “. Are you going to torture me with cosmetics now? She paused a moment and then continued on” Well whatever you intended, this slop   is not having any effect. I don’t feel a thing”.  It looks you have another failure on your hands “Roberta laughed and added” At least you are consistent. You fail every time”   She looked up quizzically at the Dr hoping to see some reaction. But the criminal scientist who merely smiled back coldly, as she carried on, carefully poring a thick bead of the sticky fluid all along the bare naked officer’s plumb pussy lips.  Then she moved back and was soon looking down directly at her prisoner, a tight cruel smile creasing her thin lips.  Roberta fearlessly met that menacing gaze even as she wondered What the fuck is this sick little Bitch up to now?

   The Dr. lowered the bottle and tilted the spout towards the brave Black woman’s mouth. Thinking  the sadistic scientist  intended to force some of the mysterious red liquid down her throat and speculating it might be some sort of poison or drug Roberta clamped her  lips shut , intending to thwart  her captor’s plan . But Patricia’s reaction caught her completely by surprise

“Ahhh Thank You Slut-Berta. I appreciate your cooperation.”  Patricia said, smiling broadly as she poured out a steady stream of the thick fluid, first over the Black woman’s upper lip then over her upper lip and finally an extra generous portion in the space in between.

Fuck! thought Roberts I played right into  her hands.   Damn me for being so gullible Then another thought stuck her Shit! With this filth over my lips I don’t dare open my mouth. This clever little bitch has effectively gagged me .And I let her. She has completely played me. Damn! Damn! DAMN!

Replacing the bottle, now nearly empty back to its un seen shelf, Patricia stepped out of the naked Black woman’s sight.  She ordered Harper to join her and they made their way to the damaged equipment and silently set to work. Roberta could hear the sounds of the repairs as she wondered about the liquid that the crazed bitch had applied so carefully to the most tender and intimate parts of her body  

Unhappily she was about to find out

Very soon her nipples and then  all the  other parts of her helpless body that had received a coating of the mysterious liquid  began  to tingle  and  feel unpleasantly   warm  and then downright  hot What the hell is happening  the violated ebony champion  wondered uneasily  as those precious and private  parts of her body  continue to increase in temperature.

  Ohh! Uhhh!  What the fuck is going on? She mentally demanded. It felt like her breast buds and both sets of those sweet lips were being scorched by a blow torch. As Roberta, still taking care to keep her mouth clamped shut began to gasp and moan in pain; Patricia looked up from her work and called out “In case you are wondering I’ve covered your ugly over size nipples and each pair of those fat sloppy lips with a concentrated capsicum extract”.

Oh Christ No thought Roberta, who immediately understood what that meant.

 Her perverse captor continued in a hateful and condescending tone “And since you are surely too dull witted to understand   what that means I will ‘dumb it down ‘for you. I painted the most sensitive parts of your ridiculous body with the extracted essence of the Guatemalan Death’s Head pepper. It has a rating of 5,000,000 scovilles “

I’m calling “Bull Shit on that The ebony Amazon silently replied The hottest known pepper  is the Carolina Reaper with a peak scale rating of over 2,000,000 scoville heat units, developed right here in the USA  . And there is no such thing as a Guatemalan Death’s Head Pepper .You are talking out of your ass as usual, you stupid Bitch

Un aware of the naked Officer‘s devastatingly factual and patriotically tinged, though somewhat desperate  response Patricia carried on  , describing what was( supposedly ) in store for her luckless captive.” You may have had a hot twat before but my extract will really set your pussy on fire “Patricia laughed at her own humor and then added” Your fat nipples will burn like the candles on a birthday cake “.

