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Roberta   Final By Daniel Remo Art-d81t9za by jimbor
Roberta Final By Daniel Remo Art-d81t9za
Hallowe'en image
My fave FEM Forcer ,former General , now Secretary of State Roberta Strock , decked out in a very special Hallowe'en outfit
Namely the fan favorite variant of MS . Victory's iconic  uniform
Some what distracted as she comtemplates her image in the mirror (and notes just how revealing it is) the brave and beautiful Black woman does not notice the entery of an unexpected visitor .
Scientist 129 by jimbor
Scientist 129
The story continues..

 Strock 15


But this time she did not need that strength, for help arrived .And from a most unexpected quarter

“Excuse me Ma’m, But I really need your help with this “

Harper who had been standing in the back ground, nervously looking on and fearful that his employer, who was truly beside her herself with rage, was about to seriously injure or mutilate or otherwise damage his prize, plucked up his courage and intervened.

Stepping forward he thrust a hastily rendered schematic drawing in Patricia’s line of sight and continued on.

“ I believe I can repair the damage to the equipment and get it all operational again .But I really do need your help and direction to repair and re route some of the circuits ‘”The mercenary associate was desperately hoping   by appealing to her vanity he could distract his enraged employer and dissuade  her    from disfiguring  the naked General .

“What the…” What are you going on about “? The Dr. replied, angry at being interrupted. She still held the tazer high but made no move to apply the device to her helpless nude captive

Seeing that he had her attention Harper pressed ahead.

‘Well M’am your modifications to the equipment are so complex and intricate that repairs will be very difficult for me to perform .I believe I can get the both systems up and running again, but only with your help and super vision. “

“Hmm .Well of course my modifications and specifications are brilliantly complex and precise .So I can see why you would be having difficulties “the petite criminal scientist replied, pleased at her employee’s acknowledgement of her genius. She lowered her hand and placed the tazer in her lab coat pocket.

“Yes M’am “responded Harper, relieved to see the sadistic lady scientist was not longer intent on torturing his prize. “But with your guidance and oversight I am positive I can get the Converter and the Stimulator operational, and keep “Plan B” on track.

“Well then what are you waiting for?”  Patricia Pretorius responded” Let’s get started”  

Roberta listened intently and with a growing sense of relief to her two captor’s conversation.

Harper’s intervention has spared me from a torture session with that crazed bitch Roberta observed .But that’s only because he wants me healthy and whole when he gets his filthy raping hands on me. Too bad he does not know that his boss means to double cross him and keep me for herself. She shuddered at the prospect. First hand experience had taught her that Dr. Patricia Pretorius was an even worse and more perverse “keeper “  that that fucking creep , Harper Maybe I should tell him  she mused ,and wondered if he would believe her

Well in any case and for whatever reason Harper’s intervention had spared me some grief the tough minded black woman observed. So I will just lay back and enjoy the respite and keep my eyes and ears open see if I can learn something I can use to my advantage 

But unhappily Roberta had  once again “spoke too soon”

“But don’t think I have for gotten about you” The Dr. said as she re directed her attention back to her nude clamped down captive

Oh Christ ! I knew it was too good to be true thought Roberta, though she displayed no fear or despair as she made a bold reply.

“Oh , don’t worry about me “ she said dismissively  “ You  just  go ahead and try to fix those little Science Fair Projects I disabled .I’ll just wait for you here  “ The valiant Black champion then ignore her captor as she tried to wriggle her voluptuous restrained body into a more comfortable position . Again the brave Black woman was trying to goad and distract her captor and delay the implementation of “Plan B”.

But this time it did not work.

The Dr.  apparently ignored the verbal jab( though her eyes did narrow momentarily)as she carried on .  After reaching down into an unseen shelf on the supporting column of the interrogation table, she held aloft a long neck glass bottle,    filled with what appeared to be a thick red liquid. The ever observant ebony Amazon noted that the bottle was topped with a red metal spout .What’s this all about she wondered uneasily.

“This will keep you occupied while I see to it that my equipment is put right “Patricia said she    tilted the bottle and began to pour a generous quantity of the red liquid over the naked Generals prominent nipples. Roberta gasped and winced involuntarily, thinking that the liquid was some sort of acid or caustic compound. But though the fluid felt unpleasantly oily and seemed to penetrate her skin it had no immediate effect.

 “What’s this all about, Patricia?”The ebony Amazon asked in an exaggerated inquiring tone.” Some kind of kind of make –over? “. Are you going to torture me with cosmetics now? She paused a moment and then continued on” Well whatever you intended, this slop   is not having any effect. I don’t feel a thing”.  It looks you have another failure on your hands “Roberta laughed and added” At least you are consistent. You fail every time”   She looked up quizzically at the Dr hoping to see some reaction. But the criminal scientist who merely smiled back coldly, as she carried on, carefully poring a thick bead of the sticky fluid all along the bare naked officer’s plumb pussy lips.  Then she moved back and was soon looking down directly at her prisoner, a tight cruel smile creasing her thin lips.  Roberta fearlessly met that menacing gaze even as she wondered What the fuck is this sick little Bitch up to now?

   The Dr. lowered the bottle and tilted the spout towards the brave Black woman’s mouth. Thinking  the sadistic scientist  intended to force some of the mysterious red liquid down her throat and speculating it might be some sort of poison or drug Roberta clamped her  lips shut , intending to thwart  her captor’s plan . But Patricia’s reaction caught her completely by surprise

“Ahhh Thank You Slut-Berta. I appreciate your cooperation.”  Patricia said, smiling broadly as she poured out a steady stream of the thick fluid, first over the Black woman’s upper lip then over her upper lip and finally an extra generous portion in the space in between.