“Save me a slice of that” called out Harper  jovially, has  he removed the back plate from  the mysterious wheeled box with all those dials and gauges  and  switches .Though annoyed at the  way her  associate  was imposing himself on to her  graphic description of  the brave Black woman’s upcoming torment  Patricia continued “And you fat lips will sizzle like bacon in a frying pan”

“That’s a meal I am really looking forward to” declared the scarred henchman , who then addressed Roberta directly “But if you ask nicely I will give you a shot of Dr. Harpers Special Two Ball ointment   to sooth those red hot lips “.  Repulsed by his vile comments Roberta accurately visualized the perverted thug grabbing his crotch

Dr Pretorius had likewise had enough of her associate’s comments and coldly directed him to keep his mind on his job. “Yes Ma’m “a deeply chastened Harper, timorously replied as he, once again devoted his whole attention to the job at hand. Satisfied at his response and pleased that she had brought this muscle bound thug to heel with only a few words, the Dr. carried on.“I ran across this little treasure  while setting up a joint venture with some Central American pharmaceutical entrepreneurs” the Dr happily stated

Drug dealing Terrorists you mean Roberta mentally responded as the petite and perverted criminal scientist continued on. “Down there it is used to expedite negotiations and procure information.  Mr. Harper found it useful and entertaining in his own research   .And now I’ve decided to employ it to let you enjoy the pleasure of a new experience.”

In other words Torture the beleaguered black champion silently translated as she continued to squirm uncomfortably and mewl through her closed lips  

 Noting that she was obviously already in considerable distress and pleased at the naked Generals early response to her latest perversity, Patricia happily redirected her attention to the job at hand, advising and directing her associate who was doing the actual work of repairing the equipment that their ever   resourceful prisoner had managed to disable.

Meanwhile Roberts faced up to her situation .She was more than  metaphorically facing the fires of Hell and all she could do was to endure it.

But I will not beg she vowed I will not give that pair of assholes the pleasure and the satisfaction of hearing me plead for mercy .And I must stay as still and as silent as possible for as long as I can and keep this liquid fire out of my mouth and my pussy .If – or rather when it gets into my mouth  and pussy  and touches my tongue and my clit I am likely to  lose it entirely and go completely hysterical  The brave Black woman contemplated this terrible probability for a moment and then silently repeated her vow   But no matter how bad it gets I will not beg . Then she mentally added .And I must stay as still and as quiet as possible and especially keep my mouth shut or I will make my situation even worse.

That promise was soon to put to the test. Her nipples and lips felt as if they were on fire.

Gasping and groaning and sweating profusely,   Roberta tried to deal with her predicament by focusing her mind elsewhere and employed various   methods to mentally detach herself from what was happening to her. This tactic had served her well, earlier in her Ordeal. But this time the acute immediacy and hellish intensity of the pain on the most sensitive parts of her body was overwhelming her resolve. She just could not get away from the pain. And that pain had become so intense and pervasive that the brave nude black woman found she could stay silent no longer .She  opened her mouth and screamed , allowing the potent liquid to flow into her mouth , putting captive General into a whole new  world  of pain

 But at this most traumatic moment the resilient and ever resourceful Officer had moment of inspiration and tried an entirely different approach. She would not resist. Instead General Roberta Strock faced the pain head on and embraced and accepted it .It did not make her hellish situation any less difficult, but it did somehow make all that agony easier to deal with.










Don’t beg .Don’t plead the brave Black woman reminded herself.  Don’t give that shitty little freak and her fucking rapist errand boy that satisfaction.




Screaming and swearing and sweating profusely Roberta rode her agony like a surfer rides a wave, giving full vent to her torment, holding nothing back.



She thought that her shrieking and screaming might distract her captors and slow down the repair and so the tormented Black   woman directed her agony fueled exclamations directly at them






Unhappily while these pain inspired demands did cause the Dr and her associate to pause in their labors, it was only because they enjoyed the sounds of their proud, strong captive in so much pain and distress and wanted to savor the moment. It was music to their ears.

Patricia congratulated herself on finding a way to inflict so much pain and humiliation on the woman she hated and resented so much without inflicting any physical injury that might endanger her long term objective- the destruction of the FEM Force and the captive Black officer’s part in it. But she really would have liked to hear the fat assed Black slut actually beg and plead.



And as for Mr Harper ,  it was  that misogynistic monster ‘s greatest pleasure to see and hear the  strong  beautiful  confident woman  being bent and broken and degraded . He just wished it could have been a more “hands on” experience. And he was relieved that his prize (aka big meaty piece of Black sweet meat) was not being permanently damaged.