Fuck! thought Roberts I played right into  her hands.   Damn me for being so gullible Then another thought stuck her Shit! With this filth over my lips I don’t dare open my mouth. This clever little bitch has effectively gagged me .And I let her. She has completely played me. Damn! Damn! DAMN!

Replacing the bottle, now nearly empty back to its un seen shelf, Patricia stepped out of the naked Black woman’s sight.  She ordered Harper to join her and they made their way to the damaged equipment and silently set to work. Roberta could hear the sounds of the repairs as she wondered about the liquid that the crazed bitch had applied so carefully to the most tender and intimate parts of her body  

Unhappily she was about to find out

Very soon her nipples and then  all the  other parts of her helpless body that had received a coating of the mysterious liquid  began  to tingle  and  feel unpleasantly   warm  and then downright  hot What the hell is happening  the violated ebony champion  wondered uneasily  as those precious and private  parts of her body  continue to increase in temperature.

  Ohh! Uhhh!  What the fuck is going on? She mentally demanded. It felt like her breast buds and both sets of those sweet lips were being scorched by a blow torch. As Roberta, still taking care to keep her mouth clamped shut began to gasp and moan in pain; Patricia looked up from her work and called out “In case you are wondering I’ve covered your ugly over size nipples and each pair of those fat sloppy lips with a concentrated capsicum extract”.

Oh Christ No thought Roberta, who immediately understood what that meant.

 Her perverse captor continued in a hateful and condescending tone “And since you are surely too dull witted to understand   what that means I will ‘dumb it down ‘for you. I painted the most sensitive parts of your ridiculous body with the extracted essence of the Guatemalan Death’s Head pepper. It has a rating of 5,000,000 scovilles “

I’m calling “Bull Shit on that The ebony Amazon silently replied The hottest known pepper  is the Carolina Reaper with a peak scale rating of over 2,000,000 scoville heat units, developed right here in the USA  . And there is no such thing as a Guatemalan Death’s Head Pepper .You are talking out of your ass as usual, you stupid Bitch

Un aware of the naked Officer‘s devastatingly factual and patriotically tinged, though somewhat desperate  response Patricia carried on  , describing what was( supposedly ) in store for her luckless captive.” You may have had a hot twat before but my extract will really set your pussy on fire “Patricia laughed at her own humor and then added” Your fat nipples will burn like the candles on a birthday cake “.

“Save me a slice of that” called out Harper  jovially, has  he removed the back plate from  the mysterious wheeled box with all those dials and gauges  and  switches .Though annoyed at the  way her  associate  was imposing himself on to her  graphic description of  the brave Black woman’s upcoming torment  Patricia continued “And you fat lips will sizzle like bacon in a frying pan”

“That’s a meal I am really looking forward to” declared the scarred henchman , who then addressed Roberta directly “But if you ask nicely I will give you a shot of Dr. Harpers Special Two Ball ointment   to sooth those red hot lips “.  Repulsed by his vile comments Roberta accurately visualized the perverted thug grabbing his crotch

Dr Pretorius had likewise had enough of her associate’s comments and coldly directed him to keep his mind on his job. “Yes Ma’m “a deeply chastened Harper, timorously replied as he, once again devoted his whole attention to the job at hand. Satisfied at his response and pleased that she had brought this muscle bound thug to heel with only a few words, the Dr. carried on.“I ran across this little treasure  while setting up a joint venture with some Central American pharmaceutical entrepreneurs” the Dr happily stated

Drug dealing Terrorists you mean Roberta mentally responded as the petite and perverted criminal scientist continued on. “Down there it is used to expedite negotiations and procure information.  Mr. Harper found it useful and entertaining in his own research   .And now I’ve decided to employ it to let you enjoy the pleasure of a new experience.”

In other words Torture the beleaguered black champion silently translated as she continued to squirm uncomfortably and mewl through her closed lips  

 Noting that she was obviously already in considerable distress and pleased at the naked Generals early response to her latest perversity, Patricia happily redirected her attention to the job at hand, advising and directing her associate who was doing the actual work of repairing the equipment that their ever   resourceful prisoner had managed to disable.

Meanwhile Roberts faced up to her situation .She was more than  metaphorically facing the fires of Hell and all she could do was to endure it.

But I will not beg she vowed I will not give that pair of assholes the pleasure and the satisfaction of hearing me plead for mercy .And I must stay as still and as silent as possible for as long as I can and keep this liquid fire out of my mouth and my pussy .If – or rather when it gets into my mouth  and pussy  and touches my tongue and my clit I am likely to  lose it entirely and go completely hysterical  The brave Black woman contemplated this terrible probability for a moment and then silently repeated her vow   But no matter how bad it gets I will not beg . Then she mentally added .And I must stay as still and as quiet as possible and especially keep my mouth shut or I will make my situation even worse.

That promise was soon to put to the test. Her nipples and lips felt as if they were on fire.

Gasping and groaning and sweating profusely,   Roberta tried to deal with her predicament by focusing her mind elsewhere and employed various   methods to mentally detach herself from what was happening to her. This tactic had served her well, earlier in her Ordeal. But this time the acute immediacy and hellish intensity of the pain on the most sensitive parts of her body was overwhelming her resolve. She just could not get away from the pain. And that pain had become so intense and pervasive that the brave nude black woman found she could stay silent no longer .She  opened her mouth and screamed , allowing the potent liquid to flow into her mouth , putting captive General into a whole new  world  of pain

 But at this most traumatic moment the resilient and ever resourceful Officer had moment of inspiration and tried an entirely different approach. She would not resist. Instead General Roberta Strock faced the pain head on and embraced and accepted it .It did not make her hellish situation any less difficult, but it did somehow make all that agony easier to deal with.










Don’t beg .Don’t plead the brave Black woman reminded herself.  Don’t give that shitty little freak and her fucking rapist errand boy that satisfaction.




Screaming and swearing and sweating profusely Roberta rode her agony like a surfer rides a wave, giving full vent to her torment, holding nothing back.



She thought that her shrieking and screaming might distract her captors and slow down the repair and so the tormented Black   woman directed her agony fueled exclamations directly at them






Unhappily while these pain inspired demands did cause the Dr and her associate to pause in their labors, it was only because they enjoyed the sounds of their proud, strong captive in so much pain and distress and wanted to savor the moment. It was music to their ears.

Patricia congratulated herself on finding a way to inflict so much pain and humiliation on the woman she hated and resented so much without inflicting any physical injury that might endanger her long term objective- the destruction of the FEM Force and the captive Black officer’s part in it. But she really would have liked to hear the fat assed Black slut actually beg and plead.



And as for Mr Harper ,  it was  that misogynistic monster ‘s greatest pleasure to see and hear the  strong  beautiful  confident woman  being bent and broken and degraded . He just wished it could have been a more “hands on” experience. And he was relieved that his prize (aka big meaty piece of Black sweet meat) was not being permanently damaged.

Mean while Roberta carried on




“The only payment you will be collecting will be my big perfect  cock in your sweet wide mouth “ Harper called back mockingly . He would have continued on in this vein describing how she would  soon  be  begging for the privilege of sucking  his cock and then thanking him that  she was  being allowed to take  it up her tight little asshole. But once again Patricia put  an immediate stop to his  assertions .

“Keep your eyes on the job and your mind on your work, Mr Harper “she said in a cold quiet voice that told the scarred mercenary that his employer was deadly serious.

Yes Ma,m “ he replied meekly  and focused all his attention on the job.

Still the lap dog   a part of Roberta’s sharp and disciplined mind was able to observe even as she continued to rage against the pain .That creep truly does fear  and back down  from a strong /dominate woman she silently confirmed



The ebony Amazon squirmed and writhed and struggled against her bonds, but the clamps built into the arm and leg supports of the table and the head rest held her fast. I’m like a helpless fucking child I can’t even clean my own body she thought bitterly .The valiant black woman did her best to force these corrosive thoughts out of her mind for she recognized that she needed every ounce of her formidable physical strength, mental toughness and spiritual courage to get through this ordeal and so could not afford to let these defeatist notions distract her.



 Eventually and inevitably the hellish concoction seeped deep into her cunt and further into her mouth and made contact with her tongue and her clit.  and even worse (if such a thing were possible) a slow steady stream of that liquid fire trickled slowly but steadily down from the generous deposit Patricia had applied along her nether lips, between her legs, inexorably toward her tight dry ass hole like a tiny stream of molten steel .And when it inevitably reached her anal star it was drawn up inside as if by some perverse form of capillary action, driving the brutalized Black champion into a whole new universe of agony.  And Roberta could only lay there helplessly and squirm and mewl and shriek inarticulately. Her mouth couldn’t even  form words so she could no longer curse or damn her captors

The palm was unbelievable

Her nipples were burning off and her mouth and pussy felt like they were full of molten lava and it was if there was a red hot plastic tube slowly moving up her anal track

A sudden and terrible thought penetrated her over stressed mind. Was this terrible fire liquid causing some sort of permanent damage? Was she being scarred for life in the most horrible way possible? Oh Sweet Jesus  she thought  My  mouth  will be roasted  , my tongue  will charred ,  my lips  will fried , my ass hole  will be parboiled  and  my cunt  will be seared,  and my  clit  will be burned to a crisp .I’ll be ruined  I will hardly even be a real woman when this over  To say that this possibility was devastating was an understatement. It was enough to break her.   Completely and irrevocably.

But at that moment Fate intervened .And this time it was in her favor 

Savoring  her captive’s torment ,Patricia spoke, her cold clear and slightly arrogant tone cut through the frantic Black woman’s screams and quieted her. The pain seemed to recede for a moment as the beaten down Black woman listened to her demented sadistic  captor.

“Oh by the way Slut –Berta , in case you were wondering the “Straight From Hell  Death’s Head Pepper “ capsicum extract solution I used on you has been chemically modified so as cause no permanent damage to any part of  your ridiculously  over endowed body  . Your well worn pussy and talented mouth and those fat ugly nipples and thick, flabby lips    will all be as good as new. I probably should have mentioned something earlier .Sorry about that”

“Fuck you Bitch “Roberta was barely able to form the words to reply, but she was mightily relieved by this news. Her spirit was restored once again and for the moment she found the strength and the will to endure


And as the Pain washed over her again and the valiant officer tried to scream her way through the invasive and all inclusive agony a part of her mind held onto a single thought You never made me beg .The desperate Black woman clung to that thought like a ship wreck survivor in a Storm tossed sea holds onto a life preserver .You never beat me she thought I can get through this.

 Roberta‘s last desperate thought was a hope. A hope that this would be enough to sustain her   I have to get through this. I dare not fail

Then the pain over whelmed her again









Scientist Final 24 by jimbor
Scientist Final 24
This picture is posted with permission of the artist
The ordeal continues....h Fuck  No!! “Thought Roberta “ That filthy   bastard is already here! Automatically she spun  around  to face the that terrible  voice and saw her nemesis standing there before her  ,as large as Life and twice as ugly , regarding her with an evil lascivious leer , like a perverse little boy peering through a bedroom window , his gaze concentrating  on her bare breasts and exposed pussy as he   rhythmically pounded his right fist into his left palm , a subtle but clear indication of the sexual violence he had in mind for her . Roberta recognized that look and those gestures and knew exactly what this perverted mercenary criminal had in mind for her. I won’t  let that psycho take   me  again  the captive ebony warrior thought   as she frantically  lashed out at her would be assailant with a straight legged Martial arts type kick   Unfortunately the criminal associate was easily able to block that desperate move

“ Aww now Sweet Cheeks Why so hostile  ? Aren’t you to see me? I sure am glad to see you “Harper responded mockingly as he reached out for her magnificent breasts so perfectly presented that perverse straight jacket.