Mean while Roberta carried on




“The only payment you will be collecting will be my big perfect  cock in your sweet wide mouth “ Harper called back mockingly . He would have continued on in this vein describing how she would  soon  be  begging for the privilege of sucking  his cock and then thanking him that  she was  being allowed to take  it up her tight little asshole. But once again Patricia put  an immediate stop to his  assertions .

“Keep your eyes on the job and your mind on your work, Mr Harper “she said in a cold quiet voice that told the scarred mercenary that his employer was deadly serious.

Yes Ma,m “ he replied meekly  and focused all his attention on the job.

Still the lap dog   a part of Roberta’s sharp and disciplined mind was able to observe even as she continued to rage against the pain .That creep truly does fear  and back down  from a strong /dominate woman she silently confirmed



The ebony Amazon squirmed and writhed and struggled against her bonds, but the clamps built into the arm and leg supports of the table and the head rest held her fast. I’m like a helpless fucking child I can’t even clean my own body she thought bitterly .The valiant black woman did her best to force these corrosive thoughts out of her mind for she recognized that she needed every ounce of her formidable physical strength, mental toughness and spiritual courage to get through this ordeal and so could not afford to let these defeatist notions distract her.



 Eventually and inevitably the hellish concoction seeped deep into her cunt and further into her mouth and made contact with her tongue and her clit.  and even worse (if such a thing were possible) a slow steady stream of that liquid fire trickled slowly but steadily down from the generous deposit Patricia had applied along her nether lips, between her legs, inexorably toward her tight dry ass hole like a tiny stream of molten steel .And when it inevitably reached her anal star it was drawn up inside as if by some perverse form of capillary action, driving the brutalized Black champion into a whole new universe of agony.  And Roberta could only lay there helplessly and squirm and mewl and shriek inarticulately. Her mouth couldn’t even  form words so she could no longer curse or damn her captors

The palm was unbelievable

Her nipples were burning off and her mouth and pussy felt like they were full of molten lava and it was if there was a red hot plastic tube slowly moving up her anal track

A sudden and terrible thought penetrated her over stressed mind. Was this terrible fire liquid causing some sort of permanent damage? Was she being scarred for life in the most horrible way possible? Oh Sweet Jesus  she thought  My  mouth  will be roasted  , my tongue  will charred ,  my lips  will fried , my ass hole  will be parboiled  and  my cunt  will be seared,  and my  clit  will be burned to a crisp .I’ll be ruined  I will hardly even be a real woman when this over  To say that this possibility was devastating was an understatement. It was enough to break her.   Completely and irrevocably.

But at that moment Fate intervened .And this time it was in her favor 

Savoring  her captive’s torment ,Patricia spoke, her cold clear and slightly arrogant tone cut through the frantic Black woman’s screams and quieted her. The pain seemed to recede for a moment as the beaten down Black woman listened to her demented sadistic  captor.

“Oh by the way Slut –Berta , in case you were wondering the “Straight From Hell  Death’s Head Pepper “ capsicum extract solution I used on you has been chemically modified so as cause no permanent damage to any part of  your ridiculously  over endowed body  . Your well worn pussy and talented mouth and those fat ugly nipples and thick, flabby lips    will all be as good as new. I probably should have mentioned something earlier .Sorry about that”

“Fuck you Bitch “Roberta was barely able to form the words to reply, but she was mightily relieved by this news. Her spirit was restored once again and for the moment she found the strength and the will to endure


And as the Pain washed over her again and the valiant officer tried to scream her way through the invasive and all inclusive agony a part of her mind held onto a single thought You never made me beg .The desperate Black woman clung to that thought like a ship wreck survivor in a Storm tossed sea holds onto a life preserver .You never beat me she thought I can get through this.

 Roberta‘s last desperate thought was a hope. A hope that this would be enough to sustain her   I have to get through this. I dare not fail

Then the pain over whelmed her again











No journal entries yet.


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