The hateful faux friendly tone and that grasping greedy hand sparked a flood of terrible memories. Images of her recent and seemingly endless degradation, and violation and humiliation at the hands of this perverted creep threatened to over whelm her. I can’t go through all that gain “Roberta  thought .Her options were fight or flight and she could not defend herself  I have to get the hell  away from here  she concluded

“There is no way that I am letting you put your hands on me again, you sick fuck “  the   more than a little desperate Black woman  shouted  as she turned and ran headlong down the corridor  . Her frantic retreat was animated by a single all consuming desperate thought. She had to get away from that monster. NOW! .And for a moment she thought she might make it.

But Harper was hard on her heels, moving unbelievably fast for some one of his size and bulk .His gaze was reflexively locked on Roberta fleshy jiggling ass and so he immediately saw that long unbuckled crotch strap trailing out behind his bare bottomed quarry.  Inspired by this sight he lunged forward in a headlong burst of speed and reached out to take hold of the strap.

“I have caught my runaway bitch by her tail “ he exalted

“Oh God NOOO!” Roberta cried out has she felt the sudden tension on her “Tail” and she realized what was happening That evil fucking Monster is going to take me again   she thought  I can’t let that happen I have to get away. But Harper held fast to the strap, making it impossible for the desperate bare breasted black woman to put any distance between them

The criminal associate laughed at his quarries desperation. Grinning broadly he came to a sudden full stop, bracing himself and pulling back hard with all his considerable strength


This move stopped the desperate Black champion dead in her tracks and propelled her back ward toward her pursuer. The stress and force of this sudden halt and change of direction severely jarred and squeezed the beleaguered ebony officer’s torso  and snapped her head back , leaving her dazed and disoriented .She gasped and cried out in pain and  could offer no meaningful resistance as Harper hauled her back into his grasp 

“Oh Christ  No!   Not again  Stmmmppphh” Roberta’s protests were crudely cut off  as  her captor clamped his rough right hand over her mouth silencing her , even as he  began to squeeze and fondle his helpless captive’s  lush heavy left  breast with his left hand.

 “My  sweet little slut slave is back in her master’s arms .Right where she belongs” the perverse henchman whispered in his newly recaptured prize’s ear.

NNN. MMPPHH. NNPPGGHH.  Harper’s hand remained in place stifling the captive champions protests  as he pinched her thick dark nipple and began to lick the side of her face  

NO! NO! NO! Not Again   Roberta thought, panic stricken as her shrieks and screams were effectually muffled by the muscular thug’s hand gag.

The desperate Black woman kicked and squirmed with all her might in a valiant but futile effort to free herself as Harper hauled her back to the “conversion room” The scarred mercenary laughed immensely enjoying her helplessness.

“ Ooohh , I see your still frisky “ he said in that all too familiar  lascivious -jovial tone. “ I like that. I shall have to find a good use for all that energy.  I’m thinking you might make a good pony girl”

A wave of despair washed over Roberta. Her supreme effort to resist and escape had only served to amuse her tormenter .And his hint about this new” Idea “left her heartsick and stunned 

Every time I try to stand up I get knocked back down further than ever she thought dejectedly “Is this my fate?  Am I to become a secret traitor and remain a slave and sex toy?  Then a after a moment’s consideration she answered her own question

NOOOOOOOOO! I will never be a traitor and shall never be a slave. I swear I will die first.

But helpless as she was she realized that even that terrible final option was denied to her. The beaten down Black woman felt truly  crushed .

Soon enough they were back at the doorway.  The Black officer was exhausted, breathing heavily, her voluptuous body glistening with sweat, stilling struggling feebly and faintly moaning and mewling behind Harper’s hand gag.

She seems all in he thought but I had better make sure

Abruptly he released his prize and stepped back

That move caught Roberta by surprise. What the hell is this fucking clown up to now? the beleaguered Black woman thought as she struggled to stay upright. But she did not waste time considering the question. Instead, operating on sheer will power  the indomitable ebony champion lurched forward, intent on making another escape attempt You can do it this time, Bertie she told herself This rapist clown won’t be expecting you to make a break .You can be around the corner and gone before this perverted numbskull can make a move .

But it did not work out that way

Before she could take a second step, Roberta heard her captor call out “Whoa there General Jugs “

And then there was a crackle of electricity and the smell of ozone as something touched the back of her neck. Then it was as if the sun exploded behind her eyes and her body went limp.

Damn. Damn. Damn.   Roberta, realized immediately that Harper had used the tazer on her. It’s not fair the ebony Amazon thought as she tumbled helplessly to the cold tile floor and landed on her back.    I had a shot. I could have made it .

She hit the floor hard and lay there for moment still conscious but   shuddering spasmodically. But this time  the Black champion did not panic or despair or indulge in self recrimination. Though this most recent escape attempt had failed  the iron willed officer reminded herself that  she  had just  outsmarted    Dr Patricia fucking Pretorius  and  secured  the  crazed bitch  inside that steel locker up and then  escaped from the locked down room  .   .And she had achieved all that while still trussed up this damn sick straight jacket.  The realization of these facts   acted to buoy up her spirit.  General Roberta Octavia Strock found the strength   to get back in the game.  It was if she was at her best when things were at their worst. The greater the challenge the harder the brave Black soldier fought. She did accept the fact that she had been re captured but recognized that this was just another piece of bad luck, over which she no control and did not let herself dwell on it. So even as the electro shocked soldier writhed helplessly on the floor she was already analyzing her situation. 

I’m still conscious she observed I guess that fuck head  did not hit me with a full blast .After a moment she added with a measure of satisfaction .Or maybe I am Just  tougher than a taser 

That good feeling gave way to a wave of deep concern when she tried to get up and found her limbs would not respond .And there was no feeling in her entire body as well 

She was paralyzed! Had the electro shock done some permanent damage?

“ Not to worry Thunder Tits “ Harper called out in that hatefully familiar faux jovial  tone , as if  anticipating his newly  regained prize’s  worried speculations   I only hit you with a half burst between the your second and third neck vertebrate  . The paralysis should dissipate within 30 minutes.

Roberta was relieved though puzzled at his words. How did he know exactly how long the paralysis would last? And how did discover the significance of the point between second and third vertebrate?  the helpless Black woman wondered as she tried to wiggle her fingers and toes in a vain effort to speed the recovery process .

Again   as if he could read her mind Harper held up his “Controlled Electrical Induction Device” for the supine officer to see   and “replied” this time in quieter, but now maddeningly condescending tone.

“You see “Sweet Tits” this little beauty has been specially modified to produce specific results at certain settings. The boss picked up a batch of them in a deal with some Russian “business men”. We copied the design and now market them ourselves. They are very popular among our Central American clients  It is  a very effective interrogation tool designed to deliver varying degrees of electrical current  that will create a range of “discomfort “ without letting the subject black out. Unfortunately the instruction manual was very badly translated and was more than a little difficult to fallow. So I did a little research on my own using some hookers as test subjects “He paused and smiled as if recalling a happy memory. Roberta saw this and thought I can well imagine what this sick fucking monster did to those poor women as a cold anger took hold of her heart. Lost in his happy recollections of abusing and brutalizing helpless women, Harper did not notice the cold fury in his bare breasted captive’s eyes. He resumed his narrative “I eventually discovered the “temporary paralysis “setting and where to apply the device on the subject’s body to achieve that result. I must confess it took me a while to discover that you had to touch the tazer to the point on the back of neck between the second and third vertebrate. I was hoping the nipples or the pussy would turn out to be the” sweet spot “and concentrated my initial efforts in those regions.” He paused and chuckled then continued on in a more thoughtful tone. “Of course there was a one hundred per cent causality rate in the test subject group but that is the price of progress. Besides, no one missed them; after all they were just a bunch of whores.”

Roberta’s eyes flashed fire at her captor’s declaration of his callous attitude and casual brutality  More victims to be avenged , more crimes to be answered  the brave Black woman thought I will make this fucking degenerate murderer pay for what he has done  she silently vowed and tried again to get  up , wanting more than  anything to beat the shit of out this monster  on behalf of all  the women he had so callously  brutalized and tortured  . But in spite of a supreme effort she still could move. Damn! She thought bitterly, vowing not to give up.

Meanwhile Harper resumed his conversational tone as he concluded his narrative.

“Anyway this setting is very handy when you need someone to stay still and quiet, like now.”  He looked down at his captive and added in that familiar faux friendly lascivious tone.” Of course I prefer the old fashioned methods, with the ropes and the cords and the straps and the gags “

Roberta met his gaze with a clear eyed fearless expression, determined to demonstrate she was not beaten or intimidated.

But not surprisingly Harper was not looking at her face .Instead he was intently studying her vulnerable, voluptuous body.  It was an intoxicating sight .She looked so good, lying there on her back, so perfect, so helpless with those lovely long legs so nicely spread.

Now that she is incapacitated and secured  I really should check and see what my big titted little Black ball of fire did to the boss  the scarred mercenary told himself ,unconsciously referring to Roberta in a half way  respectful term for the first time . But the sight of his newly reclaimed prize lying there, helpless at his feet soon drove those thoughts from his mind.

Those wonderfully massive tits ,with their  dark aureoles and thick nipples on full display before him  so perfectly framed in that straight jacket he had designed . He found himself wanting to squeeze and suck and chew on them forever. And the fact that his prize would helplessly hate every minute of it made it all even more desirable

Increasingly distracted he noted how the unbuckled crotch strap (which had been so helpful in his recapture of his prize) had left that sweet smooth plumb pussy on full view. The perverse mercenary thought about how much fun it would be endlessly fill and fuck that dark moist treasure with his fingers and his tongue and his big thick cock, as well of every one of the dildos and vibrators and sundry “sex aids” in his extensive collection.. Harper reflected on how a major part of his enjoyment would some from the distress and pain and trauma that his full spectrum sexual assault would cause his big titted fat assed hot twat of a prize.

He smiled at the prospect and regarded the unmoving ebony Amazon with an unholy intensity

Roberta saw that smile and guessed the thoughts and intent behind it. She tried again to move but again could force her limbs to respond. Noting her captor’s lascivious stare she mentally snarled why don’t you take a picture? It will last longer.

Unaware of his captive silent defiant remarks, Harper found himself consumed with a desire to see his prize completely naked

After all he told himself The paralyzing effects of the tazer burst would not wear off for a while yet. There was no danger that General Jugs would give me any trouble he thought though it might be fun if she did the perverse thug mentally added

Then putting action to thought  and casting aside all caution Harper knelt down beside his prize .Placing strong calloused hands  on her shoulder and hip the  scarred thug rolled his supine unresisting prize over

Christ, Now What? Wondered Roberta as her captor carried on.

Presented with sight of Roberta’s glorious ass, Harper could not help but take a moment  to run his rough hands over the firm dark flesh of those perfect twin half moons and plant a sharp pinch on each of the ebony Amazon’s ass cheeks and noted and noted her apparent lack of response .

She is still out of it he mentally concluded.

But Roberta surely felt them

Owch! Augh! Fuck! She mentally swore and wondered if this creep’s actions were a prelude to more invasive assault.

Does this sick shit head mean to rape my ass?  The beleaguered Black woman wondered.

But Harper paused  a moment and shook his head as to force lascivious and distracting thoughts out of his mind and proceeded to unbuckle the straight jacket straps that held her folded arms in place  

 Was he finally going to let her out of the damn thing? It certainly seemed that way. Roberta’s heart leapt at the prospect. Feeling the tiniest bit of tingling in her finger tips and toes  she speculated that this signaled the  apparently early waning of her electro shock induced paralysis and became to plan her actions once  she was back in control of her body  The tough minded officer resolved to  “Play Possum” and just lay there limp and unresisting  ,hoping that her apparent  helplessness  would distract the foul minded mercenary  and  give her an opportunity to make a move .

If this  shit head   just keeps his attention  focused  on  my boobs  and pussy and  ass  then once I get the control of my body back  I will get the chance  to kick his ass flat . Then I will lock him up with that perverted bitch of a boss of his the tough minded Black soldier thought .She smiled inwardly at the prospect. I am sure they will have a lot to discuss she mentally added.

Entirely unaware of his captive’s intention   Harper carried on. Having released the buckles that kept the jacket sleeves in place, the mercenary associate set his newly reclaimed treasure’s arms at her sides. Then he carried on, undoing all six buckles, starting at her neck and methodically working his way down to the small of her back. The ever observant officer noted that her captor’s breathing was sounding rather heavy and labored and that he was having some trouble undoing the last buckle. Sounds like he is getting all “hot and bothered “   I’ll bet he can’t wait to get his hands on me. Roberta observed grimly as, her captor, with trembling hands opened the jacket   exposing her back. He paused a moment and then , as before he placed a firm hand on the unresisting Black Amazon’s shoulder and hip and rolled her over ,again , onto her back .Next  he took hold of the straight jacket at the shoulders and stood up , pulling the restraining garment off Roberta as he rose .  Still absent mindedly clutching the straight jacket he looked down.

He liked what he saw

His prize lay at his feet naked and helpless. Her entire voluptuous body was his for the taking. Those full lips, and generous mouth, those wonderful squeezable tits, those suck able, chewable nipples, that sweet juicy cunt with those plumb pussy lips .And then there was that,  deliciously fat ass with its tight little ass hole , now out of sight but still  very much on his mind.

She was all his! He could do anything he wanted to her. Rape her face , fuck her tits , screw her cunt , ream her ass ,maul her  jugs  and chew on   those sweet fat  nipples .And that Black bitch could do nothing to stop him. But she was fully conscious and aware and would feel and experience every brutal and degrading thing he did to her. He really did like that

 At the same time

Taking care to maintain a blank impassive facial expression to maintain the illusion that she remained completely paralyzed Roberta looked up at her captor.

She liked what she saw.

 His agitated facial expression   and jittery posture and over all distracted   attitude gave the distinct impression of someone who not thinking clearly and was about to do something stupid.  He looks like he ready to let the little head do the thinking for the big head  the naked Black officer wryly observed .Her speculations were confirmed by the huge bulge in the crotch of his “trade mark” cargo pants .

 Though all this signaled that this brutish ass hole was about to violently rape her, Roberta was not overly concerned. The tingling sensation that had begun in her extremities had travelled up her arms and legs and now suffused her whole body. Feeling had returned to her hands and feet and she had been able to surreptitiously move her fingers and toes. It was a good thing that Harper’s attention was focused elsewhere the brave black woman thought. So I had better take care not to flex my pussy Roberta   mentally added and laughed inwardly at her rather earthly observation.

She fully expected Harper to throw himself on top of her at any minute. But she was similarly confident that she would regain complete control of her body so that while this fucking creep was just settling into his long anticipated  sexual assault she would strike back. A couple of hard solid punches to his face and head would leave him stunned. Then she would move quickly to get out from under him and in the process deliver a knee to his gut and another to his balls. This would surely incapacitate the scarred criminal associate long enough for her to beat the living daylights out of him. Then she would drag his sorry carcass back into the room she had just exited and stuff his sorry would be rapist ass in to that steel locker next to his crazed slut of an employer. Then she would go on about her business.

The ebony Amazon looked up at her “anticipated assailant” and wondered when he would “get down to business”

Come on you fucking prick. I need you to be in place between my legs with your  mutant cock up my pussy  or your ugly face buried in my boobs so when to get full control of my body back you will be  totally distracted  and  not paying attention  so I can give you the beating you so richly deserve.

Roberta was immediately struck by the insane irony of actually wanting this mother fucker to begin violating her as soon as possible.

And Harper was ready to do just that.

Then thought struck him.

And stopped him dead in his tracks

What if the rescue party showed up before had finished his initial and extensive enjoyment of her newly regained prize?

He knew the authorities and the FEM Force were surely  out there right now  looking got their MIA General  The scarred mercenary was fairly certain it would take them a while to find this place .  All those false clues and blind alleys he had uploaded into the FEM Force HQ computer set up should make sure of that.   But there had been too many surprises in this operation for him to be completely certain. And he surely did not want to risk being caught and taken into custody, especially by those super heroines.  Those female furies would make him pay dearly for what he done to their CO, a woman whom he knew they all respected and admired  

 If I let them get a hold of me, those Bimbos of Steel are gonna take it outta my hide, one inch at a time he thought and shuddered at the prospect. He did not want that to happen.  But what to do the increasingly distracted criminal associate wondered?

Harper looked down the corridor .He recalled that his own getaway vehicle was gassed up and ready to go , parked is a garage adjacent to the huge derelict hanger which camouflaged this underground complex. He looked down at his prize, naked and inviting and helpless and thought for a moment.

 A short walk to the elevator

A quick ride up to ground level

A rapid dash to his waiting vehicle

Set and secure his prize in the back seat

Actually my big titted slice of Black sweet meat is still completely paralyzed   I won’t even need to tie her up   he observed. But I probably will, anyway he mentally added.

Then, down the road to my secret safe house,( or should I say “Love Nes”t or maybe “Honey Moon Suite ”the perverse thug  mused lasciviously.

And when the Calvary finally arrives they will be too busy searching this complex and interrogating the Boss to even think about looking for me. And when they do, by the time they shift through all the false clues and misdirection I have salted away throughout the complex I and my fat assed fuck toy will be long gone

“Yes” he said aloud “That is what I will do” and flung the straight jacket aside where it landed some feet away with a loud clatter as the metal buckles struck  the  hard tile floor

What are you going to do, you fucking moron? Wondered Roberta as her captor bent down to scoop her up in his arms

Holding his prize in cradling hold and with a big confident smile on his scarred weathered face Harper was ready to move out.

But he never did.

“What’s that? Is there someone out there?”  Alerted by the racket created by restraining garment striking the floor Patricia Pretorius called out, her angry desperate voice cutting through the silence.  

The scarred mercenary and criminal associate snapped to attention and shuddered perceptibly as if an electric current had passed through his body.  All thoughts of abandoning the Dr.’s criminal enterprise and carrying off Roberta to his private “love nest/ torture chamber fled his mind, for such was the power the dominant woman had over him

 “Harper, is that you?    The voice continued, angry and frantic “That stupid slut of a fat assed Black bitch has escaped. We need to find her before the over endowed sow gets away and entirely ruins my plan”.

“No Need to worry M’am” the compliant lackey called out.” I have her in hand right now”

There was a moment’s silence, as if this news had caught the Dr. by surprise (which was the truth), then she responded in a somewhat awkward self conscious tone

“Ohh.   I see.  Well done “then she continued in a more familiar strident tone. “ Now get that treacherous cunt back in here. Secure her in the interrogation table and make sure the clamps are tight. Then come over and help me out of this damn closet”.

“Yes Ma’m . Right away “Harper replied, slipping back into an obedient mind set.

“Well be quick about it .Time is of the essence “the Dr. called back, her dominate voice re asserting final control over her scarred associate.

Roberta, on the other hand was having none of it

“What the fuck “ she thought incredulously” This gutless wonder is actually going to mind that crazed freak and carry me back inside “ The embattled Black champion marveled at Harper’s almost reflexive subservience  and wondered what sort of hold  Patricia had over him . Then spurred on by his actions she thought Well there is no way on God’s green earth that I am going to stay still for that.

Though her body had not yet fully recovered from the paralyzing effects of the taser blast Roberta had feeling back in her arms and legs and was able to move her hands and feet. With that in mind Roberta was confident she could launch a crude but effective counter attack. She intended to bring up her right arm with all the force she could muster and smack Harper hard in the face with heel of her palm, hopefully nailing him right in the nose, then she would rake her short fingernails over his ugly face and try to jab her thumb in his eye.

The ebony Amazon realized that the shock and pain caused by her unexpected onslaught would surely result in Harper dropping her .But the tough minded officer was ready for that. She would go into a tuck position to protect her head .Once she hit the floor she would immediately lash out at her captor hit the scarred shit head with everything she had.  The resolute Black woman was intending to connect her foot with his balls (or his knees or his gut) and bring him down. Then she would rise up and happily beat him senseless .Finally she would haul his beaten down ass in to room she had just exited and lock him up with his crazed bitch of a boss.

He won’t be expecting anything she thought I believe I can take him. This creep does all right when he has a gun ( MY GUN- that point particularly rankled the proud Black officer) ) on me  or when I am naked and hand cuffed  or trussed up and gagged ( which has been my situation ever since he announced himself in the back of my car ) Roberta ruefully  observed   But I suspect he won’t do as well when the playing field is a little more level  she concluded recalling how easy he was to overcome during her earlier escape attempt And I would have been successful if had damn bitch Pretorius hadn’t shown up  the resolute ,though nude Black woman mentally declared and noted the same thing had just happened to her again ,only this time it was that fucking creep Harper  who had foiled her plans .But no matter  the indomitable ebony Amazon  asserted   next  time I will  prevail.

 But it was not to be

Anxious to comply with his employers wishes and bring the newly re captured officer back in to the room she had so recently and triumphantly vacated   Harper turned quickly and moved fast.  And just as the brave Black woman was making her move, he genuinely, accidently bashed Roberta‘s head hard on the steel door frame.



The impact had Roberta seeing stars and left her stunned and disoriented and unable to carry out her intended assault against the scarred thug.

“Opps. Ohh Sorry .Sorry “.Harper apologized, genuinely contrite (this time) for the injury caused by his actions. But he did not slow down and soon he was gently setting Roberta onto the interrogation table .He  then activated it’s control panel and watched as the padded clamps automatically tightened around Roberta’s wrist and forearms  and ankles  and thighs  locking the  helpless nude Black woman in an exposed vulnerable “spread eagle position.

Then he adjusted and applied another padded clamp, mounted on a vertical post set at the end of the interrogation table’s headrest around the still dazed naked officer’s forehead and locked it in place. Roberta’s head and neck, like the rest of her body was now completely immobile .To her dismay the brave but bare breasted Black woman found she was once again entirely helpless and unable to defend herself.

After carefully checking to make sure his captive was secure, (by pinching her thick dark nipples  and fingering her moist cunt) , the lascivious thug  retreated to back of the room to  rescue  his employer  who was now loudly asking “ What the hell is taking you so long?”

Left alone Roberta silently fumed and cursed and     took stock of her new situation “Of all the damned rotten luck    I was free and clear and then that asshole Harper sand bags me and I am right back where I started , only now I am clamped down on some torture table with my legs spread and my cunt exposed  and my boobs completely vulnerable . A wave of despair washed over her. She had tried her best but it wasn’t good enough .The beaten down bare breasted Black woman was heart sick. She just wanted to die

But only for an instant

 Once again with nothing left but her own indomitable will the Black champion somehow from the depths of her soul pulled up a small measure of strength 

“No time for that weak kneed crap now Bertie “she quietly but forcefully admonished herself “You need to get yourself together to face whatever these two freaks have lined up for you. And keep in mind” she reminded herself.  You’ve beat theses losers twice before and nearly escaped each time and you can and will do it again. And this time you will get away free and clear .The third time is a charm; after all “she allowed herself a smile at this observation.

Thus renewed (at least marginally) the beleaguered ebony Amazon carried on. She unhappily noted that complete feeling and mobility had returned to her entire body. “Just a little late” she murmured ruefully as she squirmed and strained against the padded restraints that held her wrists and ankles, and found there was not give or slack at all.” Looks like I am not going anywhere, for now “she sighed. “ But at least I am comfortable “she observed, noting the cushioned surface of the table and padding all round the inside of all the clamps.

 Thanks to the rigid steel band around her forehead, Roberta could not turn her head to see what was happening at the back of the room. However   the valiant Black general could plainly hear the sound of Harper heaving and straining as he struggled to lift the steel cabinet back into an upright potion. His successful efforts were accompanied by Patricia’s angry demands that he “Be Careful “and “Hurry Up”

And the “Get this Damn door open and let me out of here.”

To which Harper replied “The latch appears to be damaged M’am . It will take me a minute to release it .

This generated a petulant shriek from the captive Dr.

Roberta smiled at this exchange, taking a quiet and empowering surge of satisfaction in the discomfort and frustration of her captor ‘I really did a good job of locking that Bitch up she thought  

Then, she heard the sound of the locker door opening as Patricia Pretorius’s angry   voice filled the room “Where is that treacherous Black whore? I swear I am going make her pay for this. The conniving cunt will wish she was dead before I am done with her.”

“Here it comes “thought Roberta, steeling herself for whatever the enraged little psycho had in mind for her.

Then in an instant Dr. Patricia Pretorius was standing naked helpless Black officer.

“Well, well, well, Slut- berta  . We meet again “. Her tone was faux friendly and Roberta could see the cold cruel rage in her eyes and detect the barley suppressed viciousness in her in her voice “You have no idea how happy I am to see you again”

“I believe I do “the valiant Black officer replied coolly. “ Though I had hoped your pleasure could been postponed indefinably “she looked up at her captor and noted with satisfaction the disheveled disordered state of Patricia’s clothes and hair, the result of her struggles against her cramped confinement in the steel locker Another small installment of my payback Roberta thought and then added boldly “You will forgive me if I do not call you” Mistress.” At this point my strategic deception would be pointless “, thus asserting that her earlier apparent surrender had  not been genuine and that she had “put one over “on her captor and “set her up” to be locked in the cabinet

The Dr.’s eyes narrowed at this provocation, but she continued on the same friendly tone

“Oh that’s all right “General Juggs “she replied, softly caressing Roberta  cheek as  she  addressed  her naked prisoner with  the original demeaning nick name  her associate had first used “ You will soon be calling me much more than that before I am done with you “

 “Oh , don’t worry  “ the brave  bare breasted Black woman relied ,ignoring the veiled threat and the intimate touch “ I have plenty of names for your right now “ She paused a moment ,for effect and then said “Loser “  and then added “ like father  like daughter

The room fell silent

 General Roberta Octavia Strock was playing a desperate card.  With her   bold attitude and verbal jabs she was hoping to distract her captor from carrying out “Plan B” and give her rescuers more time to arrive  Of course she realized , full well , the “distraction ‘” would take the form of prolonged physical and sexual  abuse

This sick little bitch will surely beat the Black off my ass   before she turns me over to Harper for some really sick fun and games   the naked champion thought “ but if that is the price then so be it .  she looked up fearlessly at Patricia  and mentally added “ Bring it on” 

And that was just what was about to happen.

 Enraged at the Black woman’s insouciant attitude and outraged that she had been unable to break the Black bitch Patricia reached down into a tray built into the side of the interrogation table and took hold of something small and shiny. She held it high above her head. Oh Christ thought Roberta immediately recognizing it as a taser , similar to the model Harper had used to incapacitate her , though this unit seemed a little smaller But no less lethal  I am sure the  observant Black woman unhappily speculated

“Let’s see if a little controlled electrical discharge will make you sing a different tune “declared the Dr.”This unit has been specially modified  to delivered a modulated charge that will cause maximum  but  non fatal stress to your sloppy stupid body . You will feel as if your bones are shattering and your joints are exploding  and your muscles are tearing themselves apart .And you will lose control of all your bodily functions “ The depraved woman put particular emphasis on the last point. “It won’t kill you, but you will wish you could die.” She continued and then added proudly “I designed the modifications myself “

“ Oh good “ replied Roberta brightly “ That means I  am in no danger  , for it sure to fail , just like that  ridiculous  tinker toy   you dressed up in my uniform and sent out to be immediately discovered and taken down by  my girls “ The bold but bare  naked  soldier smiled smugly up at her captor.

“ I have nothing to fear from you  “ she added

Dr. Patricia Pretorius could believe what she was hearing.

That top heavy Black bitch, lying naked and helpless and exposed before her, under the threat of murderous torture was actually insulting and provoking her! Was she that brave or that stupid?  The self described criminal genius and brilliant scientist was too infuriated to care .She had had enough. General Roberta Strock  aka that fat Black bitchwas going to pay !

Consumed by a cold rage Patricia looked down at her captive.

“All right Slut – Berta. Let’s just find out well my device works “

There was a click and a crackle of electricity

 “Oh Lord. .Here it comes “ Roberta  thought “Give me strength “




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